World Travel System: High School Dxd ,Naruto etc.

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Chapter 37 - ["Regressor"]

Akira got a notification from the system.

[Ding... Side Mission Completed...

Defeat All For One

(Reward = System Upgrade Ticket)]

(Huh? I will think about this later. I have more problems to deal with right now.) Akira thought.

Suddenly he got an idea and opened his system Upgrade tab.

"Hey system, I want to upgrade my rewind quirk." Akira said.

[Ding... There are four upgrades available

1. Rewind Quirk ---> Time Manipulation Skill.

(Cost = 500,00 SP).

2. Rewind Quirk ---> Lesser Time Manipulation.

(Cost = 300,00 SP).

3. Rewind Quirk ---> Regressor Skill

(Cost = 100,00 SP).

4. Rewind Quirk ---> Removing side effects like the growth of horn and high fever.

(Cost = 25,000 SP).]

"Hmm... I can actually buy ["Lesser Time Manipulation"] but I don't want to spend all of my System Points, so I will buy the ["Regressor"] Skill. Though I don't know if it will be good or not." Akira said.

["Ding... Purchase complete...

Remaining System Points = 200,000 SP.]

[Regressor Skill --->

Activation 1 (Active) = This skill gives the user the ability to reverse a living being's body back to a previous state. The user can also reverse the time of a non-living matter or object.

Activation 2 (Passive) = This skill allows the user to revive 24 Hours before he was killed.

(Cooldown = 30 days).]

"The fu*k. This skill is ridiculous. It's too overpowered." Akira muttered. Then he realized that he can actually bring back everyone and correct his mistake.

Akira gulped. Since his mind was still a little unstable and chaotic after the recent battle, he got a crazy idea. He touched his heart and activated his ["Decay"] Quirk. He controlled the quirk so that it can damage his body as well.

Immediately his body started turning into ashes, Akira was actually surprised that he didn't feel any pain.

Momo and other girls immediately noticed Akira turning into ashes, so they shouted, but it was already too late.


Akira opened his eyes and he found himself lying on the bed. He checked the time and sure enough. He came back in time. Furthermore, he now has 24 hours to deal with All For One and his army.

The first thing he did was to create something using which he can easily deal with All For One. He can actually purchase ["New Order"] Quirk, but it will take him a few years to master it. So he can't use that right now.

Akira decided to combine and upgrade some of his quirks to create something more deadly.

["Decay"] quirk is strong, but it has some major limitations as well.

Akira will have to either touch the opponent with his fingers. Or he can send a Decay wave through the ground, but its travel speed is slow.

Also, it takes a few seconds for the people to turn into ashes.

Akira decided to purchase Nine's ["Bullet Laser"] Quirk from the shop. It cost him 5,000 SP. This should help in removing the limitation of ["Decay"] Quirk.

[Ding... Combining and Upgrading...

Decay + Overhaul + Bullet Laser ---> Processing... New Skill formed... Lesser Annihilation...

20,000 System Points deducted.]

[Ding... Remaining System Points = 175,000 SP.]

"System show me the description of this new skill" Akira said.

[Power of Annihilation --->

Annihilation allows the user to destroy anything or anyone their hands touch, making them cease to exist.

The user can also create orbs or send beams, waves containing the power of Annihilation towards the enemy.

This skill is extremely lethal and will work on both organic and non-organic matter.

The user can also control the Power of Annihilation and select whether it will work on a person or not.

Weakness =

1. Since this skill is lower version of the original skill ["Origin: Annihilation"] so it does not completely erase the enemy. The soul will still remain alive.

2. User can also erase a small part of the soul of the enemy but it's not possible to erase the complete soul of the enemy.

3. Power of Annihilation can only erase beings whose power level is lower than Tier 11. ]

"Hmm... This skill is actually quite similar to Sirzhecs Lucifer's power of destruction. But I think I will have to upgrade my skill to reach that level."

"Oi system, Where is the earth manipulation and Reassemble power of Overhaul quirk?

I should get those two as well right?" Akira asked.

[Ding... The first skill which the host placed in the combine tab was "Decay".

