3 Mythical Skill-Elemental Incarnation

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Xu Yuan smiled slightly. After completing the transaction directly through the system with Lin Mucheng, he communicated with his skill panel. And then a soft light suddenly appeared in front of him, attracting everyone's attention immediately.

In the next second, the soft light gathered and transformed into a treasure chest with a big question mark on it, appearing in front of everyone.

Xu Yuan placed the treasure chest in Lin Mucheng's hands and said gently, "Open it!"

At the same time, he was a little excited. Becasue he wanted to see what level of skills Lin Mucheng could get, and also, he wanted to know what exactly his 100-fold Return talent was.

Lin Mucheng nodded and placed her hand on the treasure chest. She didn't even need to make any action to open it. With just a thought, the chest began to shake violently.

And then, white, blue, green, purple, orange, and gold light appeared.

The six colors of light kept flickering and finally turned into a red light surging into the chest.


A clear crack sound rang out. It wasn't loud, but everyone present heard it clearly.

In the next second, a 30-foot-long orange light shot into the sky and condensed into a scroll in the sky. There was even an interface notification beside it.

[Element Mage's Orange Legendary Skill--Elemental Ignition]

[Talent 100-fold Return activated. You have obtained a Red Mythical level skill--Elemental Incarnation]


Orange light scattered in all directions on the vast playing field, and everyone was dumbfounded.

This was the appearance of an Orange Legendary level item, which most people would never see in their entire lives. But now, it had appeared in an ordinary Awakening Ceremony in a small city!

Although the orange light only enveloped the entire playing field, the ripples caused were far more than that.

"Geez! That's the appearance of a legendary quality item. Who's so lucky?"

"That's...Spring City High School. Isn't there an Awakening Ceremony today? Why would a legendary item appear? Could it be that a door to a secret realm suddenly opened there?"

"There aren't many experts in this place. Maybe someone managed to obtain a treasure by luck, but his strength might not be stronger than the fifth reincarnation like me. I must take the chance!"

There were definitely many people who had such thoughts. Many people flocked to Spring City High School, and their purpose was to watch the show or to snatch the treasure that had appeared.

In a hidden palace not far from this city, several figures stood in the hall. They were all experts above the seventh reincarnation.

After awakening a role, every 20 levels was a threshold. Therefore, every 20 levels was called one reincarnation.

So, no one standing in the hall was below level one hundred and forty.

The person standing at the front of the group had a handsome face, silvery hair, and pointed ears. He was actually a role who had inherited the elven bloodline.

What was even more shocking was that this person's aura was the aura of the eighth reincarnation.

With bloodline inheritance and the strength of the eighth reincarnation, even if one could not be listed on the Global Combat Strength Ranking, he would be among the top few hundred experts on the National Combat Strength Ranking.

That person had been resting with his eyes closed. But at that moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked aggressively at a certain spot.

"A legendary item has appeared. I'm about to explore that tricky secret realm, and I just happen to lack some confidence. I should have this item. Someone, quickly go and check it out! "

As soon as he finished speaking, two people immediately disappeared.

At Spring City High School, the orange light gradually dissipated. The scroll slowly fell into Lin Mucheng's hands. Looking at the scroll in her hand, Lin Mucheng's crystal-like eyes slowly lit up.

Even her father didn't have many legendary skills, but she obtained one after she had just awakened her role?

Even Lin Mucheng, who had an extraordinary family background was shocked, not to mention the inexperienced youths around her. They were all dumbstruck.

Everyone was immersed in their shock and did not notice Xu Yuan beside them.

At this moment, Xu Yuan was looking at the new red scroll that had appeared in his system inventory.

[Skill: Elemental Incarnation]

[Level: Red Mythical]

[Active skill, consumed mana to transform into elemental form. Physical attack weakened by 30%, magic attack weakened by 30%, and elemental magic attack weakened by 50%. Cooldown time: Twelve hours]

[Consumption: 10% mana consumed per minute]

[Learning Requirement: Magic Role Level 20]

[PS: Roles with Critical Hit Reture talent could get the scroll back. Treasure Chest Merchant could ignore learning requirements when learning this skill independently.]

Lin Mucheng was stunned, and Xu Yuan was so shocked that his brain went blank!

100-fold Return was actually this kind of return, which directly improved the quality of the orange skill scroll to the red skill scroll!

That was a mythical-level skill. It was said that the current number one on the Global Combat Strength Ranking was the only one with mythical-level skills who were exposed over forty years.

Although it was unknown if some people who were deeply hidden also possessed any mythical-level skills, it could still show that mythical-level skills were very precious.

At the same time, Xu Yuan also noticed it seemed that he could ignore the requirements and even his role to use the Skill Scroll that he had obtained with his 100-fold Return talent!

Didn't that mean that in the future, he could use all the skills he got back from his 100-fold Return talent after he sold the chest?

Dual roles were already destined to be the big shot in the future, not to mention that he could use the skills of the five major roles alone?

No matter how stable Xu Yuan was, he could not help but feel his breathing quicken.

He thought secretly, "No, this must not be spread out. Or else if others know I can own the five roles and the mythical-level skill, the experts in the world will definitely attack me. At that time, even Uncle Lin might not be able to protect me!"

Xu Yuan knew the truth that one's wealth would bring him trouble. He could reveal his role as the Treasure Chest Merchant since Lin Mucheng had already obtained an orange Skill Scroll in front of everyone. However, he couldn't let anyone else know about his 100-fold Return talent.

Not even Lin Mucheng!

"Boss, can you show us the interface of the Skill Scroll?"

"That's right, boss. No, goddess. From now on, you'll be my goddess. You've just awakened two roles and even obtained an orange skill. I don't dare to think about how bright your future will be!"

"No, wait. This skill came from that brat's chest. Is the special role so powerful? If I buy a chest, will I also get a legendary skill?"

As soon as he said this, everyone came back to their senses and looked at Xu Yuan eagerly. The people who had looked down on Xu Yuan just now regretted and wanted to slap themselves.

They no longer thought that Xu Yuan was a good-for-nothing who had awakened a special role, but simply a god.

It cost 10,000 magic gold, right? If they could exchange magic gold for an orange skill, they would even surrender their last magic gold to get it.

What was even more unexpected was that at this moment, Xu Yuan faintly said, "Mucheng, you're lucky, but it's still a pity. My chest can drop Gold Epic-level skills at the highest level!"

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