Wukong, it's decided to be you. Book

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Wukong, it's decided to be you.


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【Please draw the carbon cycle of the 'Sengu Giant' during photosynthesis】 【The division speed of a certain 'Zoophyte' individual is in the geometric sequence {a}, with a1=3 and a5=24. Find the general formula for its division.】 【The main chemical component of the 'Coral Dragon Lizard' scales is ____, soaking it in concentrated hydrochloric acid will produce a precipitate of ____】 Looking at the increasingly absurd questions in the tutoring book, Chen Xuan couldn't help but close it, seeing the words written on the cover: "I am just a series of traces left by others, leading you to the peak of Spirit Binder; I am just a series of earnest reminders, reminding you of every detail of getting along with the Spirits." ——《Five Years of Mock Tests, Three Years of College Entrance Examination (Spirit Manipulation Arts Edition)》