2 World Travel Simulator System Is Online!

Although Alister already knew that he would fail the supernatural examination, he still heeded the examiner's words and ascended to the examination platform. After all, he still had to give them face, or else his disrespect would cause the displeasure of the students and teachers in this school.

Alister was well aware that he might be a system user, but it was the system user at the early stage whose system hadn't even awakened yet. At this stage, even Hugh Carlson who had recently awakened his lightning control could easily kill him.

With that in mind, Alister arrived at the examination platform. In front of him was an enormous pillar made out of transparent crystal. The transparent crystal was made out of various materials obtained from the monsters from the otherworld and it functioned as an awakener for the dormant supernatural power inside a human's body.

Of course, if a human doesn't even have a supernatural power inside their body, the transparent crystal couldn't awaken a superpower that didn't exist in the first place. It was only a trigger that awakened the dormant superpower inside the body of a human, not an artifact that granted superpowers.

When Alister placed his hand on the transparent crystal, the students and teachers in the school as well as the examiner were nervous as well as filled with hope. After all, Alister was their top student in terms of academic grades so they still had some hope that Alister would be similar to Hugh Carlson who awakened an SSS-grade superpower.

But much to their surprise and shock, the transparent crystal didn't show even a single star! It was as if Alister's body wasn't influenced by the surrounding mana in the atmosphere and it was as pure as a blank slate!

Even a human with no superpower would still have 1-star talent but Alister made history! He was the first human in this world to have a 0-star talent!

"Fuck! How is this possible? How can a human have no talent!"

"Bruh! Even when I had failed my supernatural examination, I still had 1-star talent! I thought I was trash, but if I am trash, then what is he!?"

"Is the talent crystal faulty?! Did Lord Hugh's SSS-grade superpower awakening have caused the talent crystal to lose its function?"

"As expected! Happiness is built upon the pain of others! Even when I failed the supernatural awakening, at least I know that I am not the worst human in this world!"

The entire students in the school were in an uproar after finding out about Alister's unprecedented supernatural examination! It was the first time they had seen that someone could awaken a 0-star talent!

Even the teachers, the examiner, and the principal of the school who were more knowledgeable than the students were at a loss. Unlike those students who were oblivious to the confidential information about Transcendents and superpowers, the teachers and examiner knew the impossibility of a human having a 0-star talent.

"Is the talent crystal broken?"

The examiner couldn't help but mutter in shock and confusion as he placed his hand on the talent crystal. But when he placed his hand on the talent crystal, it correctly displayed his talent and superpower grades.

Because of that, all of the people inside the school were convinced that the talent crystal wasn't at fault. It was Alister Wright who was at fault!

"0-star talent, lack of superpower! Fail!"

After confirming that the talent crystal wasn't broken, the examiner decisively marked Alister Wright as a failure.

"Look on the bright side, at least our school was the first to have a 0-star student! Even the most prestigious nor the most run-down schools didn't have one! Our school is making history!"

The vice principal of the school consoled the principal as well as the teachers near him.

"I guess you're right. We can't be too greedy. At least our school already has a student with 8-star talent and SSS-grade superpower."

The principal sighed and his eyes were looking at Alister with disappointment.

Afterward, the students started to jeer and mock Alister for his incompetence but Alister no longer cared and immediately left the school and arrived at his home. He no longer cared about the results of his classmates' supernatural examinations since those didn't concern him.

He was indifferent to all of these since he knew that, unlike those nobodies who could only insult him, he was a man who was destined for greatness.

Alister's confidence in himself was all due to…


[The World Travel Simulator System is online!]

[The function of the World Travel Simulator System is to simulate the host's life in another world.]

[Depending on the grade that the host has received from his simulation, the host can choose up to all of the rewards in the simulation if it's an S-grade simulation score, four rewards on A-grade, three rewards in B-grade, two rewards in C-grade, and one reward in D-grade. The lowest simulation grade is D-grade.]

[If the host completed the world such as defeating the strongest and uncovering the secrets of the world, the host will receive an S-grade in his simulation score. Upon receiving S-grade, the host can choose whether to simulate another world or perform a full-dive realistic simulation in the completed world in order to obtain that world's ownership.]

[Both a simulation and a full-dive realistic simulation will only end upon the host's death. But unlike a normal simulation, if the host died in the full-dive realistic simulation, then the host will truly die since a full-dive realistic simulation is no different from the host traveling to that world in his real body.]

[Does the host want to start the simulation? Before the start of the simulation, the system will choose a random world, and that chosen world will remain as the host's simulated world until the host completes the world and obtains an S-grade simulation score. Only upon completion, the system will choose another random world]

The neutral robotic sound of the system spoke inside Alister's mind and it was accompanied by the system screen explanations of the World Travel Simulator System.

Seeing that he was currently inside his room with nothing to do, Alister agreed to start the simulation. "Yes, start the simulation."


[Choosing a world…]


[The chosen world is a Zombie World!]

[It is up to the host to uncover the secrets of that world. And the more accomplishments that the host has achieved in the simulation, the higher the simulation grade.]

[Before the start of a simulation, the host can choose three talents from five random talents. From lowest to highest, the talent grades are white, green, blue, purple, gold, and red.]


[The host can choose three of these talents:…]

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