1 "New Game"

A young boy woke up on the hard floor of his bedroom. He looked around and realized that he had fallen off the bed sometime during the night. He began to get up and heard a loud voice from downstairs, "BREAKFAST IS READY", his mother called.

He got dressed and headed downstairs for breakfast, where he found his siblings eating without him. The breakfast his mom had made was bacon and eggs, and they were currently being scarfed down by his siblings Julie and Joshua who didn't notice that he had arrived.

Marcus looked at his twins eating the food meant for all three of them. He called out to them, "Josh let go of the bacon." and "Julie, some of that was meant for me." as he watched his siblings eat the food.

Julie and Joshua were fraternal twins, so they looked nothing alike. They mainly just shared a birthday, March 13th, to be exact. Julie had black hair and hazel eyes, while Joshua had brown hair and dark brown eyes.

"Marcus, you finally made it?" his mother called out from the kitchen.

Marcus was average even when compared to the most ordinary people, and he always hated it. His hair was black like his sister, and his eyes were brown like his brother's. He was 5"7 and weighed 140lb but lacked any muscle.

He responded to his mother's voice with a smile and thanked her for the meal. He sat down at the table with his siblings and began eating his breakfast. While his siblings argued over who deserved the last piece of bacon, Marcus looked over to the TV and saw the news report.

There was reports of a storm heading towards his city, but it was a minor one, so he turned back to his food and finished his breakfast.

He often passed the time during his summer break playing games on his computer or going to his friends houses, but since his best friend Noah was out of town, he would have to play a game to pass the time instead.

He decided on a new RPG game he had heard about from his friends. It was simply called "Level UP" and it contained a vast amount of skills one could improve upon through an infinite amount of interactions with the world. A player could gain poison resistance simply by being constantly poisoned or gain a sword skill just from swinging a sword repeatedly. The game prided itself on not having a maximum level or any form of limits on the skills one could gain and improve...

11:30PM, Marcus' Room

Marcus was still playing Level UP as it was a very addicting game and he had nothing better to pass the time with.

Marcus began to hear a slight rumbling, and thought it was his stomach asking for food, but the sound got louder with each passing second. After a minute the noise was echoing throughout the house and Marcus was sure it wasn't his stomach.

He then remembered what he had seen that morning while he ate breakfast. There was supposed to be a storm today, but it wasn't supposed to be this bad, it was expected in the forecast as scattered showers and possible thunder, but Marcus could tell that the town had never experienced anything like this before.

As he was wondering whether he should check on his family or not there was a loud "ZAP" and Marcus began falling to the ground electrified through his computer.

The last thing he saw before his vision went black was the game he was playing begin to glitch with text appearing across the screen that read "New Player Registered".

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