So "Decay" quirk is used as the base for the next evolved skill and some of the properties of "Overhaul" quirk were lost in the process.]

"Why you never mentioned me this important information?" Akira asked.

[Ding... You never asked.]

"Sigh...system you are so annoying sometimes." Akira muttered but got no reply.

Akira then decided to test his new powers. He created a small orb of Annihilation on his right finger. He noticed that a book is placed on the table.

Akira then sent the orb towards the book's direction. When the orb touched the book, a small part of the book turned into ashes immediately but the whole book didn't disappear.

Akira then stood up from his bed and moved towards the book's location. He touched the book with one of his fingers and then used the power of Annihilation but this time the result was different. The whole book immediately turned into ashes.

"I see... Orbs or beams of ["Power of Annihilation"] can only erase a small part of the matter. But I will have to make contact with the enemy to completely turn him into ashes." Akira muttered.

(Wait!!! What about Annihilation wave then?) Akira thought. Then he touched the table and sent a wave there. The table and all the items which were kept on the table turned into ashes, but the travel speed of wave was slow.

(I see... I need a medium like ground for the wave to travel. In the future maybe I can send a wave even in the vacuum or air medium.) Akira thought.

Then the door of the room opened. Rumi, Momo and Nejire came inside. They were stunned for a few seconds after seeing Akira awake and standing in front of them. Then they immediately jumped on him and hugged him tightly.

Akira calmed them down and explained the reason why he was unconscious in the first place. He explained that he was simply making his powers stronger.

Rumi then explained to him everything like how All For One hacked banks, military headquarters, hero Association servers etc.

"Ok don't worry. I will take care of him. But I will have to train a little to defeat All For One." Akira said.

Nejire was surprised because she thought that Akira will say something like 'Tch... All For One is just a weakling.'

Nejire and Momo then prepared a dinner. The moment Akira finished his dinner, he used ["Warp Gate"] Quirk and teleported to the place where All Might trained Izuku and gave him ["One For All"].

He started his training there. He wanted to gain a better control at ["Power of Annihilation"]. His control was already good since this skill evolved from his pre-existing quirk ["Decay"] but after the upgrade, the ["Power of Annihilation"] became more unstable and chaotic.

After training for more than 12 hours. Akira was now completely ready for the battle.

Since some time was still left before the final Battle, Akira decided to finally visit his personal dimension.

The moment he entered, he became shocked after seeing the beauty of the place. The ground was of complete grass and there was also a massive field of flowers nearby. Akira then looked up and found a sun and a beautiful sky.

In the middle of the dimension, there was a waterfall and a huge circular lake. The water was so clear and the air was also fresh and refreshing.

Akira then noticed that the dimension was actually surrounded by the fog, and he immediately realized that the fog is probably the boundary of the dimension. He will have to become stronger to increase the size of dimension.

The current size of dimension was equal to almost one fourth the size of city.

Akira then teleported back to the ["My Hero Academia"] World and decided to buy stuffs like Television, paintings, flower and tree seeds, vegetable and fruit seeds etc. He also purchased cement, bricks, steel, paint and other construction materials.

Well... It was more like stealing than purchasing since the economy was already collapsed by the All For One.

Since, Akira was like a God in this dimension. He immediately controlled the earth and other construction materials to create a massive mansion for him. He also set up all the seeds, electrical appliances and other items.

The last thing he did was to visit the Animal and birds shop. First, he lifted all the cute dog and cat breeds with his ["Lesser Psychokinesis"] Quirk. He also picked up beautiful birds. Second, he teleported to an Aquarium and transferred all the harmless aquatic animals to his personal dimension.

Thirdly, he teleported to a Zoo and picked up Penguins and other cute animals. Lastly, he teleported to a nearby forest and picked up animals like cows, deer, squirrels, raccoon etc.

He then entered the dimension and created a separate area for everyone to live in. He created something like an Aquarium and a Zoo but without any cages.

Then Akira decided to create a few more houses in his dimension, so he spent a few more hours in his personal dimension. Finally, it was time for the Final Battle and to defeat the All For One.


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