31 Sword Tomb News, the Key to the Secret Realm

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Late at night, Ye Changge arrived at the main peak.

The Hidden Edge Sect's power was much stronger than what was revealed on the outside. Their intelligence system was also really complete. It was just that they rarely took the initiative to make inquiries.

Now that there were so many things going on, the Hidden Edge Sect's intelligence network was once again active. Information about Li Shiyi's past and other details were quickly collected and transmitted back.

Ye Changge came to look for information about the Myriad Swords Gate; he had been thinking about the other party's colorful Qi Sword.

As an Entry Saint Realm cultivator, he had sensed that the colorful Qi Sword would be of help to him. So, he had to figure it out.

After he entered the room, Ye Changge began to search carefully.

He scanned the room with his divine senses and took out all the papers he found.

"Shang Shiyi, the East Shun Tower of Floating Elegance City has detected a shortage of alchemy resources. Smooth grass, five-spice camphor... There's a shortage.

"Shang Shisi, the Jade Spirit Pavilion has evaded the matter. Several communication channels have been cut off.

"Shang Qishiqi, many merchants of Floating Elegance City have left. Currently, a list of names has been added and appended in The 40th Heavenly Stems."

Ye Changge frowned slightly when he saw this news.

It seemed that some forces were afraid of being implicated because of the sacred land's influence and had begun to think of ways to cut ties.

There were also many merchants who were on the fence and merely declined.

He did not know if there would be problems with the trading channels controlled by the sacred land.

It looked like the sect leader was under a lot of pressure.

Thinking about the resources he had obtained over the years, Ye Changge considered whether he should find a way to send a batch to the sect.

After all, the sect was powerful, and he could also benefit from it, whether it was in terms of information, training grounds, or the basic resources his disciples would need in the future.

Once he made up his mind, Ye Changge continued to check the information.


"Secret number 200, the Myriad Swords Gate is suspected to be looking for some special swords. Although they have always been in the habit of collecting all kinds of swords, they have been continuously searching for certain targets for hundreds of years or even longer."

Seeing this, Ye Changge's expression turned solemn. "They've found them."

The Myriad Swords Gate had been searching for plenty of swords. Some of the swords were extraordinary and could be easily identified from the Myriad Swords Gate's actions.

The more persistent and unscrupulous they were, the more it showed the importance of those swords.

"The treasured sword, Sheep Intestine, is a curved bone sword. A hundred years ago, it was held by the Gongsun family in the Central Region.

"The Gongsun family had accumulated many treasures over the years. They were a powerful family, and the Myriad Swords Gate failed to trade with them for the Sheep Intestine bone sword. Several decades later, the Gongsun family was trapped in a fire, and a large number of treasures were stolen. The Sheep Intestine sword then disappeared.

"The treasured sword, Honggu, when not in use, was a bird-shaped jade hairpin. When it transformed, it would become a slender treasured sword with a double-winged pattern.

"It was obtained by the Vicissitudes of West Ocean Sect. One hundred years ago, a powerful demonic cultivator appeared in the Vicissitudes of the West Ocean Sect, and the entire sect died at the hands of the demon. In the end, the Myriad Swords Gate killed the demon..."


Ye Changge analyzed the information carefully.

Obviously, there were some special specimens amongst the treasured swords that the Myriad Swords Gate had collected. The terrifyingly persistent Myriad Swords Gate was willing to do anything because of them.

What made the Myriad Swords Gate, the only sacred land in the central region, so persistent and crazy that they did not hesitate to steal, frame, and exterminate the sect?

It just so happened that the matter between the Wan Xiang Sect and the Myriad Swords Gate had been getting increasingly intense recently. Ye Changge felt that it was time for him to go out and take a look.

An aura permeated the space as if someone had arrived. Ye Changge turned into a wisp of green smoke and disappeared in a spiral.

Sect Leader Ding and the patriarch with the long brows walked in.

After they closed the door and activated the array, Sect Leader Ding spoke first.

"Patriarch, I've already come up with a preliminary theory regarding the Myriad Swords Gate's strange behavior. The information is all here. Please take a look, Patriarch."

Then, he took out many pieces of information and spread them out in a row.

