1 Chapter 1:"I'm coming"

Jerin's head throbbed with pain as he struggled to make sense of his surroundings. The world around him had transformed into something entirely different, as though he had been whisked away to an alternate reality. It was a sensation he couldn't ignore; this wasn't a dream, it was undeniably real. And in that moment, it struck him like a bolt of lightning — he was no longer Jerin; he had become Cadis Etrama Di "Rai" Raizel.

Jerin shook his head vigorously, trying to clear the fog that clouded his mind. "This is incredible," he thought to himself. "Now I possess Raizel's formidable powers from the Twilight world. However, I must remember that these powers come at a cost. They are fueled by Raizel's life energy, and if I push myself too far, there will be no Mukasa to recharge me. I must exercise caution and utilize these powers sparingly. But still, the mere thought of possessing such extraordinary strength... it's awe-inspiring. I'm practically invincible compared to the ants that roam this world."

As his thoughts raced, Jerin's curiosity got the better of him. He yearned to know his current whereabouts, to unravel the enigma of this new reality. With a determined look in his eyes, Raizel turned his gaze towards his surroundings, eager to uncover the secrets that lay before him.

Just as Jerin was lost in his thoughts, a sudden voice broke the silence. "Master, are you alright?" It was none other than Frankenstein, the devoted butler who had served Raizel faithfully.

"If I were still the same person from my previous life, I would probably be screaming right now," Jerin thought, his voice surprisingly calm. With an air of composure, Raizel replied, "There is nothing to worry about, Frankenstein. I was simply lost in contemplation." Within his mind, Raizel couldn't help but revel in his own acting skills, thinking, "Ah, how splendidly I am performing. Surely someone will commend me for it."

Frankenstein raised an intrigued eyebrow, clearly taken aback by Jerin's uncharacteristic demeanor. "Hmm, it appears that Rai's essence is shining through," I murmured softly to myself.

Jerin took a deep breath, feeling a wave of gratitude wash over him for the three wishes he had been granted. He had pleaded with God to bestow upon him Rai's extraordinary powers and allow him entry into the Twilight world. Additionally, he had requested Frankenstein to become his loyal butler and advisor, blessed with great wealth.

Raizel released a profound sigh as he endeavored to accept his new reality. "Now, I am Raziel," he whispered to himself, before turning to face his loyal butler, Frankenstein, who had silently joined him at the window.

Then gazing out through the window at the breathtaking view, Rai felt a peculiar void within him, prompting an intriguing idea to take shape. "Now that I find myself in the Twilight world, should I pay them a visit or perhaps adopt a disguise to observe them from within? Attending the same school as them would provide a valuable opportunity to gauge their abilities in this new realm. Of course, I have no intention of flaunting my own strength. I've never been one to exude an air of superiority or engage in brutish behavior like those depicted in fanfictions and novels. Nonetheless, it's time to spin some tales to impress my butler and persuade him to make the necessary arrangements for me to attend school alongside those s**ker stones," Rai contemplated, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Frank, the sky, the forest, the earth... Everything is visible from this window. It satisfies my soul. However, I must admit, I do appreciate the tea you prepare. Lately, though, I've been feeling a sense of incompleteness. Despite being immortal, having experienced so much, there remains an emptiness deep within me," Rai expressed, feigning a pained expression, masking his true emotions as Raziel. In reality, Raizel yearned to frolic like a carefree child, having only recently turned 22 and shedding the constraints of childhood.

Frankenstein maintained a composed silence for a few moments before finally breaking it. "Master, I shall do my utmost to assist you within the confines of my capabilities," he pledged, a hint of determination coloring his voice.

Rai turned his gaze towards Frankenstein, his eyes filled with curiosity. "Can you enlighten me regarding our current location and the year in which we find ourselves?" he inquired.

Frankenstein appeared momentarily perplexed by the sudden question, but he swiftly regained his composure. "Master, we are in the vicinity of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, widely regarded as one of the most enchanting villages in Germany. As for the year, it is the dawn of 2002," he replied, his voice steady and informative.

Rai's mind raced with anticipation, realizing that he had ample time to make his way to Forks. He nodded in contentment, satisfied with the prospect. Turning his attention to Frankenstein, he conveyed his instructions with a determined tone. "There's something I need you to do, Frankenstein. Begin by gathering information on the Swan family in Forks. I'm only interested in their family background, nothing more. We will need to relocate to Forks within the next two or three years."

With his orders delivered, Rai returned to the comfort of the sofa and settled himself down. Thoughts whirled in his mind as he attempted to reign in his excitement. "I mustn't let my eagerness show. Raizel, act natural," he silently reminded himself, aware that betraying his emotions would diminish the allure of his presence. Nevertheless, he couldn't help but contemplate what he would say upon his arrival. "Should I simply announce my arrival with a lighthearted, 'I'm coming'?" he pondered, the corners of his lips curving into a faint smile.

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