Worldwide Tower Defense: Leading The Dark Forces To Conquer The World Book

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Worldwide Tower Defense: Leading The Dark Forces To Conquer The World

King Of The Night

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# MATERIALIST # LOOTING Su Chen transmigrated to the world of the Tower Defense Era. It was a world where Bravehearts are lords of their unique world, and they could recruit soldiers and expand their territory infinitely. However, the Bravehearts had to deal with the Dark Invasion every seven days. Just as Su Chen was getting all excited with the prospects of being a lord, he suddenly lowered his head and realized that he was actually a mere goblin soldier in the Dark Invasion. "What? So I'm actually the villain of this world?!" That same moment, Su Chen received a message. [Ding! There are seven days left until the next Dark Invasion. Please prepare for the invasion!] However, unlike the others, Su Chen knew how to survive. The other creatures of the Dark World did not have any intelligence and charged blindly into battle. Facing the tower fortifications, more than half of them would die quickly, leaving Su Chen to pick up the scraps on the battlefield. From there, Su Chen would collect various high-quality tools from the enemy and plan his counterattack as a goblin. Goblin Soldier! Advance to Goblin Swordsman! Advancing to Goblin Knight! Evolution to Goblin King! Final stage: Unlimited class change! Unlimited evolution! The lords finally discovered that there was a monster in the Dark Invasion that even gods could not take out. Su Chen looked at the trembling lords and said, "So, I'm actually the final boss!"


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