1 Akito's Profile


Name:[ Akito]

Age:[ 18 years old ]

Sex: [male]

Sexuality : [Bi]

Cause of death: [suicide]

Likes: [chocolate, sleep, mints, silence, natures, drawing, swords,anime,reading, playing mind games, etc]

Dislikes : [disturbing sounds, not sleeping, loud people, school, waking up, people who doesn't look underneath the underneath, abusers, attention, etc]

Hobbies: [drawing, smoking, singing, sleeping etc]

Mental illness : [depression, schizophrenic ]

Appearance : [long side bangs,short back hair. Pale skin, round slim face, slender body, broad shoulders. Red eyes, dark circles under the eyes, ]

in the Naruto world:

Appearance : the same but in a 5 y/o body.

Abilities :


Fuinjutsu: 0/10

Taijutsu : 8/10 ( he knows martial arts like muay thai and others)

kenjutsu : 7/10 (does Kendo in past life)

genjutsu : 5/10

ninjutsu : 5/10

others: unknown

kekkei genkai : ??

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