Worldwide Simulation Era

This was an era where everyone could experience various worlds through simulations. When everyone reached 16 years old, they would receive a Life Lantern, which would grant them two free simulations. During the free simulations, they had to break through the limits of humans in order to attain a bright future in reality. Otherwise, they would lose their Life Lanterns and they would slowly be corrupted by a black fog until they eventually died at a young age. Lin Qiye, who transmigrated to this era, failed his first simulation. During his second simulation, by chance, he acquired a permanent SSS-rank talent - the Deduction of Genesis. Lin Qiye’s first life: [When you were two, you had a sudden illness, causing you to have a deformed head and low IQ. When you were 15, your parents passed away. When you were 18, you died of an incurable disease.] Lin Qiye commanded, “The Deduction of Genesis, deduce for me a way to transcend this life.” [Congratulations for defying the heavens and successfully changing your fate. You acquired S rank in your evaluation. Your rewards are…] … His second life: [When you were 15, the spiritual aura on Earth rejuvenated. You did not awaken any talent while your childhood best friend achieved outstanding attainments with her awakened talent. When you were 16, you were killed by a stranger.] Lin Qiye summoned, “The Deduction of Genesis!” [You carefully made plans before the spiritual aura rejuvenated. Because of this, you defied the heavens and successfully changed your fate. You acquired S rank in your evaluation. Your rewards are…]

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At The End of Life, the Spiritual Energy Was Restored?

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The theme consists of five short words, and that was - mankind had completely conquered cancer!

The short words were decisive and announced that the field of medicine had entered a new era.

It was an achievement that could save hundreds of millions of people from suffering.

It was also an achievement that could win the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Therefore, after only ten minutes, the whole world was in an uproar!

The official media and the non-governmental media all over the world reported this conference one after another.

"A genius scientist from Country Xia, leading a team at the age of 19, completely conquers cancer."

"It is necessary for you to learn about the greatest scientist of the current human race."

"Who is Lin Qiye? What has he achieved? Why is he called a God?"

"We are in the century of life science, and the person who opened the door to this century is called Lin Qiye!"

"Praise him if you are a citizen of Country Xia! Our supernova scientist, Lin Qiye, conquers cancer!"

"Shocking news! Lin Qiye had more than 400 pieces of milestone scientific research papers!"

"The Father of cancer, the world's strongest expert in the field of life science - Lin Qiye's brilliant life."

It was a hot topic.

And Lin Qiye's legendary experience was even more exciting.

Regardless it was a serious article or people joining in the fun, they all wrote with passion. Every stroke was filled with the word "exciting."

In particular, Lin Qiye was tall and handsome. His eyes sparkled with light.

His appearance made him even more famous globally, and he became the idol of countless people.

His popularity kept rising.

Three days later, the press conference was held in the eyes of the public.

All kinds of media are gathered.

Tens of billions of people were looking forward to it.

Lin Qiye was dressed up and stood on the podium. Behind him, a huge display screen illuminated a series of scientific research results.

Although the layman couldn't understand it, they could feel how amazing it was just by looking at it.

At this moment, everyone held their breaths.

"As you can see, our four research institutes have a total of more than 300 researchers. After a year of hard work, we finally conquered cancer. We have 6,000 patents."

"Cancer has become a common disease in front of our technology. However, the cost of treatment is still high."

"In the end, we decided to license the patent to 20 medical institutions. The patent fee is not high, but there is a requirement that each pill can only be priced at 20 yuan. The profit earned from the medical device can only be one-fold."

"We want all cancer patients in the world to be able to receive treatment. Interested pharmaceutical companies can contact us."

"Our team will have strict screening processes."

The short press conference triggered an even more terrifying effect.

Lin Qiye's actions, which were almost like charity, were shocking.

On the same day, media reports flooded the Internet.

"Do you know what it means for Lin Qiye to give up the patent profits?"

"15 million people die of cancer every year in the world. If he holds a patent, Lin Qiye can earn a net profit of 3 trillion a year. If it was 20 years, he could earn 60 trillion, which is equivalent to the GDP of the world's strongest country in a year!"

"A scientist like Lin Qiye is a blessing to all mankind. He is selfless and loving, moving us to tears."

Among the countless popular articles that analyzed Lin Qiye's actions financially, a unique article quickly went viral.

"Professionals in the field stood out to say: In fact, Lin Qiye also suffered from a terminal illness.

To treat it, he was pierced with silver needles, which caused bruises all over his body. He had to use IV bottles to maintain his nutrition. His condition worsened several times,

However... The terminal illness did not take him away. He fought against his illness while doing scientific research. He sacrificed himself to benefit mankind."

The article depicted the details of Lin Qiye's cancer, Professor Yuan selling his house to treat his student, and Lin Qiye's fight against terminal illness.

Obviously, the article was written by an insider. There were no sentimental words used, but it was the truth that made it sincere and touching.

The article was very long.

However, after reading the first line, it was difficult for one to shift their gaze away.

Every subsequent paragraph of the story was so shocking and magnificent.

After reading it, the netizens unknowingly burst into tears and sobbed soundlessly!

"I cried so much! I used up an entire box of toilet paper."

"But Lin Qiye has never shown a pessimistic expression in front of the public."

"I finally know what it means to cry uncontrollably. It turns out that after reading Lin Qiye's entire life, my tears fell like a river!"

"Paying tribute to Lin Qiye!"

"Wishing Lin Qiye a speedy recovery!"

The netizens' sincere comments made the article rise to the top three trending searches.

Following that, the article was translated into over a hundred languages, earning Lin Qiye a lot of tears.

