1 chapter 1

The story starts with two men: Watson: a man who has short brown hair in a ponytail.

Kenzo: a man who has long blonde hair with star barrettes in his hair on the left and the right with glasses.

Both of them were dressed in suits and enjoying dinner.

Watson was eating a steak and Kenzo was eating fried chicken.

Kenzo and Watson had been together for five years, they got together in middle school when their Winter dance was coming up.

Kenzo and Watson were always close friends, but they didn't know how close until the day came.

Watson saw Kenzo reading by himself in an empty classroom, so he entered the room, walked up to Kenzo and asked "Kenzo, since the dance is coming up, you want to go together?"

Kenzo was shocked to hear his best friend say those words, yet he replied "yes".

Watson and Kenzo danced together, while talking about how they would always make a deal about every dance they attended, but in-between them talking, some slow music starts to play.

Kenzo and Watson look at each other for a moment, then they kiss, not realizing they were in the middle of the dance floor.

Some of the students and teachers were shocked and others weren't.

After that night, Kenzo and Watson officially decided to date.

Their parents supported them, since they had how close they are ever since they were kids.

Back to the dinner, after they finished their food, one of the waiters brought a cake with a small black box with a purple ribbon on it.

Watson opens the box, gets on his knees, and says to Kenzo "We've been together for five happy years, and I've loved every second so would you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?"

Kenzo lifts Watson up, and says "I would love to marry you".

The people in the restaurant cheered.

Kenzo and Watson hugged.

The next day, Kenzo and Watson tell their families about the news.

Kenzo has a single mom named Mila, two twin brothers named Jaxtyn and Kylo, and a golden retriever named Beau.

Mila has straight blonde hair, wearing a pink dress and pink heels.

Jaxtyn and Kylo had short blond hair, wearing a blue jacket, brown shirt, blue jeans, and brown sneakers.

Watson has two moms named Zoey.

Nora, one baby sister named Addison, and a pitbull named Rocco.

Zoey has two brown ponytails that are curly, wearing a purple shirt, black jeans, and black shoes.

Nora has long straight brown hair, wearing a red dress and heels.

Addison has short brown hair, wearing purple pjs.

They tell everybody the big news at Watson's house.

"You mean it? You're really getting married!" asked Mila, excited.

"Yup", said Kenzo.

"That's wonderful, I'll call the relatives", said Nora, as she gets her phone from her pocket.

"Oh! This is so exciting", said Mila.

"You better take care of my brother", said Addison.

"Kenzo, don't go over your head", said Jaxtyn.

"Yeah, friends turned lovers can only go so far", said Kylo.

"Kylo. Jaxtyn. Those two will be fine, besides we need to get the wedding ready", said Nora, moving Jaxtyn and Kylo.

"Kenzo, I have something to show you today", said Watson.

"Really? What?" asked Kenzo, excited.

"I'll show you, when we get there", said Watson, as he blindfolded Kenzo and put his glasses in his pocket.

"Okay, but it better be good", said Kenzo, now blindfolded.

"Please, have I ever led you astray", said Watson.

Watson leads Kenzo into town, where he sees a bunch of people gathered around a sweets shop, which Kenzo can smell.

"Oh! Do I smell? Cheesecake supreme", Kenzo smiled.

"Correct, but there's something more", said Watson, then put Kenzo in front of the sweets shop.

At the sweets shop, there is a woman who has long brown hair, wearing a blue dress with white stars, and blue heels named Ariana.

Ariana is icing some cake, when she notices Watson beside Kenzo, who's still blindfolded.

"Watson, back so soon", said Ariana, turning to Watson with a smile.

"Yeah, I wanted to bring Kenzo", said Watson.

"He's Kenzo. Does that mean?" asked Ariana.

Watson nodded.

Ariana leans closer to Watson, and asks "Is the wedding happening?"

"Yup, which means he will need a special treat", Watson winked.

"Two pieces coming up", replied Ariana.

Ariana waves at another woman who has short blond hair, wearing a red dress with a white apron named Aurora.

Aurora served two pieces of Cheesecake Supreme to Watson and Kenzo.

Watson feeds the cake to Kenzo.

"It's delicious!" exclaimed Kenzo.

"I knew you'd like it", Watson smiled.

At that moment, somebody tapped Watson on his shoulder.

Watson turns around and sees a man who has long blue curly hair, wearing a black cloak.

"Why are you here?" asked Watson, shocked.

"Watson, what's wrong?" asked Kenzo.

"Nothing, Aurora, two more pieces please", said Watson.

"Of course", said Aurora, then slices more pieces.

Watson gets up, which makes the man's eyes glow and brings a glowing hand, a hand that surrounds Watson as a magic circle, and takes him away.

"Kenzo, don't take the blindfold off until an hour passes", said Watson, as he gets sucked into the magic circle.

"Okay, I promise", said Kenzo.

Back at the house.

"Watson, be careful", said Addison, while looking at the sky

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