1 Checked In For 10 years! How Many Hidden Old Demons Are There In This World?

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Lingtian Continent.

Eastern Wastelands.

Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect, Sunset Peak.

The place was filled with fog and spiritual energy.

On the summit of Sunset Peak, two small wooden houses stood there.

"System, check in!"

Su Xing was lying on a rocking chair with a cup of tea in his hand at that moment. He took a sip and felt very comfortable.

In Su Xing's mind, an emotionless mechanical voice suddenly sounded.

"Beep, beep!"

"Congratulations to the host for successfully checking in. You have obtained 1,000 years of Cultivation Points!"

"You have checked in for 3,649 days. You are still one day away from checking in for 10 years! As an additional reward, you will be rewarded with a Grotto-Heaven Blessed Land Gift Pack!"

"After using your Cultivation Points, it is estimated that the host's realm will reach the Ascension Realm's Ninth Transition!"

"May I ask if the host wishes to use it?"

Su Xing raised his brows slightly as his right hand lightly tapped on the 1,000 years worth of Cultivation Points on the system's backpack.


The instant Su Xing stopped speaking, a terrifying Astral Qi burst forth in its original form!

At this moment, the Spiritual Qi Of Heaven And Earth condensed!

Following that, it swiftly rushed toward Su Xing's body!

The Ascension Realm's Ninth Transition succeeded!

If anyone saw Su Xing casually enter a realm that countless people would never be able to enter in their entire lives, they would probably be so shocked that their eyeballs would fall out!

That was the Ascension Realm's Ninth Transition. Even in the Central State, it was considered a powerhouse. As long as Su Xing was willing, he could make countless experts rush over at any time and build a terrifying force that could sweep through the entire Eastern Wastelands!

However, to Su Xing who had the system, this was not worth mentioning at all.

It had been ten years since he transmigrated to this bizarre Xianxia world. He relied on the system check-in every day to obtain all kinds of treasures. Even if Su Xing did nothing every day, his Cultivation Base would still slowly increase.

Ten years ago, he transmigrated to this world and became the disciple of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect, Sunset Peak's beautiful master.

However, the beautiful master had gone out to travel and had not returned to the sect for five whole years.

At this moment, only Su Xing was left on Sunset Peak.

Su Xing's impression of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect was only one word.


This group of people was simply too wretched. A group of elders clearly had the Golden Elixir Realm, but they only revealed the aura of the Foundation Establishment Realm every day.

The sect leader of the Soul Formation Realm's Sword Sect also revealed the Nascent Soul Realm every day.

Once, someone provoked the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect. Seeing that the sect leader of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect was only in the Nascent Soul Realm, he directly led a group of Nascent Soul Realm experts to attack the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect.

This directly alarmed the old demons in the Void Treading Realm of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect, which trapped all of them there forever.

From this moment on, all the first-rate sects warned their internal disciples not to underestimate the Mysterious Heavenly Sword sect. The Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect became one of the top ten sects in the Eastern Wastelands!

Su Xing also kept the good traditions of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect. He pretended to be weak and sloppy!

He had not even reached his full strength yet, so how could he dare to expose his strength in this Xianxia world full of experts.

Moreover, after Su Xing advanced to the ninth transition, he vaguely felt that there was an even more powerful existence between Heaven and Earth.

There were even more powerful old demons. If they were stronger than him, then they were in the Emperor Realm, right?

It seemed that he still had a long way from revealing his strength.

The realms were divided into Qi Refinement, Foundation Establishment, Golden Elixir, Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Void Step, Unity, Mastery, Tribulation, and Ascension.

If an Ascendant Realm's master condensed Spiritual Qi nine times and above, he would become a Deity!

It was rumored that after breaking through to become a Deity, one could break through the void and head to the upper realm.

Ten years ago, Su Xing who had just transmigrated here was just a rookie at the third level of Qi Refinement.

Through the system, in a short ten years, Su Xing had reached the Ascension Realm's Ninth Transition, which countless Heaven's favorites spent their whole lives to reach.

Su Xing believed that it would only take ten years at most for him to advance to the Emperor Realm.

Su Xing's gaze swept across the summit of the Sunset Peak, and his brows slightly furrowed.

The Ascension Realm's Ninth Transition was when one had reached the peak of the Ascension Realm's Ninth Transition and once again condense nine levels of spiritual energy. With each level, the Spiritual Qi in one's body would become a little firmer

After reaching the Ascension Realm's Ninth Transition, the majestic and terrifying Spiritual Qi in one's body could be said to be as firm as a solid body.

One had to have a purer and denser Spiritual Qi for it to be helpful for cultivation.

The beautiful master of the Peak Master was only at the Golden Elixir's Ninth Stage. The Spiritual Qi of the Sunset Peak was already rich enough for her. However, for Su Xing who had reached the Ascension Realm's Ninth Transition, it was no longer of any use.

"It is indeed time to transform this sunset peak."

Su Xing muttered to himself.

It just so happened that the system had checked in him and rewarded him with a so-called 'Grotto-Heaven Blessed Land Gift Bag'.

People always said that the system's products must be of high quality. If the treasures that Su Xing had obtained from the system over the years were to be placed outside, it would definitely cause a bloodbath in the entire continent.

Therefore, Su Xing was extremely excited about how magical this 'Grotto-Heaven Blessed Land Gift Bag'could be.

"System, I want to use the gift bag."

Su Xing stood up from the chair, opened the system backpack, and tapped on the gift bag.

"Beep! Beep!"

"Use successful!"

"Congratulations, host, for obtaining a Golden Dragon Of Luck!"

"Congratulations, host, for obtaining a Heaven-Grade Top Quality Spirit Gathering Bead!"

"Congratulations, host, for obtaining a Heaven-Grade Top Quality Holy Weapon, the Great Wilderness Stele!"

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Heaven Grade Top Quality Mountain Protecting Array! Its strength is comparable to an Emperor Realm expert's full-strength attack!"

After the system's voice sounded in his mind, the Spiritual Qi surrounding Su Xing soared at a terrifying speed.

If the Spiritual Qi's density at the summit of the Sunset Peak was one previously, it had definitely exceeded a thousand at this moment!

The Spiritual Qi contained at the summit of the Sunset Peak could be considered an existence that ranked at the top in the entire mysterious Heavenly Sword sect. At this moment, it had soared by a thousand times. What kind of concept was this?

To put it bluntly, even a pig here would probably evolve its intelligence within a few years and become a terrifying beast king!

At this moment, golden light pervaded the sky as a golden dragon slowly circled the peak of the mountain.

The eyes of the huge dragon were filled with endless dignity. The terrifying pressure even caused the space around the huge dragon to slowly shatter, which then quickly recovered.

Rays of multicolored light flashed. Waves of extremely mysterious Qi Spirit enveloped the entire sunset peak.

Qi Spirit was the collective term for Qi Quantity and Destiny.

To a sect, Qi Spirit was an absolutely important existence.

As long as the sect could find a treasure that could suppress fate, it would be able to ensure that the sect would be prosperous for a thousand years and not decline for ten thousand years!

At this moment, the Sunset Peak possessed this Golden Dragon Of Luck. Thus, every disciple who would be cultivating here in the future would no longer have any shackles on their cultivation!

Any realm could be naturally achieved as long as one possessed sufficient strength!

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