37 Chapter 37

(300,000 Years after the revenge of the protagonist)

-I have found a way to find inner peace.



-I just have to calm down, feel the peace and remember my conviction. My goals, all that I have achieved and all that I will achieve in this world.



-Everything in due time, I just need to be calm.



(305,000 Years after the protagonist's revenge)

-I have decided to face my inner darkness once and for all and the form of "Dark God" is the best for that. I will sink deep into the darkness and meditate with all the hunger, the constant noise of whispers that I had managed to silence by changing my form to a less dark one and still remain serene.


# Why do you hold back, you know you can easily conquer this world. You know you can corrupt it and satiate this hunger you feel. Do it and I will always be there for you.



# Just let loose all the power you possess. Be truly free of everything and consume, surrender to your hunger, you will not be alone. In hunger we are all one...



The seductive voice that I had always liked was now being repeated by everyone. But I could still identify the real one, I could still know which "Lord or Lady of the Void" was the one who originally had that voice. Although I'm not quite sure how I know, I can only say it's my "intuition".

# I assure you that when you devour all those who think they are better than you, you will be even more powerful. Just eat, devour, chew, bite, tear, savor... savor / savor / savor / savor / savor.



Thousands of echoes repeated with her beautiful and seductive voice, dark hymns while others followed her words. It was like going to a symphony orchestra and having all the guests present speak, some in unison and others joining the orchestra chorus.

# Come, come, join us, the darkness waits impatiently for your arrival. Succumb and be free, we will not judge you. Your power and your glory will resound in the world. Just come to the shadow. Come to the darkness. Come to the void. Listen / listen / listen / listen / listen, our voice. Come / come / come / come / come / come.



I just concentrated on breathing and ignored all the voices. I would meditate in this way for a long time.

(325,000 Years after the protagonist's revenge)



-Their voices and whispers still sounded, but now I could choose whether to listen to them or enjoy the real orchestra. I still felt the hunger, but even though it was getting stronger, I could still control myself. All my dark power pulsed and flowed in this body, in this form. But I could still enjoy the sweet sound of the orchestra, the peace. I could listen to the silence and concentrate on myself and my hope.

(333,000 Years after the revenge of the protagonist)

-I don't know at what moment, but I felt something in my dark heart. I had been feeling it for a long time, but I didn't know what it was, so I sank into my heart in search of that feeling.

(333,333 Years after the protagonist's revenge)

-At some point I understood what it was. It was my hope, that hope that I have never lost since I lived as a human being.

When I understood that I would never lose her, I also felt the light in me and I could see it. The light was like the most tender and sincere embrace of a mother, but not just any mother, my mother. Like my mom's hug when I was human. And for the first time in thousands of years, I cried and released in my crying all the pain and frustration I felt.

"So long alone. So long waiting, obsessed and lost. At last I find my way again. Thank you... for... comforting me..."

When I finished, I fainted. That day I was able to sleep after a long time, rest comfortably and for the first time in this life... I dreamed.

It had been the light, the echo of the primordial power. The power of the sacred light that was warming me as I slept and with it, my body changed.

(? Years after the revenge of the protagonist)

I don't know how long I was asleep, but as soon as I woke up, I looked at my new body. It was now radiating light, the holy and sacred light.

-Now I understand why paladins and priests are so devout and believing. The sensation that the light gives is... there is no comparison. There are no words, no whispers, the light speaks through emotions, I can feel it. It is so comforting.


-Maybe I should sleep just a little longer.

(? Years after the revenge of the protagonist)

When I woke up again, I felt truly blessed. Comforted, free of everything.

-I don't know how powerful I am, but I hope I am not weaker than all the darkness I possess. Although I don't think either is really more powerful than the other since the two are linked. I think my light should be as strong as my darkness. I just need that, balance, for balance is not equality, but balance.



I will meditate for now, then I will take care of improving all my forms. It's time to renew, time for a better change.


(750,000 Years after the revenge of the main character)

After I had fixed all my forms and created some new ones. I started looking for some tenants that resided with me.

-I do not know why, but maybe the large amount of elemental energy generated by the meeting room has created the elementals or my presence was to blame, because I generate even more energy than this place. Maybe both, or it just takes the ideal environment for an elemental to be born... Whatever the case, the fact is that since I had sunk the meeting room and after changing it to be bigger, the amount of elemental energy flowing in this place was immense. It is thanks to these elementals that I knew how long I had slept, because I had given the task to all the elementals to keep the time, in relation to the light that flashed on some walls and that allowed to know if it was day or night, including the time. I just need to fix something for the years to change too.


