Xianxia: My Disciples are Insane!

After transmigrating through ten years and silently registering his name at the Shanmen for ten years, the system finally issued Ye Changge his first task: to take in some disciples! Disciple One: A very ordinary mortal who carries an axe every day, cutting down trees, carrying water, and usually eats ordinary food. A few years later, Disciple One left the mountain and destroyed the sky and earth as well as shattered the heavens with a slash of his axe... Disciple Two: born evil and with the appearance of a young emperor, he once traveled through the Central Region and suppressed the younger generation, with no one being of match for him... Disciple Three: the reincarnation of an empress. In her previous life, she had fought in a bloody battle to the ends of the heavens and had seen "the other shore"... In this lifetime within the Cangyun Secret Realm, Ye Changge's cultivation had reached a point where he has overcome all worldly thoughts and attained sainthood. "As a teacher, I won't be lax any longer. From today on, in the Eastern Region, I'll have the final say!" Thousands of years later, his disciples left the Eastern Region one after another. They were so powerful that they shook the mountains and rivers. Ye Changge sat on the hill alone and played the piano as he sighed, "My disciples are insane!"

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Although he knew that Li Shiyi was telling the truth, Ye Changge had a strange feeling when he saw that Li Shiyi looked like he was boasting.

"Unfortunately, the academy's motto of the Heavenly Dao Academy is that a gentleman should strive for self-improvement, not be afraid of authority and respect, and be loyal to righteousness.

"However, because of the conflict of interest between the Saint Son and the Saintess and a commoner genius, the top forces, the Heaven and Earth Pavilion and the Hongwu Holy Dynasty, joined hands to suppress the commoner genius named Lu Ming.

"I was put into a group with him to participate in the Academy's trial."

"I was also implicated in this crackdown. I was indignant and pulled out my sword. Unfortunately, although I could easily suppress the Saint Son and the Saintess of the two forces, I couldn't withstand the elders sent by the two forces. In the end, my cultivation was sealed."

"If it weren't for the elders of the academy, what would have sealed me would have been the forbidden seal, instead of the five elements suppression method."

Looking at Li Shiyi before him, Ye Changge sighed internally.

This was the reason he did not want to go out and provoke karma.

The cultivation world was really dangerous. There were all kinds of forces, and they all had their own trump cards. No one knew if some old guy would appear from any force.

Thinking of this, Ye Changge asked, "Do you regret it?"

"Regret? I don't regret it." Li Shiyi shook his head resolutely.

"If it weren't for the fear of implicating the family, I wouldn't have compromised. The sword is by my side, the sword is at my waist, and the sword is in my hand. If I meet with injustice and don't act, my sword won't agree either."

"The sword is by my side, and the sword is at my waist." Ye Changge nodded.

As expected of a natural sword bone, his sword Qi was sharp, and he was not willing to give in easily.

"I know about you. Do you remember what I said before? You have the potential to become an emperor. As long as you follow me up the mountain and cultivate properly, when you come out, you'll be able to sweep through those two forces with your emperor's might.

"With my protection, no one will be able to hurt you before you succeed. How about it? Are you willing to take me as your master and come to Reclining Firewood Peak to cultivate?"

Li Shiyi had been suppressed by Ye Changge's hand just now, so he had long admired Ye Changge's strength.

However, he could not believe that he really had the so-called Emperor's talent, so he asked in surprise, "Those are the two great sacred places. Are you really not afraid?"

"Your Hidden Edge Sect is only one of the ten great sects of the eastern region. It's not even close to the threshold of a sacred place."

"Besides, I really have the so-called Emperor's talent. Can you take me as your disciple at the risk of being targeted by the two great sacred places?"

Knowing that Li Shiyi did not believe him, Ye Changge smiled faintly. "Do you know the nickname of the five elements suppression technique?"

After thinking about it for a while..., Li Shiyi answered, "The hidden dragon lock. It is said that if you are a hidden dragon, you have enough talent and temperament to break through the suppression of the five elements suppression technique under pressure. You will be able to cleanse your mind and body and obtain stronger potential. Your future will be even broader."

Hearing his answer, Ye Changge smiled. "Do you believe in yourself? Are you willing to give it a try?"

Li Shiyi, who understood something, suddenly looked at Ye Changge. Seeing his calm expression, it seemed that he was very sure that he could break through the suppression of the five elements suppression technique.

He thought of this person's amazing technique just now, thought of the anger in his heart, and unwillingly, and thought of his own belief.

Li Shiyi made up his mind and nodded heavily.

In an instant, Ye Changge's voice suddenly became louder, and his aura was like an overturned sky, as it pressed heavily on Li Shiyi.

Li Shiyi was almost pushed to the ground by this aura. His face flushed red, and his hands were braced on his knees. His eyes were firm and unyielding, and he tried hard to stand up straight.

