1 Passive God Descends

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"I beg the heavens, it must be a combat profession!"

"Not only must he be a combat profession, but he must also be a mage!"

"Yesterday, in the school next door, there were only thirty mages out of a few hundred people. The probability is too small."

In Dragon Country, Northern City No. 2 High School, the hundreds of boys and girls on the field all had nervous expressions on their faces.

Hundreds of years ago, the world had undergone an earth-shattering change: the Heavenly Dao descended.

Countless monsters wreaked havoc, like a game and reality overlapping, and dungeons appeared out of nowhere. The entire world had experienced a baptism of catastrophe, and the surface of the blue planet had expanded by tens of thousands of times!

The surviving humans rebuilt the city wall. After a hundred years, mankind had once again returned from the long river of history. As the pioneers continued to explore, gradually, they found a path suitable for humans, and the entire population prospered!

After many years of settling down, there were now more than a thousand occupations. However, the most basic ones were still warriors, mages, assassins, priests, and so on…

Every year, during the Coming of Age Ceremony, talents would be awakened and they would change their professions to complement each other.

In a corner of the crowd, Lin Mo looked excited.

He had transmigrated into this world for 18 years, dreaming about this day. Awakening one's talent, changing into the warrior of one's dreams, and becoming stronger in this monster-infested world!

"Lin Mo, are you nervous?" The female student beside him turned around and asked," I'm so nervous too. I hope to awaken a better talent."

Talent was an absolute factor in the choice of profession! For example, Agility-type talents had a 99% chance of becoming Rangers and Assassins!

Talent was divided into ten levels, which were Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical!

There was a good saying that talent determined the upper limit, while class decided the lower limit.

Some people had heaven-defying luck and were born with a talent that was above the platinum level. That was equivalent to having a golden spoon in their mouth. No matter what class he changed to, he would be superior to others, while others might awaken a lifestyle class and have no chance of fighting.

Being unable to control his own fate in this world would be an unforgettable knot in his heart.

"I'm about to awaken. How can I not be nervous?" Lin Mo smiled.

Suddenly, a cold aura swept across the entire place, causing an uproar among the students present!

"Oh... This temperature, the vice-principal must be here!"

"Frost Wizards are terrifying. I can feel them from so far away!"

"I must awaken my Wizard talent too!"


On the podium, a white-haired middle-aged man appeared. It was Xu Xin, the vice principal of Second High.

Xu Xin lowered his head and looked at the black mass of students. His tone was a little dignified as he said, "Students, get ready. The awakening instance is ready to begin!"

A black iron door suddenly rose from the empty space.

"Enter the Awakening Instance Dungeon in an orderly manner according to your student number. Don't push and cut in line!" The teachers were maintaining order at the side.

The students of the Second Middle School lined up in an orderly manner as they watched the students in front step into the Awakening Instance Dungeon.

"Class 2, Li Qiang!"

During the roll call, the first youth to enter the Awakening Instance Dungeon impatiently stepped through the door.

He waited for more than ten seconds, and the giant screen beside the door suddenly displayed the awakening information.

[Awakening successful, silver-level talent 'Iron Wall']

[Advancement to Combat Class-Warrior!]

Li Qiang exited from the Awakening Instance Dungeon. The excitement on his face could no longer be concealed.

Silver talent was definitely not bad in this world. As long as he worked hard, he would be able to live comfortably in the future.

Many students were envious. At the same time, they were even more nervous about fate.

"Class 3, Wang Er!"

The teacher continued to call out names, allowing the students to enter the Awakening instance dungeon one by one. As the information displayed on the huge screen appeared, some were happy while others were worried.

A talent that was too low-level was basically destined to be unknown among the class changers.

"Lin Mo from Class 5!"

At this moment, the teacher called out the name according to the student number.

"It's finally my turn." Lin Mo took a deep breath and stepped into the black iron door.

At this moment, his entire body was wrapped in invisible energy. It was very comfortable, but there was an indescribable sense of surprise.

When he opened his eyes, it was pitch-black. Suddenly, a bright golden light appeared and entered Lin Mo's chest.

[Awakening successful. Black-iron talent 'Passive Master']

[Advancement to Combat Class-Warrior!]

"Black ... Black Bronze talent?"

Lin Mo was in disbelief, so much so that he didn't even notice when he had exited the dungeon. In the end, his upper limit was sealed as soon as he came up. This was an unacceptable reality for any class change.

"Lin Mo, don't be too sad. At least you're still a warrior, " the teacher comforted. " You still have a chance."

At this moment, there was a burst of laughter from Class Five on the field. "Hahaha, the second Black Iron Rank talent has appeared!"

"Better than the first unlucky guy. At least he's still a Warrior."

"Forget it. I know that unlucky guy. His parents are both job changers with Silver talents. At least they don't have to worry about food and drink. I can't say for sure about Lin Mo."

In this world, it was still the same old routine. If they couldn't compete in strength, they would compete in the background.

However, Lin Mo's parents had entered the dungeon for a mission and there had been no news of him ever since. In such a situation, death was basically already pronounced.

Lin Mo's expression was very ugly.

[Passive Master (Black-iron): The activated passive BUFF will receive an additional 1% temporary buff!]

His profession had indeed become a warrior, just as he had hoped. However, this talent…This was too much of a scam! The passive 1% buff was even more powerful than a mosquito's leg!

Black Iron Rank talents were rare. Most of them had at least Bronze Rank talents.

What a scam!

He had painstakingly lived for eighteen years just for today.

With a talent that was equivalent to a blank slate, even if the class was a warrior, no team would accept him.


Lin Mo looked up at the blue sky, his heart filled with endless melancholy. How was he supposed to play this hell of a game?

"But we still have to play."

Lin Mo rubbed his temples and began to think about how to save this lousy talent.

Should he switch to the lifestyle support class as soon as possible? Forging iron and becoming a blacksmith was not bad either. At least he could survive.

Just as Lin Mo's heart was already dead, a crisp and cold voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully awakening. The passive god is being bound ... Binding successful!]

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