29 Bonus chapter

Yuki_08 : so, uh.... you see..

Akito : tell us why aren't you updating for this week chapter.

Yuki_08: I'm sorry 😭I just have no idea how to continue and write the next chapter.

Akito: you're just lazy aren't you?

Yuki_08: Hey! don't expose me, plus, I really don't have any motivation and idea how to write more chapters.

Akito: Mhm..

Yuki_08 : I'm telling the truth, don't be so mean to me π_π

Akito: so how are you going to make up for them?

Yuki_08: I have no idea but I'm writing chapter 1 for my 2nd novel. A brink of insanity.

Akito: lazy ass, write our Fanfic first.

Yuki_08: says the person who wants to die and do nothing. I'm actually trying okay?

Akito: 😐whatever you say

Yuki_08: anyways, who will you be pairing with? Haku, Temari, Sasuke, Mai or Ino?

Akito: ..... depends on their personality I guess.

Yuki_08: I thought you already know their personality by watching the anime..

Akito: with me in this Fanfic, anything can change and I'm definitely changing how the anime plot goes like I want to just by existing.

Yuki_08: true.

what about you readers think? Oh, as I said in some previous chapter, Haku will be a girl.

Vote for the pairings.







Akito single pringle


I'll be honest, I want to stay the canon pairings but hey, as long as it doesn't bother me, it's good. Don't expect me to write a beautiful romance chapter because I'm a single pringle and I have a felling like I shouldn't have a boyfriend because of my mental state. me writing this fucked up Fanfic is already worrying lol.

Akito: why you call this Fanfic fucked up?

Yuki_08 : * thinking about the angst,characters death, etc plots that I saved* I wonder why.

Anyways, I'll update the next chapter if I finished the draft. Good bye!!

Akito : I'll drag the author to hell if she doesn't update.

Yuki_08: Don't be so mean to me Akito, I made you with love. *pouts*

Akito: explain my fucked up childhood you made for me then.

Yuki_08: that's just my sadistic ass want you to suffer but I still love you.

Akito: *goes away*

Yuki_08 : hey! don't ignore me! Oh, sorry, goodbye readers! Have a nice day! =)

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