25 Adulthood

Devon had a confused look on his face because he could still remember how old he was when he came to this world, so how was it possible that he became an adult so fast. One thing he was sure about was that he had only used six months in this place.

Knowing the voice so well, he knew it wouldn't joke about this kind of matter with him, so what was he missing.

"It seemed contractor hasn't figured it out." the voice stated with a mocking tone added to it.

"Do you remember what happened when you absorbed that energy from the sphere?"

"Yes, I do," Devon answered while also nodding his head, as he recollected the scene that happened.

Each of the worlds operates at a different time rate. The underground world is four times faster than the mortal world, while the Demon world is two times slower than it.

"When contractor first arrived at the underground world he was 15 with 3 months remaining for him to be 16 at that moment. The contractor must have thought that he spent a month absorbing that energy and enduring the pain, but it wasn't a month, it was a year."

That short explanation was all he needed.

Devon's mouth formed an 'O' shape, he finally understood what was going on. He wasn't in the mortal world anymore, so his growth was not governed by the law of the mortal world, rather it was of the underground world law.

Before all this, he assumed the months he had spent here were based on the mortal world calendar. And since he was currently in the underground world, he would have to follow the law of the underground world, which was two times faster than the mortal world. To simplify it, a year in the mortal world was two years in the underground world.

"Show me my stats, let's see what has changed."

Name: Devon Reid (House of Sinners)

Age: 18

Level: Level 9

Race: Half-Human — Half ******

Energy Level: Cosmic Energy 1 (4/10), Celestial energy 5 (80/100000).

Task point: 30

Special Abilities: Body Regeneration, energy disintegration, transformation skill.

Weapons: Celtic Long sword, Ironclad glove, Demon Slayer Katina (unable to use until Level 50)

"Well, that was disappointing, but it feels good to finally be an adult."

Devon rubbed his hands together in a devilish manner, some days back he had been feeling some hormonal changes in his body but after all this, he had figured out what was going on in his body.

"Hehehehehehehehe this will be fun." Devon licked his lips in anticipation, he had been missing on several items in the voice inventory because he wasn't an adult yet so with this, he was finally going to be able to access them all.

*Time has been restored…

The middle-aged woman looked at Devon and felt disgusted immediately. She was used to getting this kind of look from members of the alliance, even some elders looked at her that way, but she wasn't expecting a new member to do the same.

Were women just an object of sex to all men?

"Please, how may we help you, sir?" the woman decided to overlook his behavior. The person in front of her was a core tier member, so he was bound to be great.

She thought, 'why not let it slide for what he might achieve in the future.'

Devon thoroughly ignored her question as his eyes remained glued to her body the whole time. It was just so hard for him to ignore what was standing in front of him.

To him, this was a grand feast.....

The woman slammed her fist on the desk in an attempt to get Devon's attention, but he didn't even bother looking at her even for seconds.

After a while, he looked at her and smiled, "if that's how you want to go, then why don't I go further." Devon spoke out for the first time he arrived here, but it seemed like he wasn't talking to the woman in front of him but someone else.

He took a step forward as he wanted to move closer to the woman. In all the heaven alliance, a core tier member was treated like God's favorite child. To the extent that even elders weren't even allowed to raise their hands at them not to talk of a maid doing it. The maid's entire family could be killed off.

She clenched her fist at what just happened, knowing she couldn't do anything to him, she also took a step backward. Devon had already expected that from her, so when she took a backward, he took another step forward. This continued until the woman didn't have anywhere to go, as she was backed to a wall and could no longer retreat.

At the moment, disappearing wasn't an option because the receptionist's office wasn't like any other place in the alliance. One could enter from any direction in the courtyard, but leaving the same way wasn't possible.

The only way to leave any of the room was through the door.

She tried using her energy aura to scare off Devon, but it didn't go well. What she couldn't believe the most was how her energy aura submitted to the youth in front of her.

"Hmm, which lucky bastard stole your heart?" Devon inquired, his mouth and breath trailing across the woman's face to reach her nimble lips. He moved closer to her, making sure her body was touching his already, and while the woman wished she could shove his away, she didn't dare to do so.

"Please leave me alone, I'm married!" she pleaded, seeing how things were going.

"Hahahahaha that makes it more interesting." Devon countered as his finger began to trail down her face, and it went all the way to her chest. The woman felt short of breath, and her heart began to pound very fast at what was happening.

"Superb, very good, very good." a loud and continuous hand clapping could be heard from behind.

A smirk appeared on Devon's face, he was finally being taken seriously. But that didn't make him stop what he was doing. His hands were still all over the woman's body.

"Isn't that enough, you have gotten my attention."

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