Worldwide Simulation Era

This was an era where everyone could experience various worlds through simulations. When everyone reached 16 years old, they would receive a Life Lantern, which would grant them two free simulations. During the free simulations, they had to break through the limits of humans in order to attain a bright future in reality. Otherwise, they would lose their Life Lanterns and they would slowly be corrupted by a black fog until they eventually died at a young age. Lin Qiye, who transmigrated to this era, failed his first simulation. During his second simulation, by chance, he acquired a permanent SSS-rank talent - the Deduction of Genesis. Lin Qiye’s first life: [When you were two, you had a sudden illness, causing you to have a deformed head and low IQ. When you were 15, your parents passed away. When you were 18, you died of an incurable disease.] Lin Qiye commanded, “The Deduction of Genesis, deduce for me a way to transcend this life.” [Congratulations for defying the heavens and successfully changing your fate. You acquired S rank in your evaluation. Your rewards are…] … His second life: [When you were 15, the spiritual aura on Earth rejuvenated. You did not awaken any talent while your childhood best friend achieved outstanding attainments with her awakened talent. When you were 16, you were killed by a stranger.] Lin Qiye summoned, “The Deduction of Genesis!” [You carefully made plans before the spiritual aura rejuvenated. Because of this, you defied the heavens and successfully changed your fate. You acquired S rank in your evaluation. Your rewards are…]

White Divine Crane · Urban
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795 Chs

The wings on his back twisted and regenerated, turning into a pair of blood-covered white bones with a wingspan of a thousand meters.

The white-haired elder stood in front of the mutated Lin Qiye.

He had seen with his own eyes how Lin Qiye had gone from a half-demonized state to a complete demon.

It made his heart turn cold. He inexplicably felt a strong sense of fear.

This fear came from the suppression of absolute power, emerging from the depths of his soul.

The last time he felt this way was when he was a small soldier on a foreign battlefield and saw a powerful demon commander.

"He has turned into a demon? Could it be because of that Divine Weapon?"

He thought of a Divine Weapon that could turn an Earth Immortal into a Supreme.

The grey-haired elder felt his throat go dry.

Even if that weapon could turn people into demons, its value would make a Supreme crazy!