Xianxia: Tortoise  Longevity Art

Liu (Musk) is a man that is reinacanated from modern earth into an era of humans primitive beasts reigning supreme. Due to chance he gains insights and with his previous life imagination, manages to reach the limit of strength in his current world, and in an attempt to seek the way forward, is swept by void turbulence into another dimension. When he finds himself in a new environment, that could give him unlimited opportunies, a powerful being from the immortal faction that seemed to have deduced his arrival offers him a chance. Support the author as a patron and check out other works:::::: patreon.com/EmpyreanSanimation

Aurora_Ryan · Eastern
Not enough ratings
515 Chs

Luo Li's Endless Dreams Inheritance

"After slaughtering people from my White Tiger gang you just want to walk off like that!" the voice made his heart skip.

He was already sure this guy was strong and he might not be able to beat him even at his peak state.

"Damn it! Why does this always happen? No, I can't be caught by this guy or my situation is going to be worse than last time." He thought to himself as he planned to change his escape strategy.

The only issue was that he had no way of shaking off this guy, after all, their abilities were not on the same level at all.

His heart tightened when he felt a sense of crisis to his left but barely reacted when he found himself sent flying.

"Damn! This old man does not talk about martial ethics. But what was I expecting from a gang member." The attack was just too fast for even him to react. Among all the situations he has been in, this was one he knew was dangerous.