"The Myriad Swords Gate is looking for some powerful treasured swords. These items may be the key to the Sword Emperor's Sword Tomb."

"Sword Emperor's Sword Tomb? Is it the emperor who had the aptitude for the Sword Bone of Myriad Swords and fought against hundreds of experts from the outer regions?" the patriarch with long brows replied in surprise, his eyelashes fluttering along with his raised brows.

Sect Leader Ding nodded seriously. "That's right. I've heard that the Sword Bone of Myriad Swords is very magical. Every ten years, a powerful sword would be born from within the emperor's body.

"As the emperor's strength grew, these swords also evolved. The incredible thing is that because they were born from the emperor's body, these swords have a powerful connection with him. They can be seen as a part of his body.

"When the sword Emperor successfully came into being, his ten thousand swords were all Emperor-level weapons. I heard that they once merged into one and held earth-shaking power."

"After the emperor died, his remains and ten thousand swords were buried in a mysterious and unknown place. Some busybodies called it the Sword Emperor's Tomb, also known as the Ten Thousand Swords Cave."

The long-browed patriarch understood what had happened and frowned. "The Myriad Swords Gate is also known as the Ten Thousand Swords Sect. Is the Sword Emperor related to them? Is the sect the Sword Emperor's inheritance?"

"There shouldn't be any connection. However, our spies have obtained some information and are very well-versed with the Sword Emperor's past experiences."

"Sect Leader, what are your plans?"

"This is troubling me as well." The sect leader smiled bitterly.

The patriarch with long brows understood it very well.

After all, the sect was of a sacred land. Based on the current situation, they were determined to obtain the key to open the Sword Emperor's Tomb and would do anything to obtain it.

Unless the Hidden Edge Sect could prove that they really did not have the so-called colorful Qi Sword, the sacred land would definitely not give up.

Now, however, they did not even know who the grandmaster of swordsmanship was.

Moreover, if they really asked that person to help, would the Myriad Swords Gate really believe it? These sacred lands were used to being high and mighty, plus they were terrifyingly tough.

Ye Changge, who was hiding, understood the reason for the matter.

Upon returning to Reclining Firewood Peak, he began to think.

He had a vague feeling that there was something he wanted in the Sword Emperor's Tomb.

His intuition about the matter became clearer and clearer after he fathomed the information regarding the Sword Emperor's Tomb.

"Myriad Swords Gate," Ye Changge muttered.


Heavenly Dao Academy, Saint Calligraphy Lake.

It was rumored that the founder of the Heavenly Dao Academy was a powerful expert, who comprehended heaven and earth. He was enlightened about Dao and had entered the Saint Realm.

This expert loved to read books, and his collection of anecdotes could be stored in many libraries.

In the end, the expert became a quasi-emperor and tried to break through to the Great Emperor Realm. After failing, he died, and his Dao vanished.

That was how Saint Calligraphy Lake got its name.

An old man dressed like an old scholar sat, while a middle-aged woman and a middle-aged man stood by the lake.

The woman was the first to speak. "I've said it before, that little fellow, Li Shiyi has extraordinary talent. Many holy sons and daughters of the sacred land have been suppressed by him. His future is bright."

The middle-aged man smiled bitterly. "You didn't stop us back then."

"I was keeping silent. Both of you agreed, and I had no way to inform the ancestor, as well as the others, who were cultivating on the mountain of books and in the sea of learning. How could I have stopped the two of you?"

"Alas, who would have thought that the sacred land's foundation was extraordinary after all. He had provoked two sacred lands at the same time. It's really unreasonable for him to offend two sacred lands simultaneously."

"Yes, but that was his so-called rationality at the time. Do you regret it now?

"Would a person who has comprehended such a powerful sword intent at such a young age and even relied on himself to break through the Five Elements Suppression technique be chased out by you?"

After she said that, the woman herself recalled the news she had received earlier and still shook her head in disbelief.

Even though she had thought highly of Li Shiyi's future, she never thought that he would achieve such an achievement.

"This is my fault." The old scholar accepted responsibility.

The middle-aged man said, "Don't dwell on whose fault it is. We should think about whether there is a way to remedy it now."

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