17 Paying off old debts

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[Announcement: The first Legendary Class has been taken.]

[Announcement: The first Legenday Weapon has been acquired.]

Two world wide notifications rocked the world. Half the world knew about this, while the other half was sleeping. When they would wake up, they would also know about this shocking fact.

But Jake was not on the game right now. He was outside, on the trader screen that came after he logged out.

He traded in five hundred gold coins into cash and looked at his phone.

Within seconds, a notification rang on his phone that fifty thousand dollars had been debited into his account. That was a lot of money for him.

And the fact that he had three more million sitting in the game shook him. Now, he was rich! Rich compared to what he was now, for sure.

He left his room. The rest of his house was inside the game. Now that it was compulsory, they had no choice but to grind on the game.

People who went out now had to show their activity logs to prove that they were playing the game recently, or else they would be punished.

That this was happening even in the free world was frightening, but what could Jake do? In his previous time, this was only common.

He put on his filter mask and left his house. The area that he was in was closed down, so there was no trouble of the zombies from the containment zones from attacking him.

But that would all change in the next few years. That was why, even though he had a lot of newly gotten wealth, he was ready to spend it all instantly.

He went to the bank after this. The banks were all automated, and not a single person operated the counters. It was deserted, and seeing all this space wasted, pained Jake.

He went to one of the counters.

"Jake here to pay off the debt of the Holton family." he said.

"Jake Holton. Retrieving data. Debt of fifty thousand dollars owed to James Kilian." an electronic voice said.

"Pay it all. From my account." Jake said and he took out his phone. A scan of the phone later, and the counter pinged.

"Congratulations. The Holton family is no longer under debt. It will be added to the waitlist for the internment camp." the electronic voice said.

"I want to buy a house in the Star three district," Jake said.

"Opening house selection from Star three district." a holographic screen appeared in front of Jake. He could see houses that were much, much better than what he was living in now. With luxuries that he could not afford, as well as one thing that not even his debtor had: a backyard.

Any of the star districts had one thing that no one else in the poorer districts had: air to breathe.

The star districts were completely closed out and had their own filtration systems. This was humanity's finest technology coming together for the rich.

Jake would not hesitate to use all of his money on this because he wanted only the best for his family. He was absolutely sure that he would get back the money sooner or later.

But now, he needed good virtual reality pods, as well as a house in the Star districts.

"This one" he pointed to one that was almost three million dollars!

"You have insufficient funds." the electronic voice said.

"Not an issue." Jake smiled and he quickly logged on to the trader on Nova's interface, and converted all but two thousand coins into money.

"Complete purchase?" the voice said.

"Complete purchase. And, buy the latest camaro so that I can get everyone out of this dump." Jake said.

"Completing purchase! The house will be ready for occupying in one day. Movers will arrive at your house at said time."

Jake nodded and turned around to leave. He walked back to his house with a glee face. He had done most of what he was supposed to do. With a new house, and a new car, he could finally have some relief.

Since he had come back in time, there were already a few changes in the world. The fact that a legendary class and two legendary weapons were already in the game was shocking enough.

Back in his previous life, these were supposed to be epic items and an epic class. And in that, the armor was not included.

With so many things changing, Jake had this suspicion that the real world would change a little as well.

If anything happened faster than it was supposed to happen, then his life would end before he could do anything with this opportunity.

Moving to the Star Three district was important for this very reason. Even if any outbreak happened in the containment zones, the ones who would be affected would be the Red districts, like the one that he was in right now.


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