40 Wild Boss, Old Monster Banyan Tree

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After two fire lotuses, Wang Yu's anger subsided quite a bit.

Any man who was stabbed in the kidney would be furious.

Fortunately, he had the special property of being immune to ice and the super strong defense of Dragon Scales, so he only managed to pierce through the outermost layer of his clothes.

After a while, the smoke dissipated, revealing the scenery inside.

Two large pits appeared on Wang Yu's left and right. The ponytailed girl and the sneak attacker were lying beside the pits, groaning. Their clothes were torn and tattered, and they had many wounds on their bodies. Fortunately, they were not in danger of dying.

This was already the result of Wang Yu holding back. He did not use the fire lotus to directly hit their faces, but only exploded a few meters away, greatly reducing the power.

If he hadn't used the two-colored fiery lotus, but the eight-colored fiery lotus, let alone the two people on the ground, even the onlookers might not have been able to survive.

Wang Yu stepped forward and gave each of them a kick. Then, he took off their rings and sent them back to their hometown.

Wang Yu's brutal look stunned everyone.

It was too brutal!

They were still children!

Wang Yu strode toward the remaining people. As soon as he took a step, they all retreated, including the little fatty and the others.

Just as the two of them wanted to run, a bolt of lightning fell in front of them, scaring them into retreating.

It was obvious that Wang Yu did not plan to let them off easily.

This time, they were in a dilemma.

Finally, someone stood up and said through gritted teeth, "Go!"

"That powerful move just now, it's obvious that he used some kind of special item!"

"I don't believe he can use it continuously!"

Everyone looked at each other, obviously not wanting to be the first to stand out.

In the end, there were still four people who charged toward Wang Yu.

The result went without saying. Wang Yu gave each of them a going-home package.

This time, the remaining people finally became obedient.

Wang Yu stood in front of them and shouted, "This is a robbery!"

From the fact that the secret realm had sealed off the interface space and only storage rings could be used, it was clear that the school was encouraging competition this time.

Now that a day and a night had passed, the leeks had become fat, and it was time to cut them.

When everyone heard this, they were unwilling. At this time, the little fatty, who had been watching the show the whole day, jumped out and said, "My boss said it was a robbery! Hurry up and hand over your things!"

This time, he had really hugged the right thigh! He could not help but think.

"You too!" Wang Yu shot him a glance.

"Ah? You also want mine?" The little fatty sobbed.

"What do you think?" Wang Yu asked.

Finally, no matter how unwilling they were, they still obediently handed over their rings.

Even the people who were watching the show from the side did not escape.

Fortunately, Wang Yu didn't go too far and didn't send them out of the secret realm directly. They still had a chance to fight for it in the secret realm in the next one and a half days.

Of course, it could also be a chance for someone to harvest other leeks.

With the exception of the ponytailed girl and her gang.

Wang Yu did a rough count. These people had obtained a lot of points. More than 30 people had provided him with a total of nearly 6,000 points. It was a wave of sudden wealth!

The little fatty alone contributed nearly 1,000!

He really didn't know where he got so much equipment.

As expected, robbery was still faster!

After keeping everything, Wang Yu asked the little fatty, "Tell me, why did they hit you?"

The little fatty chuckled and made Wang Yu bend over and whisper.

Wang Yu's eyes lit up.

It turned out that little fatty's classmate had found a wild boss. When he was looking for help, the ponytailed girl and the others overheard him.

The ponytailed girl and the others wanted to follow them secretly, but they were discovered, so they decided to interrogate them.

Fortunately, he appeared in time. Otherwise, he might not have been able to hold on until Wang Yu arrived.

The little fatty naturally told Wang Yu where he found the wild boss and even invited him to go with him.

Wang Yu thought for a moment and did not refuse.

The little fatty naturally agreed.

Everyone had witnessed Wang Yu's strength. With him, the boss would not be a problem.

As for the others, they had already left.

This fiend was too ruthless. They couldn't afford to offend him.

Wang Yu followed them to the place where the boss was found. He was dumbfounded when he saw the two groups of people confronting each other in front of the boss.

"This is what you meant by absolutely no one will find out?" Wang Yu blurted.

Looking at the thirty-odd people on both sides, the little fatty was a little dumbfounded.

Since things had come to this, Wang Yu did not say anything more. Instead, he looked at the target they were fighting for, the wild boss.

It was a huge banyan tree with a height of 20 meters. Although it seemed a little short among the other trees that were more than 100 meters tall, it was also because of this that it was even more special.

The old banyan tree's air roots were knotted, as if old Dragons were gathered on it. The huge crown covered the sky and the earth, and on the trunk that needed several people to wrap their arms around, it was like an old face sleeping.

[Name: Old Monster Banyan Tree (Gold Boss)]

[Level: 20]

[Strength: Commander]

[Attributes: Attack 3,000, Magic Power-, Health Points 300,000, Defense 75% (Damage Reduction), Speed 5 (m/s)]

[Talents: Qi Root, Super Regeneration]

[Skills: Leaf Blade, Explosive Seed, Earth Spike, Flying Leaf Rain, Berserk]

[Qi Root: The Old Monster Banyan Tree will draw out roots to attack the enemy.

[Super Regeneration: The Old Monster Banyan Tree has an extremely strong recovery ability.]

[Leaf Blade: The Old Monster Banyan Tree shoots out a leaf blade, causing 4,500 damage to the enemy.]

[Explosive Seed: The Old Monster Banyan Tree condenses a wood seed, which will explode and cause 3,000 damage to enemies within the range.]

[Earth Spike: The Old Monster Banyan Tree will Pierce its roots out of the ground and cause damage to the enemy.]

[Flying Leaf Rain: After gathering power, the Old Monster Banyan Tree releases a rain of flying leaves in all directions.]

[Berserk: When the Old Monster Banyan Tree's health points are less than 50%, it will enter a berserk state. Its attack power, recovery power, and attack speed will be greatly increased.]


Seeing the Old Monster Banyan Tree's information, Wang Yu suddenly understood.

With such a low movement speed, the boss would be a live target. They didn't want to let others benefit from it, so they wanted to take care of the other side first before dealing with the boss.

The appearance of Wang Yu and the others had broken this fragile balance.

But he didn't think it was that simple.

For normal profession class holders, the boss' attributes were indeed a little overpowered. It had an attack of 3,000. If the fragile profession class holders touched it, they would either die or be injured. Even the tank professions could not withstand a few hits.

Of course, it was not a big problem for Wang Yu to fight it one-on-one.

At this moment, the person on the left spoke.

"Fellow students, you've come at the right time. Why don't we clear them out together and then work together to kill the boss?" one of them said.

Hearing this, the few people behind Wang Yu were a little moved.

The person on the other side also spoke. "Why don't we form a team together? The people on the other side like to go back on their word the most. Be careful, they might turn their backs on us!"

Everyone present knew that they were just saying perfunctory words.

After the boss was killed and the rewards dropped, were they going to turn hostile? Or would they fall out?

One must know that the items dropped by a gold boss were at least gold!

Seeing that the situation was once again in a stalemate, suddenly, a sharp arrow was shot from an unknown direction, directly piercing the boss' body.

The Old Monster Banyan Tree was awakened!

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