12 Examination Dungeon, Large-Scale Dungeon Is About to Begin!

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Chapter 12: Exam Instance Dungeon, Large-scale Instance Dungeon is about to begin!

The students who could reach Level 5 on the first day were all the elites of the school.

Although it had been a hundred years since the game and dungeon appeared,

However, most rookies would still feel fear when facing an Instance Dungeon.

In addition, the novice dungeon also restricted levels.

They could only rely on their own strength.

At most, they would use some props.

This way, it was impossible for most students to reach Level 5 in a day.

After a day of hard work, most of the students were still at Level 3.

Fortunately, through clearing dungeons, Lin Lei had already promoted himself to the first tier.

Seeing that it was getting late, Lin Lei planned to return to his dormitory first and rest until tomorrow to take the exam.

After all, if he did not rest well tonight, he would not be able to show his strength in tomorrow's exam.

This would also cause his ranking to be lower.

He might as well save time to rest.

After washing up, Lin Lei lay down to sleep.

As a person with awakened talent, even if the negative talent he awakened made him only an unspecialized,

But Lin Lei was also stronger than most people who hadn't awakened their talent.

Therefore, he could occupy a dormitory alone.

After a sleepless night, at dawn, Lin Lei got up and tidied up his equipment.

These equipment were all whiteboards.

There was nothing special about their names.

[Weapon: Beginner's Knife (Normal)]

[Attack Power: 1/2]

[Durability: 30/30]

[Prerequisite: Level 0, Assassin]

[Description: It's a little stronger than empty-handed. You can't expect to use it to do anything other than killing fish.

Every 10 minutes of battle consumes 1 Durability.]

[Weapon: Beginner Sword (Normal)]

[Attack Power: 1/2]

[Durability: 30/30]

[Prerequisite: Level 0, Warrior]

[Description: It's better than using a branch. After all, a warrior needs a weapon.]

Every 10 minutes of battle consumes 1 Durability.]

[Weapon: Wooden Bow (Normal)]

[Attack Power: 1/2]

[Durability: 30/30]

[Prerequisite: Level 0, Archer]

[Description: You can only use archery skills with it. Believe me, you won't expect its power.]

Every 10 minutes of battle consumes 1 Durability.]

Lin Lei couldn't be bothered to look at the others.

In any case, their attributes were not much better.

Other than increasing the weight, there was no other use for this trash.

After checking his equipment, Lin Lei opened his attribute panel.

[Name: Lin Lei]

[Level: 5 (12.03%)]

[Class: None]

[Health Points: 150] (Constitution x5) (Bloodlust Bonus)

[Mana: 45] (Spirit x5)

[Attributes: Strength 5, Spirit 9, Constitution 8, Agility 6]

[Defense: 13] (Strength + Constitution)

[Talent: Unspecialized, Catacombs Blessing]

[Headline Buff: Weapon Mastery, Attack Speed Up, Bloodlust]

[Skills: Fireball (Level 5), Basic Swordsmanship (Level 1), Lightning Strike (Level 1)]

After checking the information, Lin Lei nodded in satisfaction.

The gains from the few instance dungeons were not bad.

Next, he just had to sell the equipment he didn't need and buy some necessities.

Lin Lei got up and left for the store.

This time, the teacher in the shop was not the form teacher.

"May I ask where Cai Qiang went?"

Lin Lei was somewhat puzzled.

The teacher in the shop was also an acquaintance of his.

Previously, he had been in charge of teaching Lin Lei theoretical knowledge.

Seeing Lin Lei ask this…

He replied, "Teacher Cai has retired. He was filling in for me yesterday."

"The school said that they wanted to hire him back to continue being the form teacher, so from today onwards, he won't come here anymore."

Lin Lei was somewhat disappointed.

If the homeroom teacher was around, he might be able to get some benefits.

However, they were all small problems.

He quickly emptied the equipment.

After selling all the trash equipment in his backpack,

Lin Lei bought a few more items that might be used for the exam.

After sorting everything out and confirming it, Lin Lei left the shop.

He headed to the examination venue.

The examination venue was not far away. Lin Lei quickly arrived.

Lin Lei realized that there were very few people around him.

There were only 80 students who could meet the requirements to level up to Level 5 in a day.

There were also some familiar faces.

They were all influential figures in the school that Lin Lei knew.

However, Lin Lei had never interacted with them.

These people were always very high-profile in school.

From the looks of the people around them, they might have formed a fixed team.

Only Lin Lei arrived alone.

In addition to these students, there were also teachers and principals who maintained order.

The teachers were at the periphery, watching these elite students with bright futures.

The principal just stood on the stage.

He looked at the people below the stage.

His eyes revealed a gratified expression.

It was already not bad for a school to have more than 80 people on the first day.

After all, the difficulty of the Instance Dungeon was still very high.

Everyone was probably here.

The Archchancellor cleared his throat.

The students below the stage instantly fell silent.

Everyone looked up at the principal.

The Archchancellor said:

"Congratulations, students."

"The people present are all elites of our school who have reached Level 5."

"Today is the Class Advancement exam."

"Students, please be prepared."

"If there are any students who are not present, please inform each other."

"The content of this exam is to carry out a multiplayer dungeon."

"Whichever team kills more than 100 points will qualify. The more points you have, the better."

"But please do your best."

"I am very happy that everyone is able to enter the examination instance dungeon. This instance dungeon supports the participation of 100 people at the same time."

"There aren't enough people now. You need to wait again. You can form a team during the wait."

"Then I won't waste my breath. Students, let's start forming teams."

After the principal finished speaking, he walked off the stage.

Most of the class changers present had fixed teams.

To be able to reach Level 5 on the first day, most people relied on the strength of a team.

Not themselves.

Therefore, they were indifferent to the principal's words.

There were only 20 to 30 people. Because the members of the fixed team did not meet Level 5 requirements, they started to form teams at the last minute.

Soon, someone noticed Lin Lei, who was alone.

No matter how few people there were at the scene, there were still two people in a team.

But only Lin Lei was standing by himself.

"Student, do you want to join our team?"

"Your equipment looks like a Mage. We just happen to be lacking a Mage here."

Lin Lei didn't recognize him.

It should be someone from the class next door.

Faced with this invitation, Lin Lei only said one thing.

"I'm an unspecialized. Are you sure you want to invite me?"

As soon as these words were spoken, the students invited were stunned.

"You're actually an unspecialized?!"

His voice was heard by the people around him.

Everyone was shocked.

Unspecialized could actually level up to Level 5 on the first day?

It was unbelievable.

The news of an unspecialized person at the examination venue spread like wildfire.

Even the teachers were alarmed.

At this moment, Lin Lei's form teacher had also been rehired. When he heard the news, a look of disbelief appeared on his face.

"He's already Level 5?"

"How is that possible? He's an unspecialized, and he doesn't have any good equipment. How did he level up?"

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