13 stressful day

Akito's POV

- dream-

I'm on top of a tall building. As I figured out, the body in my dream will not listen to me. My body moves itself and start to jump of the building. As my body fell, it now landed at the ground with a loud thump sound. My body is now fell into pieces, my body felt numb after a while. my mouth spits out blood, my breath quickens and I start to see black spots... I died again...

- end dream-

I woke up and start to hyperventilate again. My whole body hurts and my mind start to go blank. I wrapped myself, put my knees near my chest and start to rocking back and forth. I soon start to hear somebody opening the door but I didn't pay any mind to it. I hear footsteps getting faster towards me. I backed up but then I felt somebody touched my shoulder. It hurts a bit and I flinched. I heard a voice calling me.

" Hey! can you hear me now akito?! Are you alright?!" I heard Ibiki asking me in a hush tone.

I tried to talk to him but words stucks in my throat. It took a while to calm me down.



Ibiki start to worry about me. He asked me again. " Are you good now? what happened? I was doing my paperwork then I heard you screaming. "

" It's nothing. It's just that I fell asleep." I told him half truth

" That doesn't explain why you were screaming" Ibiki said while glaring at me.

" I told you before, everytime I sleep, I'll go through situations where there are many ways for me to die. This time I died by jumping from a tall building. I couldn't control my body and everytime I wake up, my body feels a phantom pain. The dream of dying scares me. I may want to die but I want to die peacefully, not painfully." I said. I sighed at the thought of dying painfully.

Ibiki looked at me and sighed at me. He rubbed his temple and ask me " you could've just said so. We can help you and do something to improve your mental health. "

he offered.

"nope, I'm not going to get a therapist or any help. I'm fine thank you. " I pushed away his offer.

Ibiki gave me a 'I'm not going to believe that bullshit you say ' face.

I sighed for the thousand time and said "I'm fine, I have my meds so don't worry. "

Ibiki grumbled then said, " fine, but you better tell me if there's any problems. Go and get a shower or something, I'll get a take out. "

" you should learn how to cook Ibiki " I said while sweat dropping.

Ibiki scowled and muttered something incoherent. I sighed and tried to get up. I still feel those phantom pain. It hurts like hell when I start to walk. good thing my pain tolerance is a bit high.


I head to the bathroom and took a shower.

' what a stressful day... '


Ibiki's POV

I went out of his room and take some money. I went out to get some take outs.

*sigh* ' This kid is really full of surprises. First he came out of nowhere, he lives with me for a few days and he acts like an adult. Heck he even smokes! Two, he used a weird technique to interrogate the enemy and it wasn't even a jutsu! Three, he said that he's actually 18 y/o but he suddenly woke up in his 5 y/o body not knowing how or why. Fourth, he's a suicidal kid and tried many attempts to kill himself. He said that he wouldn't die no matter what, it must be that something is keeping him away to die. Fifth, he has mental health problems.Probably need Inoichi to check up on him. He probably have more secrets in his sleeve. I should report to the hokage about this. Well except the technique since I promised him. The kid is in enigma and I couldn't figure out what's going on in his head. Man, kids are such a hassle.' *sigh*

I head to a ramen shop and get two pork ramens. Once I received it, I took it and head back home. On the way going back home, I bumped into Shikaku. He looked and said "Yo"

I sighed for the nth time. "What now?" I asked him.

" you looked stressed. I heard you were tasked to take care of a kid. It must be troublesome. You good?" he asked me while raising an eyebrow.

" I have to admit, the kid that I have to take care is troublesome. He's full of unexpected surprises and I'm stressed because of the kid's mental health condition. " I admitted to the lazy Nara.

Shikaku hummed and looked at me with curiosity in his eyes.... 'yeah... it was a bad choice telling him. '

"anyways, I have to go now before the kid is gone. If you want to know more about the kid you can just ask me and meet the kid yourself. Find things out yourself. See you around." I said as I tried avoid him from questioning me.

Shikaku thought about it for a while then replied me " See you around then."

After a while, I've reached my home and once I opened the door and went in. I realized that today is the most exhausting day in my life.

' why is it so stressful today? '

I went through the kitchen and put down the ramens that I bought on the dinner table.

" Oi brat! you there?! I bought ramens.! "

I called the brat to eat.

"yeah. I'll be there, give me a sec. "



After a while the kid came. He wears a long sleeved white shirt with black knee length pants.

" eat up"

" thanks for the food" he said then eat the ramen that I bought.

We ate in silence together.



" You said you will die everytime you sleep. So you won't be sleeping everyday?" I asked the brat. He nodded at my question while eating. I sighed. " You do know that you need sleep right?"

He put the chopsticks down and stop eating. He look at me with a blank face and said " Of course I do. One of my hobbies is to sleep and I'd do anything to sleep right now. If Yoru didn't torture me in my sleep by dying in many possibility situations, I would've sleep and not caring this world."

I stopped eating for a second and ask " Who's Yoru? " The brat didn't answer me.

' I guess the person who he calls Yoru is root of his problems. He did say that Yoru is one of the monster that he's running away from and only he can see. He also said that we can't find Yoru because he doesn't exist... then who and what is Yoru? ' I sighed.

' And now we're back to square one. Why is this kid so confusing? I have to report to the lord third about all of this soon. So many things to do ugh...'



After we finished eating, I told the kid " If you can't or don't want to sleep, do whatever you want. Just don't go out or burn the house."

The kid asked me " why would I burn the house? "

" Who knows"

He gave me a ' really?' face

" Anyways, I have things to do so go and do your things." I told him. He just nod and go to his room



' I'll report to the lord third tomorrow.'

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