5 The Power of the Frozen Fruit

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Wang Yu's eyes widened as he looked at the panel.

One, two, three... ten!

There were a total of ten additional skills!

And they were all max-level skills!

It could be said that even the most popular Mages would not have so many skills at this stage!

And this was just a Frozen Fruit!

If he could fish more...

Thinking of this, Wang Yu quickly looked at the fishing map. Unfortunately, the location on the map had disappeared, which meant that all the treasures in this place had been fished out.

No matter how much Wang Yu swung his rod, he could only catch ordinary fish, which was meaningless.

"It's a pity..." Wang Yu sighed.

However, he didn't take it to heart.

After the first time, there would be a second time.

If he lost this map, he could always exchange for another one. As long as he had enough high-quality equipment, he could exchange for as much as he wanted from the system!

By then, he believed that even if he was only a Fishing Master, his achievements would not be worse than those hidden classes!

With a cheat, he could do whatever he wanted!


Wang Yu wanted to try out the effects of these skills. He looked around and set his eyes on the small river beside him.

He squatted on the ground and smacked the ground with his right hand.

Instantly, a white line of ice shot out from his palm and flew toward the river.

Frozen Time Capsule!

In Wang Yu's eyes, the surface of the river was freezing at an extremely fast speed. In just a short while, the entire river had frozen.

Wang Yu estimated that the frozen part of the river was at least a hundred meters long!

It was terrifying!

Wang Yu was only a Level 10 noob, yet the power of the Frozen Time Capsule was already so great. He believed that when his level increased, the power would only be more exaggerated!

At that time, it was not impossible for Wang Yu to seal the river and freeze the sea with a wave of his hand!

Just as he was fantasizing, several Aardwolves appeared in his line of sight and ran toward him, perhaps because he had made too much noise by freezing the river.

The leader of the pack of Aardwolves had a fresh scar on its forehead that had just formed a scab.

"It seems like you're an old acquaintance!" Wang Yu's heart skipped a beat.

These Aardwolves were the ones who had chased him in the morning, and he was the one who had left the scar on its head.

When enemies met, their eyes would turn red.

The Aardwolf leader also didn't expect that the little bug that had slipped away in the morning didn't run away, which made it even more angry.

In this regard, Wang Yu only wanted to say:

Three hours to the east, three hours to the west!

The times have changed, my lord!

Wang Yu picked up a handful of grass from the ground and, imitating Qing Zhi, blew on the grass. A blade made of ice gradually took shape in his hand.

"Ice Army Blade!"

Although the Ice Army Blade was made of ice, it could easily withstand the attacks of swords made of steel. Its power was evident.

It was more than enough to deal with the Aardwolves.

Wang Yu charged at the Aardwolf with his ice saber while checking its information.

[Name: Aardwolf Leader]

[Level: 15]

[Ability: Elite]

[Attributes: Attack 1,200, Magic Power -, Health Points 20,000, Defense 20% (Damage Reduction), Speed 12 (m/s)]

[Talent: Elemental Fur]

[Skills: Slam, Wolf Howl, Earth Shield]

This Aardwolf leader was an elite monster with an attack of 1,200 and a HP of 20,000. It was far from being comparable to a noob like Wang Yu.

In the blink of an eye, the man and wolf were very close, only three meters apart.

The Aardwolf leader suddenly jumped and pounced at Wang Yu with a cold smile on its face. It was as if it could already see the human being torn to pieces.

Facing the Aardwolf's best attack, Wang Yu was not in a hurry. He slid under the Aardwolf leader and swung the Ice Army Blade in his hand.

Seeing this, the Aardwolves were even more disdainful.

Aardwolves were known for their defense. Moreover, that was their leader, so such an attack would not even hurt it...

But what happened next subverted their understanding.

Wang Yu cut open the Aardwolf leader's stomach, and its intestines and internal organs fell to the ground!

The blood and the Aardwolf's body were frozen by the Ice Army Blade's aura and fell heavily to the ground!

The Aardwolf leader was dead!

[Killed Aardwolf Leader. Exp gained x300.]

[Current Experience Points: 30%.]

The prompt sounded.

Wang Yu opened the panel and saw that his experience points had increased by a large amount.

This sudden change shocked not only the other Aardwolves, but even Wang Yu himself.

He had already expected the Ice Army Blade to be powerful, but he did not expect it to be this powerful.

With just one slash, he had killed the Aardwolf leader that he had previously needed hundreds of slashes to kill. Even the corpse had almost been split in half!

That was an elite monster!

Seeing the death of the Aardwolf leader, the remaining Aardwolves looked at each other and immediately scattered to escape.

Wang Yu could not let them escape so easily.

They had been chasing him all morning, and it was time for him to vent his anger.

"Ice Two-Pronged Spear!" Wang Yu shouted as he formed a few ice spears in his hands. He exerted force from his waist and shot the ice Spears at the wolves.

The Aardwolves didn't even have time to cry out before they were pierced by the ice spears and fell heavily to the ground, freezing their bodies and following in their leader's footsteps.

It had only been half a minute since the pack of Aardwolves had charged at Wang Yu in an overbearing manner to the moment they had been decapitated!

[Killed Aardwolf x12. Gained Exp x1,200.]

[Congratulations on reaching Level 11. Your current experience points are at 50%.]

'I'm already Level 11?' Wang Yu was a little surprised.

After the Aardwolves died, a few golden items dropped from their bodies.

Wang Yu quickly ran over to pick them up. After using the identify skill, their appearance information appeared in front of Wang Yu.

They were five gold coins, a pair of boots, a piece of leather armor, and a few pieces of Aardwolf material.

[Rapid Boots]

[Aardwolf Leather Armor]

[Wolf Skin x3]

[Wolf Bone x4]

There was nothing much to say about the wolf bones and skin. He was not a Blacksmith, so he had no use for these materials. He could only exchange them for money.

The Aardwolf Leather Armor was limited to Warriors and could only be exchanged for money.

On the other hand, the boots did not have a class restriction, so it was just right for him to use.

[Name: Rapid Boots]

[Class: None]

[Level: 10]

[Grade: Black Iron]

[Attributes: +2% Movement Speed, +5% Mana Recovery, +100 Health Points]

[Skill: Sprint]

[Sprint: Sprint forward. Speed increased by 20% for half a minute. Cooldown time: 10 minutes.]

The boots had three entries and one skill. To Wang Yu, it was a pretty good piece of equipment.

As for the black iron-level equipment, they were not as powerful as iron-level equipment.

Wang Yu immediately put it on. As for the white-grade boots that he replaced, he put them into his system backpack along with the materials.

No wonder it was said that profession holders were the most profitable profession. Just the materials dropped by the Aardwolves and those few gold coins were worth more than 1,000 yuan!

After all, the monthly expenses for a normal family of four were only about 2,000 yuan!

After resting for a while, Wang Yu saw that it was still early, so he decided to hunt some more monsters.

After searching for a while, he finally found an Aardwolf.

Wang Yu didn't say a word and quickly finished off the Aardwolf.

After collecting the materials dropped by the Aardwolf, he began to think.

Aardwolves were solitary monsters, and would occasionally form small tribes. They also had a strong sense of territory, and after one appeared, it was unlikely that another would appear.

The efficiency of killing monsters this way was too slow.

Wang Yu turned his gaze to the other side.

Goblin Tribe.

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