56 An Easy Victory

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Alice laughed maniacally.

This was her greatest trump card, and it was also her first time using it.

Even the judge thought that the match was over when she used the skill.

"Something's wrong! Is she doing what I think she's doing?"

"That's right, she disintegrated her own Battle Beast, the Blizzard Stallion..."

"How ruthless! Does she really want to beat Locke that badly?"

"Her Battle Beast will be gone for good..."

"Is she crazy? That's the greatest taboo a Beastmaster can commit! She has even violated the greatest rule of our academy!"

The students' observations were on point. 

Although this "Flying Snow, Fluttering Flowers" was extremely powerful, it came at a significant cost.

It was a skill that relied on the disintegration of a Battle Beast.

Locke had read about the move before. He was thinking just how heartless and unscrupulous this lady could be.


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