1 Transmigration In The Modern World

"1 star talent, F-grade fire control! Pass!"

"3 star talent, E-grade air control! Pass!"

"1 star talent, lack of superpower! Fail!"

The loud announcement of the examiner rang out in the school field. Like an executioner, the declaration of the school examiner judged the future of the students.

Those who passed the test managed to graduate as "Transcendents". Those who failed it, were as good as dead!

In a modern world where dimensional gates descended and monsters of various strengths and sizes waged war against the human race, those who awakened supernatural powers and transcended the human limit were hailed as "Transcendent".

Transcendents fought against the invaders from other worlds to maintain the peace of the world and the survival of the human race. They were the beacon of hope for humanity's survival and victory against the foreign invaders.

Due to that, the privilege and status of Transcendents were naturally higher than an average human. Those who couldn't awaken their supernatural powers were left with no choice but to become fodders at the bottom of the hierarchy.

There was no right and wrong in this world, only power reigned supremacy!

Those who failed the test and couldn't awaken their supernatural power were forced to drop out of school and start applying for laborious work just to earn enough money to live.

Even non-Trascendents weren't treated as humans but just mere corporate slaves. In other words, those who failed their examination for high school graduation and couldn't become Transcendents were no different from experiencing death. After all, the dead don't have human rights.

In the front of the lines of students queuing for the supernatural examination, a conspicuous young man was attracting the gazes of his classmates and schoolmates.

The young man didn't come from a rich background and his family didn't have any Transcendents. But, his exaggeratedly handsome appearance was just too dazzling!

With neck-length flowing and silky ebony black hair and piercing crimson red eyes, the young man whose name was Alister Wright remained indifferent.

It was as if he didn't care about the supernatural examination which sounded absurd since the results of the supernatural examination would decide the life and future of a high school student.

But Alister Wright wasn't an average high school student! No, he was a transmigrator!

At the age of twelve, Alister had transmigrated into this world. He found out that although the world was modern and didn't have that much high-edge technology, it was filled with danger due to foreign invaders from another world!

And in this world, there were two phases of supernatural awakening. The first phase was at the age of twelve and the second phase was at the age of eighteen.

Those who couldn't awaken their supernatural power in the first phase could still hope to awaken it in the second phase.

Although Alister didn't awaken his supernatural power in the first phase, he didn't have much hope of awakening his supernatural power in the second phase.

After all, when he had transmigrated into this world which was during the supernatural examination for the first phase, he had failed the test. But the time he failed the test, he might not have awakened a supernatural power, but he had discovered the presence of his golden finger—the World Travel Simulator!

Although his World Travel Simulator System was already integrated into his soul after he had failed his first phase supernatural examination, his system had informed him that the system wasn't fully online yet. It still needed to accumulate enough energy and familiarize itself with this multiverse.

Those would take at least six years of time, which was exactly within his second phase of the supernatural examination. Alister was already informed by his system that the World Travel System would be online after he had failed the second phase supernatural examination.

Alister had transmigrated into the body of someone with the same name and appearance as his past life identity. And from what the system had told him, it was impossible for him to awaken the supernatural power of this world since the system had prevented it from happening.

The World Travel Simulator System had already cleared his body of supernatural attributes of this world to prevent any complications during the time that the system was charging its power.

Alister didn't mind since compared to the supernatural power of this world, he preferred the World Travel Simulator System since it was his unique advantage against the natives of this world.

"8th star talent, SSS-grade lightning control! Pass!"

When the examiner announced those results, the crowd of students who were lining up exclaimed in surprise and reverence!

"Fuck! As expected of the prince charming of our school!"

"Compared to that good-for-nothing pretty boy Alister, Hugh deserves to be our number one talent and prince charming!"

"I was right to lick the boots of lord Hugh! Lord Hugh has a great future and he can become at least an 8th-level Transcendent! Becoming the servant of an 8th-level Transcendent is a blessing!"

Amidst the loud exclamations of the students; the examiner, principal, and teachers nodded in respect and recognition towards the handsome blonde teenager on the examination platform.

Such a talented seedling would bring honor to their school so it was no wonder that the principal and teachers had high hopes for Hugh Carlson.

On the other hand, after Hugh Carlson basked in the applause and flattery of the crowd, he immediately glanced at Alister with his head high, his eyes were mocking and taunting Alister.

Alister didn't care about it since he knew that Hugh Carlson was only a Transcendent but he, a transmigrator, was a system user!

While Alister ignored and disregarded Hugh Carlson which attracted Hugh's anger, Alister heard the voice of his examiner.

"Alister Wright, come up the platform and start your test!"

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