18 18. Wano's Destruction.






I was awake. I had returned. After more than 8 months. Wait no. It's been half a day I think. The sun was still up so I suppose around midday.

I'd fallen asleep in the middle of fighting... That's a detail we won't need anytime soon. More importantly, where's mom?

I'm sure she was with me before I fell, AHEM, decided to give her some time in the spotlight. She's most likely with the giant oaf.

Come to think of it... I wonder how Oden feels about all this. His country is being stolen from him right under his nose. That too from a former clan of retainers. He's lost most of the people's respect. And now, him and all of his followers are being openly hunted. In his shoes, how would I feel? I probably wouldn't give a shit, but Oden can't do that. He's got a lot of responsibilities.

He might be going through the stages of grief or whatever they're called.

I don't pity him though. As a fellow leader, or former leader anyway, I understand the fact that getting pitied is the greatest shame for people like us.

But there's not much else I can do for him now. Not with my eight year old body. Like imagine collapsing on the battlefield? Couldn't be me... Ah.

Well fuck.

Best to go take a look around for now. Definitely better than sitting around at a time like this.

My wounds from the previous cha- previous fight were patched up. Thanks mom. Or whoever the hell patched me up.





I'll need to go give them a piece of advice as the proper adult in this situation.


Eh? What? Who's this? I wasn't expecting this? Bigger than Oden. He's probably had a rough life.

"Hey big guy- "

(3rd Person POV)

Yami's eyes widened before he could finish.

A feeling.

A bad feeling.

His instincts screamed one word.



"SHIT- "


Yami barely dodged the attack with his observation haki blaring like alarm bells in his head.

This was gonna be a long day.

(Yami POV)

"You! You're one of Oden's brats! Tell me where he- "

[Dark Cloaked: Maximum Slash]


"I don't know who you are, more like what you are, but, you're gonna pay for almost blowing my head off first you mannerless dipshit," I made it clear to the guy. No, that's no guy. That thing. He's dangerous.

No offense to ginormous ugly people with horns and chicken legs, going around with a club in their hands, but this one is different. I can tell just from looking. A monster of different caliber.

As an intelligent person who makes the best of decisions, it's time for a strategic retreat. Just need him to get distracted.


"You! You cut me!" The monster said. His hand was bleeding. There was smoke coming off of it and a thin cut.

A thin cut.


[Dark Cloaked: Maximum Slash]

My current strongest move. Condensing dark power and black hole into one super strong slash. That. Made. Something like a papercut on his hand.

Well, that strategic retreat was definitely the right decision.

"OI BRAT APOLOGIZE! YOU CUT ME!" He's still screaming.

"I fully intended to old man. You almost blew my head off," If this was anyone else I'd have crushed their head already.

"Don't talk back! I can do what I want! Not you!"

Is this guy serious? What's wrong with him? The hell? I can't do what I want? If my strongest attack wasn't like a papercut to him I'd be pretty tempted to forget the strategic retreat and show him who's boss.

"Who're you looking for old man?"


"I have about as much of a clue as you have common sense, go look somewhere else".

"He's not here? This is the flower capital so he should be here!"

"Well why not try looking a bit farther ahead? If he ain't here he ain't here".



"Brat. Join my crew".

"No thanks".



"You don't have the right to refuse".

"Quit pulling the same shit I used to pull". *Asta magic knight exams flashback*

"You're coming with me. That attack just now. You're going to show it to me again".

"How bout I show you something better?"

"Wha- "


Everything went completely dark. That's good. Now then-

Ultimate move.

True Dark magic: [Dark Cloaked: MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEAR]

Now that's what I call a perfect tactical retreat.


Uh oh-



I'm a good distance away now. But I can still feel his ki. He's not coming over. That's... Good? Feels too good to be true. He seems like the persistent type.

Well I'll leave dealing with this shit to the future me. Gotta find Oden first.


Yami's first encounter with Kaido. Eventful? Maybe not. But little did Yami know how twisted his fate would be from now. The finale of this arc would be enough to shock the entire land.

Since 'Wano's Destruction'...

... Had only just begun.


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