13 A Night On The Bed With A Zombie Girl

[You know that you and Lynn were the current strongest in the world. After all, the strongest human awakener in the country was only at B-rank Peak Stage and you have found out about that from your information channels.]

[Even if someone in the world reached the A-rank Initial Stage, you will still be the strongest since you are currently at A-rank Late Stage. You know that with the lack of A-rank zombies, it was impossible for someone to reach A-rank Late Stage and be as powerful as you.]

[After all, it was all due to your Zombie Virus Immunity (Purple) talent as well as your Viral Evolution Breathing Method that you managed to reach A-rank Late Stage with just the corpses and zombie viruses of B-rank Late Stage zombies.]

[That was also the reason why the strongest in the world aside from you and Lynn was only at B-rank Peak Stage.]

[Even if you and Lynn were the strongest, you and her didn't let down your guard. You know that the world is still dangerous especially when you haven't discovered the origin of the zombie virus yet.]

[In the past six months since the start of the zombie virus, you and Lynn have encountered the dark side of humanity. But the two of you didn't care much since you have each other's company and the two of you were too focused on becoming stronger.]

[The two of you were so focused on becoming stronger that both of you are still virgins! You and Lynn haven't reached the last base yet.]

[Since Lynn didn't take the initiative, you planned to!]

[It was currently nighttime. But before you could take the initiative, the door of your room opened and Lynn entered. Lynn's golden blonde hair was soaking wet and only a bath towel wrapped around her body!]


[The host will now be allowed to enter a partial full-dive simulation. Will the host enter or not?]

"I didn't expect I would lose my virginity this soon." Alister sighed as he reminisced about the past, feeling sentimental.

Although it was six months since Lynn and him had developed their relationship in the simulation, for Alister, it was only a few minutes.

Nonetheless, he still decided not to regret this event in his life so he immediately replied to the system, "I will enter partial full-dive simulation."


[Time has stopped. Entering partial full-dive simulation…]

When Alister heard the system's words, he noticed that his surroundings suddenly became monochromatic. Time seemed to have stopped as he noticed that the world seemed to turn into nothing but gray.

The birds in the sky were stuck in place while the leaves that danced in the wind didn't fall on the ground.

Before Alister could react, he felt as if an unknown force had enveloped his entire body. When he blinked and opened his eyes, he was brought into a room.

[The host is currently in partial full-dive simulation. Enjoy!]

After the system notification, Alister started to survey his surroundings.

Alister looked by the window and saw that it was currently nighttime.

He was currently sitting on a large bed with white bedsheets and the size of the bed was large enough for more than two people to sleep on it.

As soon as Alister replaced the self in the simulation, he received memories regarding the time he had spent with Lynn. Of course, memories of fighting, his research on the zombie virus, and the like weren't included.

But from his memories, Alister discovered that his self in the simulation would often sleep on the same bed with Lynn. Not that it mattered to him since his self in the simulation could be considered as his future self.

While Alister digested the memories he had received regarding the time he had spent with Lynn, Alister heard the door open and a beautiful figure entered.

With long flowing silky golden blonde hair that was slightly wet due to a recent shower and a devilish sexy figure emphasized by the white bath towel wrapped around it, Lynn entered his room as her crimson red eyes expectantly gazed at him with desire.

"You don't mind if I sleep with you, right? Alister?"

Despite becoming a zombie, Lynn didn't become emotionless and she didn't lose her emotions. Alister could attest to that as he heard Lynn's sweet and soft voice as if it were the melody composed by heaven.

Gazing at Lynn's seductive figure, Alister gulped in surprise as he could hardly control himself. After all, he was only a virgin boy and it was too stimulating for him to receive Lynn's seductive offensive.

After Lynn entered his room, she started to dry her hair with the white towel that she had brought with her. Alister knew that Lynn had taken a shower just recently and it could only mean that she was ready to spend the night in bed with him.

Otherwise, if that wasn't the case, why would the system ask him to enter in partial full-dive simulation?

'Does this mean that the system already knew the future in the simulation? Or perhaps that as soon as I pressed the simulation button, the result of the simulation was already known by the system?'

'Either way, that doesn't matter. Nothing matters right now as long as I can spend the night with Lynn.'

After making up his mind, Alister responded to Lynn's question. "Of course, I don't mind."

After obtaining Alister's permission, excitement was shown on Lynn's face as she threw herself to Alister.

Alister opened his arms and caught Lynn, hugging her. When Lynn had pounced towards Alister, the bath towel that wrapped around her body had fallen off, leaving her naked.

So Alister was currently hugging Lynn who was in her birthday suit. He felt her cold yet smooth skin as his hands were placed on her back.

"I love you, Alister!"

Seeing that Alister didn't reject her advancement, Lynn kissed Alister and pinned him on the bed.

Not wanting Lynn to get the upper hand, Alister repositioned their bodies and he was now on top of Lynn, both of her hands were bound to his bed.

"I love you too, Lynn."

Alister and Lynn spent the night with each other as they both lost their precious purity towards each other.

[You and Lynn have spent the night. The sexual intercourse between a human necrophiliac and a zombie girl has ended.]

[Both of you were satisfied.]

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