As Ye Changge's aura gradually became stronger, the pressure on Li Shiyi became greater and greater. Green light flickered around his body, and sword Qi revolved around him. The faint sound of a sword whistled.

He could no longer see Ye Changge's figure.

He could only vaguely see the vast universe and the stars in the universe charging towards him. The pressure was immense, but it was also so grand and mysterious.

This was the realm he yearned for! He could definitely do it!

With firm conviction, Li Shiyi roared, "Open for me!"

Along with this roar, the green light around his body became more and more intense. A green lotus flower appeared, and the petals were formed from streaks of sword light.

A sharp sword aura shot up from Li Shiyi's body. A five-colored array appeared on his body, interlocking with each other and counteracting each other. Then, it was cut into pieces by the sword light and disintegrated inch by inch!


Li Shiyi, who had broken through the restriction, collapsed on the ground. Ye Changge took out a few pills and put them into his mouth.

After a while, Li Shiyi, who was in a better condition now, struggled to kneel down. "Master, come again. Please accept this disciple's bow!"

Ye Changge gladly accepted his bow and helped him up with a smile.

At the same time, the system's notification sounded.

"Congratulations, host, for completing the mission. You have received a reward: Brilliant Sword Heart!"

"Congratulations, host, you have received a disciple-accepting gift pack!"

"Congratulations, host, for raising your cultivation level by a whole realm!"

"Open the gift pack."

"Congratulations, host, you have received a copy of Taiqing sword truth, and a Big Dipper Sword!"

With his previous experience of accepting disciples, Ye Changge took out the system's reward and handed it to Li Shiyi. "This is a gift from your master for you to become his disciple. Please accept it."

Taking the secret manual and the sword, Li Shiyi sucked in a breath of cold air.

"Taiqing sword truth? What level of cultivation method is this? I can actually feel the magical power just by looking at it."

"And this sword is actually several times sharper than my spirit weapon, the Frost Sword?"

"The Grand Purity Truth Sword is a sword of Dao comprehension that I've collected over the years. You were born with the Green Lotus sword bone, so this cultivation technique is perfect for you."

"As for this Big Dipper Sword, it contains six child swords. When you use it yourself, one mother sword and six child swords will double your strength."

"This... this... master, this is too valuable. I can't accept it."

"It seems that your temperament isn't enough. As an emperor, what makes you unworthy of a mere Big Dipper Sword? Perhaps this sword won't be able to keep up with your growth in the future."

"Let's go. Say hello to your father and follow me back to the mountain. We can also meet your eldest brother at the same time."

While he was feeling touched, Li Shiyi thought of something and took out a storage ring. "Master, this is the spiritual energy material that I obtained while exploring the mystic realm in the central region. I'll treat it as a gift for me to show my respect to you. It's a gift for me to acknowledge you as my master!"

"Your disciple is really arrogant."

Ye Changge, who had casually taken the ring, looked inside with his spiritual sense and was pleasantly surprised to find that he had both the other two materials he needed.

No wonder he was an emperor. His luck was also extraordinary. He was actually able to collect such a level of treasure.

After dealing with the miscellaneous matters, Ye Changge brought Li Shiyi back to the Hidden Edge Sect.

"The spiritual energy here is actually so potent?"Li Shiyi, who had just stepped onto the Reclining Firewood Peak for the first time, was excited. He felt the potent spiritual energy around him and thought to himself, "As expected of the place where Master cultivates. It's indeed extraordinary."

At this moment, a figure walked over from afar.

He was dragging an axe with one hand and carrying a bundle of firewood on his back. He was dressed in cloth garments and looked ordinary without any spiritual energy fluctuations.

Ye Changge said, "Shiyi, this is your eldest brother. Go and greet him."

"Eldest brother?" Li Shiyi turned his head to look at Ye Changge in surprise.

He thought he was a servant on Reclining Firewood Peak.

Knowing what he was thinking, Ye Changge said, "The cultivation method that your eldest brother cultivates is special, so he looks like a mortal. There is nothing special about him."

"But don't look down on your elder brother. You'll know how extraordinary he is when you get along with him."

At this time, He Xiuxing had already walked in. He was stunned when he saw Li Shiyi beside Ye Changge. Then, he bowed to Ye Changge and said, "Disciple He Xiuxing pays his respects to Master!"

Ye Changge nodded. "This is Li Shiyi, your second younger brother."

Li Shiyi quickly went forward. "Li Shiyi greets you, eldest brother!"

Putting down the axe, He Xiuxing scratched his head and replied honestly, "Alright, Alright. From now on, we'll be a family."

After they met, Reclining Firewood Peak was as peaceful as before. What was different from before was that apart from Ye Changge, there were two more young men now.

One of them cut down trees to fetch water and planted the fields to cook, while the other one practiced the sword crazily, adding a lot of vitality to the quiet Reclining Firewood Peak.