25 An additional cost

'' …if I was a normal child, Kieran, I would have started to cry because of your sudden fall to our deaths.'' Raven remarked about Kieran's actions. As she tightened her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist like a baby koala, her eyes took in the small bushes and grasses around them, thanks to the night lamps.

''Master is very unique to this slave. There's no way master would have cried over this.''

''You can feel my heartbeat, right?'' Raven arched an eyebrow at his funny reply. She wasn't scared of Kieran's actions, but this body of hers was, and her accelerating heart proved it.

'There's a first time for everything.' Raven suddenly thought of that saying. That sentence thoroughly explained the reaction of her body. If it weren't for her holding onto Kieran, she would have placed her hand on her pounding chest.

''This just proves that master is still a growing child.''

''You always have an answer for everything, Kieran.'' Raven pointed out. Her gaze then wandered over to the tall sturdy tree close to her window.

If she were to guess, this tree should be how that assassin had entered her room. Kieran must have used the same means as him.

''I don't think I have that much weight, Kieran.'' Raven could guess why Kieran avoided using the tree. Though she was a bit disappointed, about not seeing his nimbleness and agility.

''This slave is being cautious, master.'' 

''Yes, Yes. Now, let's get out this place.'' Raven dismissed his words.

''As you wish, master.''


As always, he must reply to her no matter what.


Amarian Empire.

An empire with many lands filled with milk and honey. An empire that many people from different kingdoms and empires desired to migrate not only because of the its unimaginable power, wealth and influence. The empire's history played a big deal as the Amarian imperial family was rumored to be a bloodline of the Goddess Agnes.


That wasn't only the reason for many from different lands desiring to migrate into the empire.

In the Amarian empire, the imperial family are not the only leaders. Yes, they are as seen as one by many from different lands and even its commoners. But only the empire's nobility knew of the powerful tigers struggling for power on one mountain.

The famed Grand duke Langston of the Langston Grand duchy. A formidable man known over many kingdoms and empires for many things, especially his family tainted bloodline.

The imperial capital which resides the famed imperial family blessed with Goddess Agnes's bloodline, and many of the Amarian prestigious nobilities.

Finally, the Holy land. A region whose authority fall under one person, the Holy pope of the famed Goddess Agnes's temple.

These three regions made up the Amarian empire, and the rulers of each had all been kept under check through a treaty, thus making the Amarian empire what it is in the present time.

Raven learned all these through the original owner's memories, the stolen novel in her former life, and some geography books she read in the old library during her free time. To live and survive in this new world, she needed information.

Information not only from her immediate environment, but from outside her zone as well. That also meant she needed to be informed through other means such ruling an assassin organization the palm of her fingers.

The idea of doing this came from the night she killed that assassin. On his robe was a logo of a wolf, meaning that he belonged to an organization, and not a person, like lily.

So….why couldn't she take over the reigns of that organization then?

That was the only solution she had thought of, but she was disgusted at herself for having such thought. Anything and anyone connected to an assassin organization, Raven extremely hated, but she had no choice in this world as it was the only way for her survive.

Kill the leader and sit on the ruling chair as a new leader. It was easy as that in Raven's imagination, but in reality, it was difficult.

Firstly, she wasn't in her prime. This body wasn't like her former body, and Raven knew how much efforts and hardwork she put to have gotten such skills in her former life.

To kill the leader of an assassin organization wasn't easy. Raven obviously knew that. It was also impossible for her to kill the leader in this body of hers. In her former life, she was an adult with many experiences. Here, she was a child still with the experiences. She only needed to grow which would take more than ten years, and Raven couldn't wait that long to put her plan into action.

Besides that, she knew that if it wasn't for what happened that night, she might have been buried underground by the Langston family.

Luckily for her and her very risky choices, Kieran did not fail her expectations.

Throughout the passing days after the battle, he trained her in all seriousness. Whatever she asked of him, he heeded without a noise of complaints or question.

In return for his obedience, she was a good master to him. She made sure he was fed with the same food as herself. Even if lily and Jane had unspoken complaints, they did as she asked.

As for clothes, she would have to get him some. Wearing the same clothes as the first time she saw him wasn't so pleasing. He was a handsome man with beautiful eyes, and dampening his beauty because of dull clothes was definitely not her style

All in all, Kieran was perfect for her plan to take over the assassin organization.

''Master, we have arrived.''

Kieran's voice snapped Raven from her deep thoughts. Her dazed eyes focused on the present, and she noticed the change of her view. It wasn't the elegant vegetation and constructed buildings with roads that she had been seeing since entering this world.

Lifting her head from his back, Raven saw a different scenery. Even it was late in the night, the street was still bustling with few activities.

'it's different….' Raven did not expect the Langston Grand duchy to be this lively. Given the information she knew, she expected a gloomy atmosphere, but that was entirely her own delusion.

''Master?'' Kieran called out questioningly, wondering why the little body hugging him had not gotten to the ground.

''Put me down.'' Taking away her eyes from the passing people and simple buildings, Raven ordered. Now wasn't the time to look at other things when an important matter was at hand.

''Yes master.'' Kieran did as he was told.

Now standing on her feet, Raven concentrated on where Kieran brought her to. Right in her gaze was a wooden door with an open sign carved out from wood.

''Stay close to his slave, Master.'' Kieran warned, then walked and pushed the door open to the side.

Beyond the door was a man behind the wooden cashier table in common clothes. He looked away from the person in his front, and smiled towards Kieran who closed the door after Raven walked in.

''Welcome customers!'' He laughed heartily with a question. ''What can I do for you on this lovely night?''

While Raven stood at distance observing the entire place, Kieran strode towards the man and placed an earring on the platform.

''I need potions for eyes and hair. An ordinary color to be exact.'' His gloved hand left the cashier after putting forth his inquiry.

''Thank you!'' After bidding the other customer goodbye, the man whipped his head to the earring on the cashier table. Picking up the jewelry, his coarse hands brought out a magnifying glass to examine the intricate earring. ''Oh what nice looking earring you got there…'' He then looked up with suspicion. ''You are the lad who bought some clothes and weapons from me, the other day.''

''Yes, I am.'' Kieran answered, truthfully. He did not bother to hide his identity since the earring had exposed him already.

''I see.'' The man sized Kieran up and down. ''The clothes fit you nicely.''

''Thank you.''

From the conversation, Raven guessed this was the shop Kieran bought her robe and his clothes. No wonder, the man did not react despite their suspicious clothing. This probably wasn't new to him. Anyway, all was beneficial to her. For Kieran to have brought her here, meant he sold what she needed to change her eye and hair color.

''Then that robe must belong to your friend over there. The robe fits you nicely lad!'' The man threw a compliment in Raven's direction with a big smile.


''You don't speak much, do you?'' The man wasn't put off by Raven's reserved attitude. He then focused his attention back on Kieran. ''This should be the color you seek, lad.'' From behind the wooden cashier table, he took out five small sized corked-vials and arranged them neatly on the wooden platform.

''Anything else?'' He asked as Kieran took the five vials and carefully placed them in his leather brown pouches behind his black robe.

''An additional cost.''

The man flinched at Kieran's words. His smile abruptly disappeared and his now serious eyes gaze deeply Kieran. 

''Lad, could repeat your words? I am getting old for my age if I did not catch---'' He tried to joke, but Kieran interrupted his words by the repeating the same words.

''I need an additional cost.''