20 Energy disintegration

Devon panicked as he didn't know what to do. He looked around the room, trying to think of the best way to escape from the room before the guards arrives. "Hmm, I guess it's going to be breaking through the wall."

He selected one of the walls in the room, as the one he came in through wasn't an option.

Devon placed both his hands on it and did exactly what he did earlier. Channeling both energies through his hand. It didn't take up to fifteen seconds as the wall had crumbled down.

This was one of the special abilities he came up with during his training with the voice. He called it energy disintegration. The energy disintegration required the combination of celestial energy and cosmic energy.

The energy disintegration had the ability to dismember, dissolve and decay anything it touches. It was extremely deadly. At Devon's current level, he wasn't able to fully unleash the full potential of the ability. He could only use it on minor things.

"Oh shit, what the hell is wrong with these people!" Devon muttered as they were a lot of people standing outside the library.

The library was very high so the members who were on the floor couldn't see the person who was up there clearly as flying wasn't allowed in any of the compounds, so all they could do was point hands at him.

"Ehhhh, why didn't I think of that." A smile appeared on Devon's face. Then he jumped down from the library building where he was, but as his feet touched the ground, he disappeared right after.

The scene left the low-rank member's mouths wide open as they were all waiting to see who had stolen the celestial ball from the library. But when they were about to find out who the person was, he or she disappeared immediately.

The celestial ball wasn't a secret to them, as most of them knew it was on the first floor of the library, but they just didn't know where.

"I saw the thief! " One of the members raised his voice.

"Everybody, look, this is a strand of the thief's hair!

It was the same person from earlier, but unlike the first time when the person got ignored, this time that didn't happen. As they were a strand of hair on this palm. Which indicated that what he or she was saying was true.

This caused an uproar among the members, as every one of them had something to say about it. Some said it was an elite member of the Demon world, while others believe it was someone from the rogue league.

"At least we can trace him down with the strand of hair." As soon as those words left his mouth, a heavy wind that came out of nowhere appeared, blowing the strand of hair away from the person holding it.

"What the hell was that!"


Meanwhile, at the housing estate of the low-rank members. In room 146, a youth could be seen sitting on a chair, and at the front of the youth was a table. The table was full of bountiful food with drinks and everything.

"Voice, I told you it was a good idea getting a room in all the compound." The youth grinned. 


The youth said those words with his mouth full of food in it and oil stains all around it. Both of his hands were on the edges of the chair, which were also holding two big chicken laps with only a few slices of meat left in them.

Don't underestimate the two chicken laps, as they were filled with celestial nutrients, that even a pig could become a god.

"Well, that was outstanding, I must say. Voice, I guess it rewards time since I've completed the task." Devon dropped the chicken on the table, he sat upright and spoke in a serious tone.

Name: Devon Reid (House of Sinners)

Level: Level 8

Race: Half-Human — Half ******

Energy Level: Cosmic Energy 1 (4/10), Celestial energy 4 (7650/10000).

Task point: 35

Special Abilities: Body Regeneration, energy disintegration.

Weapons: Celtic Long sword, Ironclad glove, Demon Slayer Katana (unable to use till Level 50)

"Wait a minute, my stat is the same as last time!" Devon couldn't help but voice out as despite having completing his task, he still hadn't been handed his reward yet.

*That is because contractor hasn't completed his task yet.



The door of the room was kicked open, and two middle-aged men and one young man walked in. The library guards had arrived.

"I must say you have some balls right there young man." the young man said and by his composure, one could tell that he was their leader.

"It took you guys longer than I expected. And that's just sad!" Devon sighed mentally as he began to clean his hand with a tissue.

Devon decided to end his fight as soon as possible. A fight happening in one of the rooms in the estate wasn't a good thing.

He stood up as he dashed towards the leader, attempting to grab his neck. It was like the leader could predict his move because he launched a full-force punch at his palm, sending Devon four steps backward.

"Oh, oh, voice, who am I dealing with." Devon frowned.

After making quite a rash decision back there, it was now Devon decided to ask the voice about what he was dealing with.

"Hehehehe, the strongest is at level 40 and the other two are both at level 30. This Is a real combat experience you've been seeking after your training." The voice said.

"Boss, let me handle this piece of shit for you!" one of the men who walked in spoke out loud, by looking at him, one could tell he was trying to impress his boss.

"Boss, let me help you get the job done." the other one said, as he wasn't ready to allow his partner to get all the credit.

Devon's mouth was wide open, he couldn't believe what was happening. People were really fighting over him, if it was in a good way it would have been nice, but it wasn't.

They were fighting over who should kill him first.

"Haha haha, go get him boys." the leader said, he raised his chin up and folded his hands behind his back looking as proud as ever.

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