2 Rank 3 Skill, Zombie Attack!

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"Hahaha! I didn't expect my luck to be so good. I actually got a Rank 2 skill." Zhao Tie laughed out loud.

If a Rank 0 skill was already so powerful, wouldn't his Rank 2 skill be able to take off?

Wang Chen glanced at the roulette. The skill that Zhao Tie had obtained was the only Rank 2 Explosive Fireball.

Zhao Tie straightened his back and raised his hands. A blazing fireball several meters in diameter appeared out of thin air.

"Go!" he shouted in a low voice, and the bursting fireball flew out quickly and smashed into a sand pile a few meters away. The sand flew everywhere, leaving a large scorch mark on the floor.

Huang Deren stood closer, and his face was covered in sand from the explosion.

He glared at her and said unhappily, "Manager Zhao, what are you doing? Can't you see me standing here?"

Zhao Tie glanced indifferently at Huang Deren and said, "Old Huang, I'm sorry! I'll be more careful next time!"

He had already seen that other than the Rank 3 skill on the roulette, the rest were not as good as the skills he had obtained.

Huang Deren's probability of obtaining a Rank 3 skill was only second to Wang Chen's probability of obtaining a Rank 0 skill.

Since that was the case, why should he care about Huang Deren?

He glanced at Wang Chen and said proudly, "Hey, Brother Wang, your Rank 0 skill just makes your muscles a little bigger.

"This kind of external force to enhance muscles is good for nothing, just like those who drink protein shakes. They are all lousy muscles.

"As long as you confess that you were wrong, I'll guarantee that you'll be safe from the next zombie attack."

It was obvious that Zhao Tie had received the notification and knew that he would have to face the zombie attack.

"Forget it. My knees are not good, so I can't kneel down," Wang Chen said coldly.

His current physical fitness had completely surpassed the limits of ordinary humans.

In terms of explosive power, he might not be able to compare to Huang Deren, but in terms of a prolonged battle, he was definitely not inferior to Zhao Tie.

'Hmph! You don't know how to appreciate favors, but there will be a time when you beg me!' Zhao Tie's face sank as he thought to himself.

At this moment, seeing that both of them had drawn their skills, Huang Deren, who was at the side, walked to the side of the roulette without saying a word. With a flick of his wrist, the roulette started spinning again.

"Old Huang, it doesn't matter if you can't get a good skill. As long as you follow me, I'll make sure you're safe!" Zhao Tie said arrogantly.

He had been Huang Deren's dog for so many years and wanted to have a taste of being his master.

Huang Deren didn't reply to him. He had been a boss for a few years and was indifferent.

'Rank 3 skill! Rank 3 skill!' he shouted crazily in his heart.

As long as he drew that Rank 3 skill, he could continue to be CEO Huang.

The wheel finally stopped on the Rank 1 skill, the Basic Sword Technique.

Next to it was the Rank 3 skill, Summon Djinni.

"What a pity! Old Huang, don't be disheartened. After all, it's not normal to draw!"

Zhao Tie let out a long breath in his heart.

But just as he finished speaking…


The wheel made another dull sound and slowly moved one notch, causing the needle to stop at the Rank 3 skill column.

"Oops, I'm sorry. I, Huang Deren, have always had good luck! Hahaha!"

Huang Deren laughed wildly.

A strong gust of wind suddenly appeared beside him, and a giant wind spirit with its head touching the ceiling appeared.

Looking at the fierce Djinni, Zhao Tie was dumbfounded. He never expected Huang Deren to have drawn such a small probability.

He wished he could slap his mouth and make it explode. He regretted offending Huang Deren just now.

"What kind of luck is this?"

Wang Chen was speechless. He was the only unlucky one.

At this moment, the System Wizard's disgusting voice sounded again.

[Hint: It has been detected that all the Descenders in the current area have chosen their skills. The novice protection is about to disappear. Please use the skills you have obtained reasonably and try your best to survive.]

[Countdown begins!]

"10, 9, 8,.."

Scarlet numbers appeared at the entrance of the stairwell not far away. They were as glaring as fresh blood spurting out of fresh flesh.

"Zombies are coming!"

Wang Chen immediately became vigilant.

He looked around and saw a meter-long hollow steel pipe in the corner. He immediately ran over and picked it up.

Although his strength was off the charts, he didn't want to fight with the disgusting zombies.

"Wang Chen, what's the use of that broken pipe? When the zombies come up, CEO Huang and I will each use a skill to deal with them! Just watch from the side!"

At this moment, Zhao Tie did not forget to mock Wang Chen.

"0. The countdown has ended!"

As the scarlet number collapsed, the surroundings suddenly became extremely quiet. Wang Chen could even hear Zhao Tie's rapid heartbeat.

Obviously, although he said it out loud, Zhao Tie was still not confident in his heart.

Thump! Thump! Dong!

Heavy, hurried footsteps suddenly sounded in the empty corridor, and they quickly approached the floor they were on. Even the floor began to shake.

"Seems like a lot of them!"

Wang Chen subconsciously tightened his grip on the iron pipe in his hand.

A moment later, the zombies finally rushed to the floor where they were.

The zombies emitted a disgusting stench. Their dark green skin was covered with black centipede-like patterns. Some of their chests were half-empty, revealing their horrendous internal organs.

Especially with yellow and white eyeballs without pupils, coupled with dirty and distorted faces, they made people shudder.


Following a crazy roar, dozens of zombies rushed into the building and pounced on the three of them.

"Bursting Fireball!"

Zhao Tie released his skill, but his hands were trembling.

A blazing fireball flew out and hit the three zombies at the front.

The heads of the three zombies exploded, instantly killing them.

"Hahaha, these zombies are so weak…"

Before Zhao Tie could finish his sentence, a zombie rushed out of the horde and threw him onto the ground.


The zombie bit Zhao Tie's chest, raised its head, and tore off a large piece of bloody flesh.

"Ah! It hurts so much! CEO Huang, for the sake of our past relationship, please save me!" Zhao Tie wailed for help.

The intense pain made him lose his sense of propriety, and he couldn't think of using a skill to counterattack.

Huang Deren was much smarter than Zhao Tie. He had already hidden in a small cubicle behind the Djinni.

The Djinni was so huge that the zombies couldn't get in at all.

As for Zhao Tie's wails, he turned a deaf ear to them. It was just a dog. If it died, so be it!

In just a short while, seven or eight zombies had already surrounded Zhao Tie. They were like mad dogs, crazily gnawing at Zhao Tie's flesh.

"There's no hope."

Wang Chen was speechless as he looked at Zhao Tie who was being beaten up.

Zhao Tie was still standing there and attacking. He also had so much to say. Wasn't he courting death?

However, Zhao Tie still made a contribution. He gave Wang Chen enough time to observe these zombies.

"Too slow!"

Wang Chen's face revealed a hint of surprise.

In his eyes, those ordinary zombies were only slightly slower than ordinary people, but they were as slow as 70-year-old women. It was weird.

At this moment…


A zombie that couldn't get its hands on the flesh and blood turned its gaze to Wang Chen and pounced on him with a roar.

Wang Chen's heart skipped a beat. He rushed forward and swung the steel pipe in his hand. It made a low ear-piercing sound and smashed heavily on the zombie's head.


The zombie's head exploded like a watermelon, and blood and bones splattered everywhere.

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