Worldwide Class Change: I Got Invincible Passive Book

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Worldwide Class Change: I Got Invincible Passive

infinite mage

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Lin Mo transmigrated. This was an era featuring the fusion of game and reality, worldwide class change, and leveling up. There were dungeons, battlefield bosses, and sacred relics on top of artifacts! Lin Mo gained the Passive God System in the beginning. All of his passive skills were automatically promoted to the "Super God level". Transcendental Life Growth: As long as you kill units, you permanently increase your maximum health. Transcendental Rage You can permanently increase his defense by killing units and temporarily building up your rage. Super Deity Tyrant When your rage is half charged, you enter the Super-God-Tyrant state, immune to all control effects! Super-god Armor of Thorn When you reach your rage limit, you automatically activate Super-god Armor of Thorn and return 1000% damage. Transcendental Resurrection When you die, reanimate in place and become immune to all damage for 60 seconds. "I really don't have active skills." Looking at the bodies on the floor, Lin Mo said helplessly, "But why are you all lying on the floor before I do anything?"


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