-How good it feels to sleep, but even better is to dream. Although I don't know if it is because of my presence that the newborn elementals obey me or because of my great elemental power, maybe because of my blessings or well, I don't know. The important thing is that they obey me. Some are only about two thousand years younger than me and others are even younger. Although the older ones are just approaching the power of an elemental prince... I want to blame myself, and say it's because of me, but really I've barely done anything for them. Mmmm, yeah, I gave them something like a blessing, but it's not really something that powerful. It was more of an experiment in which I was testing how to give blessings and how to make my power unaffected by giving them. Even though I succeeded, I didn't take them back, maybe that's why...?

After some more thought I decided.

-I guess I'll change the blessing a bit and add some of the "light" to balance out the "dark". Plus this place is now my home... I'll have to move it from here soon. My power has kept the armies of the "Old Gods" at bay and I have been avoiding the elemental lords and hiding in different places in order to keep this place safe. Although Therazane may know where I am... I'm glad she can still maintain some degree of control over herself. As for Al'Akir... if he dares to say anything, I'll just have to go and show him a bit of my power.

(870,000 Years after the protagonist's revenge)

After I changed the place where my home was located.

-It took me time to find a good place to settle down at last. A place in the deepest part of the ocean, deep in the earth. In this place I just have to increase the size of my masterpiece.

Admire my work with satisfaction.

-Although it took me quite a while to teleport this place, it was worth it. Now I can go and hunt to regain my power, besides waiting for the arrival of the titans... I feel they are already late. They are supposed to arrive in a few hundred thousand years, but we're almost to a million...

(990,000 Years after the protagonist's revenge)

-I have improved and revised my home and added some other functions. I have also improved all my body forms. I can now attack with elemental spells even with each claw of my feet. I can cast several elemental attacks with one hand. I can freely change the color of my attacks, of my fire, of my light... I have even created a form that should be as big as the moon of "Elune", the moon called "The White Lady" and not like "The Blue Girl" that I thought it was before... Although a bigger size does not mean I am more powerful, but I made that form because if... I just do not know what to do anymore....


-I've changed my "ultimate" body to look like a mix between dragons with the look I like the most from "Monster Hunter", as I think that game saga has some unique and awesome dragon looks.

I nodded to myself.

-The "Wings" of "Eo Garudia", which I can use to fly flapping if I wish, glide and all while looking cool. The "Nefu Garamudo" style metallic scales, with the neck scales that look so amazing, although my whole body color is different... My head is a mix of "Varusaburosu" and "Nefu Garamudo". It has the "Varusaburosu" style horns that can release fire as an attack and the head looks a bit like a mix of both dragons.

(Images by Eo Garudia, Nefu Garamudo and Varusaburosu, Here)

I just watched myself with one of my tentacles that were hidden on my back. Each tentacle had a head that looked like a copy of my main head, only they were smaller.

The color of my scales is a platinum that allows my sunset-colored fire to reflect off my figure in flight. This gives me the appearance of a somewhat pink meteorite streaking through the skies. Between my scales I could also glow in different colors and when I was on the ground I could use it to look even more amazing.

I nodded to myself.

-My wings are a bit special because the main wings are "Valstrax" style. These wings that provide sudden propulsion in the style of a jet engine, which I can use separately or together with the others, and I can use them to attack with heavy blows, with sudden strikes, release huge fireballs, propel myself suddenly while I'm fighting on the ground, take flight, and all at once. The best part is that if I do it right, I could do it before anyone can react.

(Image by Valstrax, here)

I laughed at my monologue.

-Finally, my tail that looks like it has an axe in the style of "Varusaburosu", only it can also bite. All these characteristics are of a western dragon, for when I don't want to have a humanoid form, but simply deal with everything as a real dragon should, with claws, teeth and huge bursts of sudden power that can definitely finish off my prey or enemy.


-I really look more like a monster than a dragon, but it doesn't matter. I never planned to be a simple WOW style dragon, I just don't like them and they don't suit me. It's too much like their aesthetics. On the other hand, I represent the cool spectrum, awesome, big, powerful and really what a dragon represents... Pure power.

(1,125,000 Years after the protagonist's revenge)

When I didn't know what else to add or how to improve my appearance, I came up with an idea.

- What if I have a smaller mouth hidden in my mouth, something along the lines of an Alien from "Alien vs. Predator" ... It would be amazing.

So, from that day on, all the "tentacles" or, rather, all my heads had their own "tongues with mouths".

I laughed sinisterly as I changed. And I hid this new mouth under my normal tongue.

-Now I can consider myself a true monstrous Dragon.

(1,300,000 Years after the protagonist's revenge)

After waiting for so long, I could see in the sky the gigantic silhouette of the beings known as "Titans".

-Finally, they were late in coming... I was getting tired of devouring whole armies of the "Old Gods".

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