However, the protagonist who moved the world turned a deaf ear to what was happening outside the window. Lin Qiye was wholeheartedly devoted to changing his fate.

After instructing his assistant's train of thoughts, it was already late at night.

Lin Qiye looked at the lush landscape trees outside the window.

"Deduce how balanced my body is, how long it could last, and how much life span I have left."

[This deduction requires 100 movement points (remaining 4,950 movement points)]

[Deduction successful: Your terminal illness is special. Even if you use a complete set of techniques to conquer cancer, you won't be able to maintain it for too long. Your remaining lifespan is 12 years, and you won't be able to reverse it.]

After understanding the result of the deduction, Lin Qiye nodded.

"Does this mean that I can only live until I'm 30 years old?"

"What a short life. However, the extra 12 years are enough to defy the heavens and change my fate many times. In addition to such a major event like conquering cancer, I'll definitely get an S grade, right?"

Lin Qiye heaved a sigh of relief.

"However, I can't slack off. I have to go all out! I have to get an S grade reward!"

Lin Qiye started a new round of struggle.

In the next ten years, Lin Qiye led four teams in high-precision laboratories and charged into many fields of biotechnology.

"Aids conquered."

"Nanobots are more convenient and smart now."

"Genetic engineering theory continues to improve."

"All the protein molecules were sequenced in the laboratory, and an accurate model was given."

"Carbon dioxide synthetic starch."

"Human longevity gene preliminarily analyzed."

"Human theoretical lifespan reaches 500 years."

In ten years, the life science and technology field has taken more than ten steps forward.

Lin Qiye himself won the Nobel Prize. Even two teams in his laboratory won it too.

However, Lin Qiye was still unwilling to accept the prize.

He was twenty-eight years old.

Lin Qiye didn't lack anything.

Money? Honor? Status? They were like a fleeting cloud.

A mere Nobel Prize wasn't worth wasting time on.


Time flew by!

Lin Qiye's twenty-ninth birthday arrived in an instant.

Lin Qiye's parents, Professor Yuan, the university's laboratory, and his colleagues celebrated his birthday with him.

That night, Lin Qiye was in excellent condition. His thoughts and mind were clear.

He had a dream.

A strange dream.

A dream that seemed like an epiphany.

In the dream, he realized that thousands of mighty forces could be applied to human genes!

This is because there was still a 90% gap in the human gene sequence that had not been utilized. In the thousands of worlds, there were creation genes, reincarnation genes, and mythical genes.

If a person could construct a mythical gene, he would be able to let the myth shine into reality!

If he could construct a creation gene, he would be able to create a world.

However, just as Lin Qiye was about to have deep enlightenment, he suddenly jolted awake.

He could only remember a few simple nouns in the content of his dream.

For example, the creation genes, reincarnation genes, and mythical genes.

Lin Qiye's premonition told him that these three nouns were close to the world's essence.

Not only was it the essence of the world, but it was also the essence of the main world, the galaxy world!

However, Lin Qiye racked his brains, but he still could not recall the specific content of his dream.

He was even more unable to understand the three nouns that appeared in his mind.

Lin Qiye wanted to use the Deduction of Genesis, but it was helpless as well. 

Because the dream content was the result of the Deduction of Genesis.

It required an epiphany state and a talent for the Deduction of Genesis.

It depended on his state.

No matter how many movement points he consumed, it was useless.

Lin Qiye, who had no clue, could only painfully scratch his hair.


The next day, Lin Qiye told the laboratory about his dream.

However, all the researchers were at a loss. "Although August Kekulé dreamt of a snake seizing its own tail and constructed a benzene ring structure, Professor Lin, your dream doesn't seem to have any guiding significance."

"Creation genes, reincarnation genes, and mythical genes? Can't you be more specific? We don't have any research direction on a few metaphysical terms."

The researchers shook their heads.

"Professor Lin, you won't follow in the footsteps of Newton and Einstein and start studying theology, right?"

The researchers joked.

Lin Qiye had a depressed look on his face.

He returned to his laboratory and lost himself in thought.

Lin Qiye knew very well how heaven-defying the premonitions brought about by his SSS grade Deduction of Genesis were.

He always believed in his premonitions.

Therefore, he wanted to use the following time to study the nature of the world!

Three months.

Six months.

Eight months.

Lin Qiye's research was worthless.

For the first time, Lin Qiye was troubled by a question for more than half a year.

The researchers in the laboratory all thought that Lin Qiye was crazy!

However, Lin Qiye remained unmoved.

He continued to think day and night.

When he was more than twenty-nine years old, Lin Qiye recalled a sentence in his dream - thousands of mighty forces could be applied to human genes!

The moment he thought of this sentence, in the depths of the ocean, a mysterious black hole suddenly appeared.

The black hole spat out a pearl.

A thick cloud of fog, which contained abundant energy, quickly spread to the entire world.

The fog seemed to accelerate growth, causing the size of the sea creatures to increase rapidly. People saw 100-meter-long cuttlefish and 1,000-meter-long whales in the ocean.

And the tigers on land began to grow wings.

The global mutation began.

Countless small countries and islands perished.

Lin Qiye never expected that in the last year of his life, there would be a restoration of spiritual energy.

Under the nourishment of the spiritual energy, the cancer cells in his bone marrow erupted like a volcano.

In just a short week, Lin Qiye was pale beyond recognition.

Lin Qiye was somewhat stunned.

He realized that he didn't have much time left.

And his intuition told him that if he wanted to get an S grade in this simulated life process, he had to change another historical event!