Xianxia: My Disciples are Insane!

After transmigrating through ten years and silently registering his name at the Shanmen for ten years, the system finally issued Ye Changge his first task: to take in some disciples! Disciple One: A very ordinary mortal who carries an axe every day, cutting down trees, carrying water, and usually eats ordinary food. A few years later, Disciple One left the mountain and destroyed the sky and earth as well as shattered the heavens with a slash of his axe... Disciple Two: born evil and with the appearance of a young emperor, he once traveled through the Central Region and suppressed the younger generation, with no one being of match for him... Disciple Three: the reincarnation of an empress. In her previous life, she had fought in a bloody battle to the ends of the heavens and had seen "the other shore"... In this lifetime within the Cangyun Secret Realm, Ye Changge's cultivation had reached a point where he has overcome all worldly thoughts and attained sainthood. "As a teacher, I won't be lax any longer. From today on, in the Eastern Region, I'll have the final say!" Thousands of years later, his disciples left the Eastern Region one after another. They were so powerful that they shook the mountains and rivers. Ye Changge sat on the hill alone and played the piano as he sighed, "My disciples are insane!"

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Qi Sword? The Key to the Sword Emperor’s Secret Realm?

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Sitting in front of the pavilion master of the Vast Sea Pavilion was a solemn-looking old man.

Looking at the solemn expression of the pavilion master of the Vast Sea Pavilion, he asked, "Zhu Yu, what happened? Why is your face so serious?"

"Uncle of the nine clans, it's like this. I heard about the recent news of the Hidden Edge Sect, and I'm surprised at how well-hidden they are."

The Master of the Vast Sea Pavilion, Zhu Yu, replied very seriously, "The experts of the previous generation, who I thought were long dead, suddenly appeared in the sect and fought against the experts of the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect."

"They are facing the former sacred son of the Ten Ultimate Sword sect, Lu Changming, who is now in the Saint Realm."

"The Hidden Edge Sect used the Book Spirit to block his attack. TSK, TSK, the Book Spirit. I didn't expect that there would be such a magical creature now."

Zhu Yu's expression became even more serious as he praised them. "The scariest thing is that the spirit of the book used a colorful Qi Sword. I don't know its exact shape, but I know that the power of that sword is extraordinary."

"According to the intelligence, Lu Changming wasn't killed, but was forcefully erased by that sword. It's as if he has never existed in that space."

The little old man, who had been listening to these things indifferently, suddenly became serious when he heard this. He asked seriously, "Is that true? The Qi Sword? Erased?"

"Yes! I wonder if uncle knows anything about the situation. What is that colorful Qi Sword?"

The little old man replied, "I only have a vague guess. Spare me no details."

"Yes!" Zhu Yu nodded. He told the little old man all the information he knew.

"I still have to go and investigate the specifics of the situation. I'll tell you when the time comes."The little old man said that and walked out of the room.

Zhu Yu pursed his lips. Unlike him, his uncle, Zhu Guangyou was a disciple of the Myriad Swords Sect, the sacred land of West Ocean.

Therefore, although they were of the same clan, Zhu Yu and Zhu Guangyou didn't have a very close relationship.

Zhu Guangyou returned to the guest room where he was staying, his hands still trembling slightly.

If he was right, the colorful sword of energy that appeared in the Hidden Edge Sect should be one of the keys to the Sword Emperor's Tomb in the ancient secret realm!

He quickly took out the jade slips of the sect and recorded some information that only the elders of the upper echelons knew. There was also a messaging function.

"It is suspected that the Hidden Edge Sect has found a Sword Emperor's Divine Sword. Investigate it quickly!" At the same time, he attached the description of the colorful Qi Sword.

Zhu Guangyou sent the information out and carefully planned his next move.


West Ocean, the Myriad Swords Sect.

The Myriad Swords Sect was a colossus.

In the five regions of the world, the central region was widely recognized as the strongest, followed by the Western Region.

Because almost all the cultivation sacred lands in the world were in the central region, the average density of spiritual energy in the central region was twice that of the surrounding regions, and the area was even more vast.

If it weren't for the fact that the sects of the other regions all had powerful backgrounds, many sects would have a long history, spanning tens of thousands of years.

Otherwise, they would not have been taken seriously by the powerhouses of the central region.

And the Myriad Swords Sect of West Ocean was the only sacred Land in the entire world that wasn't in the Central Region!

