5 Level 8 Elite Giant Zombie!

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On the street, Wang Chen didn't panic at all.

As long as he wanted to run, the zombies behind him wouldn't be able to catch up with him.

'We're here!'

In front of him, a short building that was only ten stories high appeared in Wang Chen's sight.

The building next to it was about five or six stories high.

Wang Chen's plan was to go to the top of the tall building first, then jump to the roof of the lower building.

There was a distance of more than ten meters between the buildings.

With his current physical abilities and the buffer from the height, he could easily make the leap.

However, he hadn't found any ordinary zombies that could jump, so he was sure he could shake off most of the zombies.

If those zombies couldn't stop themselves, they would probably fall to their deaths from a height of 40 to 50 meters.

However, just as Wang Chen reached the entrance of the building, a zombie in a security uniform rushed out of the hall.

"Get lost!"

He hit the zombie's head with the steel pipe, and the zombie's head instantly exploded.

[Killed Level 1 Zombie, EXP +1! Spirit Points +1!]

After killing the zombies, Wang Chen rushed into the building without stopping. Then, he found the stairs and rushed to the roof.

The zombie horde at the back had grown by quite a bit, and their numbers had almost doubled compared to the beginning.

The zombies nearby were attracted by the commotion, rushing into the building and joining the zombie army.


The deformed steel pipe in Wang Chen's hand collided with the railing of the stairs, making a series of ear-piercing sounds, pointing out his direction to the zombies.

However, when they reached the fifth level, Wang Chen was forced to stop.

At the stairs, a zombie in underwear was slowly pacing.

Immediately, he could tell that this guy was obviously not a good sign.

Its rotten body was almost a size bigger than Wang Chen's. Its arms were as thick as Wang Chen's head, and its undergarments were deeply dug into the rotten flesh. It looked extremely repulsive.

Inside a window, there were a few ordinary lingerie model zombies with jaw-dropping figures.

Unfortunately, they had all turned into zombies. They looked a little scary but were rather uninteresting.

Seeing Wang Chen rush up, the zombies immediately became restless. Driven by their bloodthirsty instincts, they rushed at him like crazy.

'Don't block the way!'

He heard the approaching footsteps downstairs.

Wang Chen rushed up the stairs and swung the steel pipe at the mutated zombie's head.

After killing so many zombies, headshots had become Wang Chen's instinctive choice.


The mutated zombie reached out and blocked the steel pipe.

The rotten flesh on her arm was blown apart, revealing her white bones. The steel pipe was also bent at an angle of almost 45 degrees due to the strong collision.

Wang Chen also got the zombie's data.

[Giant Zombie (Elite)]

[Level: 8]

[Basic Attributes: Strength (18), Stamina (?), Agility (1), Charm (2)]

[Skill: Bone Hardening]

'Another Elite monster, and its strength is actually a little stronger than mine! And what the hell is with these 2 points of Charm? It's actually as tall as me!' Wang Chen could not help but complain in his heart.


The roars of the zombies below were getting closer and closer.

Wang Chen knew that he couldn't delay any longer. Otherwise, he would be in danger once he was surrounded by zombies!

However, this giant zombie was ridiculously strong. It was definitely not something that could be killed in a short period of time.

Therefore, he turned around and ran without hesitation.

Anyway, there was more than one corridor in this place.


The giant zombie chased after him relentlessly.

Unfortunately, its Agility was far inferior to Wang Chen's, and Wang Chen quickly pulled away from it.

From another corridor, Wang Chen successfully rushed to the roof.


He kicked the locked door away and rushed to the edge of the roof.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

The zombies also caught up and rushed to the roof.

Wang Chen climbed up the wall at the edge and looked at the crazy zombies behind him. He took a deep breath and jumped. His entire body rushed out like a cannonball as he jumped toward the opposite roof.


He crashed into the ground with a loud bang.

Wang Chen didn't use any tricks to roll to the ground.

He had always felt that people who were not proficient enough might break their necks by doing that.

He stood up and turned to look at the top of the building.

The meter-tall wall on the roof blocked the zombies in front.

They stuck close to the wall and bared their fangs and brandished their claws at Wang Chen, but they could not rush out at all.

"Haha! Come over here and get me!

Wang Chen knocked on the iron frame on the roof with a steel pipe, provoking the zombies.

The noise stimulated the zombies' ferocity, making them even more frenzied and their roars grew louder.

At that moment…


A slender figure suddenly jumped from the top of the building and directly jumped toward the low building.

"You really dare to come?"

Wang Chen was delighted.

He rushed over to the zombie's landing area. When the zombie landed, he swung the steel pipe and sent the zombie flying more than ten meters in the air like a baseball.


The zombie crashed into the opposite wall and its head was crushed. It fell limply along the wall and made a loud yowl.

[Killed level 5 zombie, experience +35! +20 Spirit Points!]

"Yes, another mutated zombie!"

Wang Chen was delighted and continued to knock on the iron frame at the edge of the wall, mocking the zombies.


The giant zombie went to the edge of the wall and roared at Wang Chen.

"Is this dude angry?"

Wang Chen raised his eyebrows.

The giant zombie looked at Wang Chen deeply, then turned around and left.

Just as Wang Chen thought that this guy had already given up…

Dong… Dong…

Heavy footsteps could be heard coming from the opposite building. Wang Chen saw a few zombies flying into the sky, and then the giant zombies crashed into the wall like trucks.


With a loud boom, the wall on the roof collapsed.

The huge figure flew straight to the roof along with the broken concrete debris, thanks to the effect of inertia.

"You have quite a temper!"

Wang Chen did not panic at all.

He ran away earlier not because he couldn't deal with the giant zombie. If this guy dared to jump in front of him, he would end up the same as the other zombies.

He quickly rushed to the spot where the giant zombie landed, and when he found the right opportunity, he threw another steel pipe.


The giant zombie was hit, and the prosthetics in its chest were shattered.

However, the impact was too great, far exceeding Wang Chen's expectations. It actually forcefully withstood Wang Chen's attack.


The giant zombie crashed onto the roof, almost causing the floor to collapse.

However, before the giant zombie could stand up, Wang Chen had already begun to attack again.


The steel pipe whistled and smashed into the giant zombie's neck.

Rotten flesh splattered everywhere, revealing a large piece of white cervical vertebrae.

The huge zombie's body was knocked to the side, and it couldn't stand up.

"Break!" Wang Chen roared, raised the steel pipe high, and smashed it down on the exposed cervical vertebra.


With a crisp sound, the giant zombie's neck was broken from the joint, and its entire head fell off.


His huge corpse fell to the ground and did not move.

The giant zombie's skill was Bone-hardening, so it was very difficult to kill it.

Therefore, Wang Chen had already planned from the start to make it lose its ability to move.

However, the giant zombie's head was still alive.

Its dim, yellow eyes rolled, and its ferocious mouth kept opening and closing, emitting a disgusting stench.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wang Chen waved the steel pipe and smashed it 30 to 40 times in a row before finally shattering the giant zombie's head.

[Killed Level 8 Giant Zombie, EXP +50! Skill points +40!]

[You have leveled up to level 6!]

[Obtained 3 free Attribute Points and 2 Skill Points!]

"Strength +3!"

Wang Chen didn't hesitate and directly allocated the three free Attribute Points to Strength.

He had a bad feeling when he was suppressed by the giant zombie earlier.

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