390 Each More Disgusting Than the Other, Just Won't Say It 2

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The more he thought about it, the angrier the Dark High Priest became. In the end, he snorted and chose to cut the communication line.

In the end, he chose to do the same thing as the Light Pope, which was to order the higher-ups of the Church of Darkness to retreat.

Furthermore, he also would not contact the other factions to warn them about this matter. There was no reason for the Church of Darkness to suffer heavy losses alone and the other factions to be fine.

Look, when the same thing happened to him, the High Priest of Darkness made the same choice as the Light Pope. He did not care about other factions at all.

Su Yu had a clear understanding of this extremely loose alliance. Otherwise, he would not have attacked from all directions.

After the High Priest of Darkness gave the order to retreat, Su Yu targeted the dragons next.


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