It was a sacred land for sword cultivation!

Because of this, many talented people who didn't like the fierce competition in the central region would go to the Myriad Swords Sect to learn from them.

As the cycle continued, the strength of the Myriad Swords Sect grew stronger and stronger. By now, the overall strength of many sacred lands in the central region couldn't compare to that of the Myriad Swords Sect of West Ocean.

At this moment, in the spiritual building of the Myriad Swords Sect, many elders and disciples who were handling intelligence reports were receiving reports from various places.

When an elder saw this piece of news, his expression changed and he hurriedly went upstairs to report.

"Elder Wenren, we've received a secret treasure. The elders who went out seem to know the whereabouts of the sword monarch's Secret Realm Key!"

"Really? Quickly bring me the news and I'll take a look." Elder Wenren was shocked when he heard this.

When he saw the information, he quickly began to compare it with the information in the Secret Records.

Ten thousand years ago, a Peerless Sword Dao Genius appeared. He was born with ten thousand sword bones. Every ten years, he would give birth to a powerful sword that would grow with the strength of its owner.

In the end, the Sword Dao Genius became the sword god of his generation. He gathered many sword sect techniques and merged them together to become an emperor!

The name of the sword emperor spread far and wide.

However, later on, experts from the outer realms arrived. They wanted to search the Heavenly Mortal World for Earth veins and absorb Earth Qi. In the end, earthquakes occurred frequently, and tens of thousands of people suffered.

In the final battle, the Sword Emperor killed hundreds of powerful swordsmen from other realms, but he was also cursed. He died after living for many years with his wounded body.

After his death, his body turned into a secret realm, leaving all his precious swords behind.

It was said that there were eight divine swords, which were the keys to open the secret realm.

These were the things that the West Ocean Sword Pavilion had been dreaming of, and they had to get them.

It seemed that they had gotten the news, so how could they sit still!?

Many people started to take action immediately.

It was also at this moment that the Asura Ghost Realm failed in their attempt to probe the situation, and they planned to stay in the dark. While they sent more people to gather more information, they also prepared to scheme against the Hidden Edge Sect.

When the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect learned that Lu Changming had died, they were even more furious.

Given the cold-blooded and merciless nature of their sect, no one would want to avenge Lu Changming because of their old friendship.

However, they, who were full of murderous intent, couldn't allow their sect to suffer such a loss without taking revenge.

Immediately, two swordsmen of the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect came out from the mountains to contact the people of the Asura Ghost Realm.

Ye Changge didn't know about it at this time, because his appearance had brought about some changes in this world.

The Asura Ghost Realm, the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect, the West Ocean Myriad Swords Sect, and the Wan Xiang Sect all started to take action.

It had been many years since anything could make these sacred lands take action.

Of course, he might not care too much about it. What he was worried about now was the group of old monsters that had been hiding or sealed away for a long time. The ordinary powerful warriors of the sacred lands were no longer a threat to him.

In a small, nameless county, He Xiuxing was carrying a shoulder pole and selling the straw sandals he had woven.

"Have you heard? It seems that a very powerful expert has appeared in the Hidden Edge Sect. He easily defeated an expert of the very middle three realms!"

"My goodness, even an expert of the middle three realms can be easily defeated? As expected of one of the ten great sects of the eastern region. He's so powerful!"

The surrounding people immediately began to discuss.

"That's right. I heard that the Hidden Edge Sect's ranking has already risen to third place."

"Be more confident. If you remove the word 'heard', you will be ranked third."

He Xiuxing, who was silently listening to these conversations, smiled.

The information collected by these ordinary people and the things they knew were often far from the truth, but they also had a very wide spread.

He Xiuxing knew that his sect had become the third place in the eastern region. However, to be able to make his sect directly enter the top three from the sixth or seventh place, the things he would encounter would definitely not be small.

Defeating an expert of the middle three realms was definitely not enough. The one who came was at least at theTribulation Transcendent Realm.

He might even be at the highest point of the Tribulation Transcendent Realm.

"But with master here, there's nothing to worry about."

Just as He Xianyun was deep in thought, a voice interrupted him, "Uncle, buy a pair of straw sandals!"

A child from a commoner's family, who looked like a kid traipsing around in the streets, looked at him with a smile.

"Okay, one dollar for a pair. How many do you want?"

He had blended into the lives of mortals very well. He was a silent cultivator.