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Chapter 23 - Aftermath

After defeating Nomu, Akira noticed that All Might and other Pro Heroes finally arrived here.

Akira then started walking towards his classmates.

All Might immediately asked the Hospital Staff to first treat Akira's hand. It was bleeding like crazy.

Recovery Girl came and examined Akira's hand and his body for the injuries.

"So what's the problem with Young Akira?" All Might asked.

"From the outside he looks fine but internally he is injured. There are many places where his muscles are torn or crushed, but they are not serious. But his hand is badly damaged. It will take him at least a week to recover." said Recovery Girl.

Hearing Recovery Girl words, the guilt which the students were feeling increased even more.

Nezu and other Pro Heroes started lifting Villains and transferring them to the Hospital Ambulance and Vans. Every villain was in bad condition.

Nezu came in front of Akira and said "This is not how a Hero usually acts and defeats the Villains."

"Who said that I want to become Hero in the first place?" Akira asked.

Hearing his words everyone was dumbfounded.

"The only reason I came to U.A. was to train my Quirk and maybe learn something new." Akira said.

"Are you on the path to become a Villain then?" Nezu asked in menacing tone.

Everyone tensed up hearing these words.

"Are you threatening me you little mouse?" Akira asked.

Nezu was shocked after hearing Akira's words. This was the first time someone disrespected him. He was the fuckin principal of the Best Hero School, Not everyone has the guts to insult him.

Before Nezu could reply, Akira continued.

"The only reason Villains even exist in this world is due to the society and corrupt government. Nobody wants to become a Villain unless he is a psychopath. People become villain due to their circumstance. Heroes and Villains are simply the other side of the same coin.

Instead of improving the society and dealing with corruption, Heroes defeat the villain and the cycle continues.

If you ask me whether I want to become a Hero? Then my answer is No.

Most of the Pro Heroes actually became Hero to gain fame and money in the first place. There are very few Heroes who really want to save people and improve the world.

I don't want to become a Villain either.

I am on the Neutral side and I will do whatever I want. You might consider me a type of Hero whose methods to deal with villain are brutal.

I will personally call myself a Villain or Tyrant though. Since in the end, I am also not improving society either. I am simply using my power to scare the people so that they don't have guts to commit the crime in the first place." Akira said.

(Also it's not like I will stay in this world for a long time) Akira said in his mind.

Everyone turned silent after hearing Akira's words.

"I am pretty sure that some of you righteous bastards will think that my methods are wrong. Then what can you do?

You guys think that you are strong enough to deal with me?" Akira asked directly while looking towards the group of Pro Heroes, Police and Nezu.

"Don't become arrogant just because you defeat some villains." A Pro Hero said. He was pissed off by the Akira's attitude.

Akira simply created ["Wind Style: Extinction Sphere"] on both of his hands and then looked towards the Pro Hero and said "You were saying something you little shit?"

Everyone turned silent.

Akira continued and said "If you guys think that you are strong enough than you can try arresting me. Just prepare for the casualties and consequences for your actions."

This was a clear threat.

All Might decided to intervene and calm down the situation.

"Young Akira your intentions were good, but your methods were wrong.

Also, It's good that you decided to defeat the villain and save everyone Young Akira, but in the end you are still a little kid. You should leave these tasks to Heroes like us" said All Might.

"Oh! Then where were the Heroes when these villains attacked us?" Akira asked.

"Some Heroes were still present here shounen like Thirteen and Eraser head." said All Might

"Oh! If these heroes were enough to deal with the villains then why would I interfere and fight the villains in the first place?" Akira asked.

All Might's eye twitched and his smile almost broke. Then he recovered and said "These heroes were not compatible with the villain. After some time, reinforcements would have come and saved everyone."

"Oh! You mean that I should let some students die and wait for Heroes." Akira asked.

"Shounen liste-" All Might was speaking, but Akira stopped him midway by raising his hand.

"Listen All Might. I respect you because you are a good person and a True Hero in this selfish world. Because of you, The crime rate is very low, and all the villains fear you.

The whole Hero Society actually revolves around you. You are the main Pillar. But this is a huge mistake. The moment you fall will be the moment the Villains will rise.

I am telling you the cruel truth All Might.

Without you the Hero Society will crumble. Most of the Heroes are weaklings. They can't even save themselves from the villains. How the fu*k will they protect the citizens?" Akira said.

Everyone was completely speechless. Pro Heroes wanted to refute and say that 'They are strong' but they all shut their mouths after remembering the destruction caused by Akira's Extinction Sphere.

Akira continued "I know you will say something like New Generation Heroes will be better and will not let the society crumble.

Then All Might you are naive, No Hero will be able to surpass you, and I am pretty sure you know that as well. These heroes will break under the pressure of the society.

One more thing, if you are thinking that I have bright future and I will become a pillar of society. Then you are wrong because as I already said, I am not a Hero and I don't plan to become one." Akira said and left. He didn't wait for his classmates or teachers.

All might was completely silent since everything Akira said was the Harsh Truth.


{All Might POV}

(Sigh... I Know Shounen... I know... Without me the society will crumble that's why I am trying to look for successor.

I selected Young Midoriya, but unfortunately he is extremely weak right now.

It will take him At least 5 or 6 Years to use ["One For All"] at its full potential, but I am afraid that 'All For One' will not wait that long.

I can guess from his recent actions. Final Battle is coming soon. Extremely Soon.) All Might thought in his mind.


{Akira POV}

The moment I reached home, I activated my ["Super Regeneration"] Quirk to heal my hand and body.

Nejire already got the news related to the U.S.J. Incident, so she immediately hugged me and said "You were reckless."

"I am sorry." I apologized sincerely.

"U.A. High School will now open after a week" I informed Nejire, and she nodded.

Then I entered my bedroom and decided to finally break my limits. For that, I will be using an inhumane method.

Whenever body gets damaged or injured then new muscles are generated. These new muscles are harder, thick. They are also stronger and more durable than the previous muscles. So I will use this method to temper my body.

I will first activate my quirk ["One For All"] Then I will keep increasing its output. When my body will get damaged, I will simply regenerate because of ["Super Regeneration"] Quirk.

I sat on the ground and closed my eyes. Then I activated my ["One For All"] Quirk at 70%. I had no problem at this stage.

Then I forcefully increased ["One For All"] Quirk output to 80%. Immediately my arm and legs muscles started tearing apart and bleeding. Then my ["Super Regeneration"] Quirk kicked in and repaired my muscles. But it didn't take long for even my new muscles to tear.

I just kept gritting my teeth so that I could not shout or scream otherwise Nejire will be worried.

{One Hour Later}

I couldn't continue my training anymore. ["Super Regeneration"] Quirk put a lot of strain on my body. My mental power was also completely spent. But, my body was able to become a little stronger.

Now, I wanted some rest and relaxation time. For that, I decided to take a bath.

So, I immediately searched for Nejire. She was reading a magazine on the couch.

I went there and picked her up in a princess carry. She was surprised, but then she snaked her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips.

I then took her towards the bathroom and there we enjoyed our time. We both relaxed in the bath and also ended up having a quickie there.

After the bath, Nejire created a delicious meal, and then we slept hugging each other.


{Somewhere else}

"Looks like I will have to use my Final Plan a little early." All For One said.

{Akira doesn't know that by killing Shigaraki, he actually ended up speeding the All for One's Plan to take over Japan and then the World.}


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