18 Star Three District

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The date of moving came quickly. Jake heard the door bell ring and knew that it was the movers.

"Dad! Mom! Michael! Come here right now!" Jake shouted. Now was the harder part of it all. He had to explain how he suddenly could afford a three million dollar house in the privileged districts.


After an hour of explaining, Lydia was still shaken by this sudden change in their life.

Outside, three men were standing, ready to help them move into a house that they wouldn't even dare to dream about.

And along with that was a brand new car that was only a luxury now that everyone was immobile. This was simply inconceivable.

The men entered the house and frowned instantly. These were all the people who helped others move into the star districts. Seeing such a shabby house made them think that this was a lottery winner or someone, finally changing their luck.

"Pack only the clothes and the sentimental stuff. The furniture is already there, along with a few necessities. Don't take the furniture we have here. It is a waste of space." Jake commanded.

The men obliged and went to work as fast as possible. Within another hour, they left the house with all their belongings.

"Come. Let us go to our new house." Jake smiled and walked outside the house.

They all put on their masks and got into the car. Driving past the dusty roads, they reached a gate that was the height of a three story building.

"The Holtons? What are you doing here? Peter! Did you guys lose your house? Are you going to the taken districts?" the security guard asked. But when he saw the brand new car, he could not help but reevaluate what happened.

"We are going to Star Three District. Here are our permits." Jake, who was at the helm, gave a few papers to the guard.

"What? You are leaving the district? And to the star districts? Man, you sure are lucky!" the guard was amazed.

Jake took the papers back, and the gates lifted. They started a swift journey to the other end of the city. From where they were, they could see these protective bubbles that reached for the sky.

These bubbles represented different star districts. And the biggest one was in the center. Star Alpha was the district where only billionaires and powerful politicians could live at. It represented the peak of power.

Jake looked at the bright bubble there and clenched the steering wheel. One day, he would dominate the virtual world and take that same spot in the real one.

"One step at a time, Jake. One step at a time." he reminded himself as he skidded to a halt in front of one of the bubbles.

There was a barricade and a closed off building in front of them. This was the entrance to the district, and it made sure that no contaminants from outside entered the place.

"Who the hell are you? This is a restricted space." a lazy voice came from a speaker.

"Jake Holton is entering Star Three with family. New residents, verification code 'FA158JG'." Jake said out loud.

A few moments later, the gates opened, and the car slid into the building. It was well lit up, and the moment that the car entered, everyone could see that the gates behind them closed.

Then, a gas slowly crept into the space.

"Don't worry. This is just a cleaning procedure so that we are cleared to enter." Jake calmed down his family.

Within minutes, it was like nothing had happened at all. Then, the wall in front of them suddenly moved. It rose up like a garage door, and they could see the world inside.

And boy was it interesting. If the world outside was the outcome of the terrible choices that the rich and the powerful made, then the inside was the benefits that they got for doing that.

They could see the blue sky. For the first time in his life, Jake saw the sky in the real world and saw how similar it was to the virtual one.

Outside, because of the amount of pollution that had built up, nothing above could be visible. The 'sky' was just a dust swarm.

And the roads here were perfect, there were trees everywhere, and Jake had the confidence that if he rolled down the windows, he could breathe.

But he just dashed forward. He had memorized the location and the maps. Within a few minutes, he stopped in front of a house. There were a few neighboring houses nearby, but this one stood out the most.

It was by far, the most luxurious in the area. With four floors, and towering in general, it felt like a mansion in some ways.

"You... you got this house, Jake?" Lydia stuttered. She understood that there was a house in star three that was now theirs, but everyone thought that it was the cheapest one. Not this!

"Like I said, mom. I lucked out a little. World Online is a place where we can hunt for treasure! At some point though, it is useless to take things from there to make life here better. We need to all grow stronger there." Jake said as he looked out the window at the people who saw the car go in.

"I have put in a few virtual pods in there. Once you enter a pod, it will recognize you and take you to your saved character. I will go to my room. It is clearly marked. I need to log in so that I can keep this up." Jake said and he parked the car inside

Leaving his stunned family, he ran inside to get to the comfort of the virtual pod for the first time in both his lives.


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