66 Chapter 21

Hey guys I'm soo sorry I take forever to upload. I've just been trying to get my shit together. Anyways I'm back now and will start updating this story regularly. So get ready for more plot twists and heartbreaks….

Vanessa pov

I tug on the sleeves of the white satin dress Khaleesi and some other women put me in, my hair was pinned beautifully with white Lilly flowers clips. The dress flowed down to my ankles. My heart hammers against my chest, was this happening? Was I going to be getting married? First I almost thought I was dreaming when they bathed me and dressed me. But when I felt the pain of them waxing my lady part I knew I was awake. The pearls on my neck shine in the fairy light hanged up, the sun was setting leaving a burnt orange in the sky. There was a small crowd sitting on white chairs leaving a small space in the middle with white Lillie.


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