63 After Victory, All He Wanted Now Was To Lie Down And Be Healed

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The tyrant Heaven Dominator gorilla swallowed the medicinal pill in the hands of the girl called Yao'er and immediately felt a chill in its body and mind. The terrifying wound on its chest had actually begun to heal.


It did not expect the quality of this medicinal pill to be so pure. It had lived for more than 500 years, but this was the first time it had eaten such a medicinal pill with such refined precision.

"Alright, Uncle has already taken the pill. Yao'er, you can leave now, right?"

The tyrant Heaven Dominator gorilla, who had recovered quite a bit, patted Yao'er's head and motioned her to leave.

Seeing that the tyrant Empyrean gorilla was no longer so stubborn to take the pill, it could be considered to be relieved. In addition, she seemed to have something important to do, and with a leap, she left the forest.

"Why did you surrender to the humans and the Mysterious Heaven Sword Sect?"


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