97 Final Battle! The Battle for the Number One Genius in Hundreds of Years!

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During these three days, Victor did not go out. He had been meditating and cultivating in his room.

Under the blessing of the Wood Spirit Embryo, even the heaven and earth spiritual energy in the spirit food was completely absorbed by him. His cultivation of the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm.

A few days passed quietly.

After meditating for an entire night, Victor slowly opened his eyes. At that moment, a fire flickered in his eyes.

Today would be the day of the final battle.

Victor only had one match in his schedule, and that was to fight against Qin Yu.

However, before that, Qin Yu still had to fight against Nangong Mingliang.

Victor was naturally happy to be able to observe his opponent's battle beforehand. When the time comes, he would be able to win the match even more easily.

Early in the morning, Victor arrived at the grand competition square.


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