3 A Purple Quality Battle Beast?

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If I can enter a first-rate university...

Will I be able to see the top talents of this world?

No, first-rate universities aren't enough. It has to be the cream of the crop!

The top institutions will also be the center of the education world. That is the type of institution I should pursue!

Moreover, with Daphne's current strength and financial resources, it should not be difficult for her to enter a top academy as well!

If it were the old Locke, forget the best university, even a first-class university would be out of reach.

However, the current him was completely different.

With his ability to see the hidden evolution paths, he had was fully confident that he could enter the top institutions!

He would walk a path to the heavens!

The closer it was to the start of the ceremony, the noisier the classroom became. It was not until a middle-aged man arrived that the class finally went silent. The students who were originally making a ruckus immediately quieted down and looked on with anticipation.

They all knew that their Beast Egg was close at hand!

Soon after, the teacher who was hosting the ceremony spoke.

"I believe all of you know what an important day this is, and I bet you're jumping with excitement. As such, I'll cut to the chase and briefly explain the rules."

The middle-aged homeroom teacher's gaze was sharp.

After surveying the entire place, his expression became unprecedentedly serious.

He extended a finger.

"First, all the Beast Eggs hatched during this ceremony are provided by the Federal Government as an investment in you. The government hopes that you can become powerful Beastmasters in the future, defend the human race, and fight for Humanity!"

"Secondly, the distribution of the Beast Eggs is completely random. Even the Federal Government doesn't have the technology to identify the Beast Eggs. As such, regardless of what Battle Beast you obtain, it's considered fair game!"

"Thirdly, all the Beast Eggs provided by the Federal Government, and all the Battle Beasts that are hatched must be contracted on the spot. You are prohibited from trading or giving away the Battle Beasts!"

"That's all I wanted to say. Do you all understand?"


Everyone said in unison.

"That's good. Now, let the Beast Egg Hatching Ceremony begin!"

Under the expectant gazes of the students, the numerous Beast Eggs that were placed in special boxes were distributed to the students.

This included Locke, who had also received his own Beast Egg.

"A Forest Beast Egg?"

Locke made no noticeable reaction.

Everyone's box had the same shape, and they looked like gift boxes. The only differing aspect was the size and shape of the Beast Eggs inside.

More importantly, the patterns on the Beast Eggs had all kinds of shapes!

For example, the Beast Egg in front of Locke was a pure white Beast Egg. The patterns on it were faint green stripes.

This meant that this Beast Egg had come from a forest environment.

As for what kind of Battle Beast it was, one would only know after it was completely hatched.

Under normal circumstances, it would be a sapling or treant.

"Ah, Locke, your luck is too bad! The Beast Egg in your hand is actually a Forest Series Beast Egg. Forest Series Battle Beasts are the weakest!"

"Generally speaking, Forest Series Battle Beasts are the most ordinary."

"Haha, my luck, on the other hand, is pretty good. It's an Undead Series Beast Egg. It would be awesome if it hatches into a Skeleton Knight!"

Tony noticed Locke's Beast Egg and immediately spouted.

At the same time, Tony also pushed his own Beast Egg over. It was a gray egg, and it had some demon-like patterns.

"The Forest Beast Egg can also produce many powerful Battle Beasts. They might not always be plant-based. As far as I know, there are many fierce beasts in the forest!"

However, before Locke could finish his words, a burst of shouts rang out from the back.

"Hehe, who doesn't know that most Forest Beast Eggs produce support-type vines, saplings, and so on!"

"Could it be that you're still hoping to hatch a combat-type Battle Beast?"

"Stop dreaming!"

"On second thought, support-type Battle Beasts aren't bad either. If you can hatch a rare rank Battle Beast, I'll consider letting you on my substitute team during the training sessions from today onwards!"

There was no doubt.

Tony's fuss earlier had attracted Mondo's attention, and it had brought on his incessant gloating.


Only a single word came out of Locke's mouth.


Mondo immediately shot up from his seat.

"Sit down! We're in the midst of the Egg Hatching Ceremony. If anyone wishes to cause trouble, get out immediately!"

"As I said, all Beast Eggs are given out randomly. It's normal for you to get all sorts of Beast Eggs. Don't you dare pose any objections!"

In the end, it was the homeroom teacher who came forward to forcefully suppress Mondo's rage.

Mondo glared fiercely at Locke. Thus, their grudge was formed.

The confrontation ended just like that.

After giving Locke a surprised glance, the students' attention soon returned to their own Beast Eggs. After all, compared to watching the drama unfold, their own future was way more important.

After this incident, Tony, who knew that he had caused the incident, had also quieted down.

The students entered the nerve-wracking incubation stage, and many impatient ones had already started transferring magic power into the Beast Eggs.

Very quickly, some students had already hatched Battle Beasts.

"Green rank Skill-based Battle Beast. Breathing? What kind of rubbish skill is that? Using the skill can allow one to hold one's breath for an additional 30 seconds. What's the use of that! F*ck!"

"Haha! It's really trash!"

"F*ck! Green rank Equipment Battle Beast, Wooden Stick? F*ck! F*ck this wooden stick!"

"I have a Summoner Battle Beast! Watch me summon, wait... The summoned creature is a slug! ! !"

"What are you all dawdling on about, look at mine!"

Hearing thatโ€”

Everyone turned their heads around.

Only to spot Mondo who had a smug smile on his face. He was pressing his hands on two Beast Eggs, and a large amount of mana was being injected into them.

Soon after, the Beast Eggs reacted.

They emitted a faint layer of light.

"That's amazing! Mondo! You hatched two Beast Eggs in one go!"

The underling at his side saw that Mondo had made a move and quickly echoed.

However, just as he said that, he suddenly stopped.

This was because, he realized that the two Battle Beasts that hatched were of green quality.

Moreover, they were the worst kind!

Upon seeing this scene, Mondo's face twitched. Only three out of five chances were left. He subconsciously looked at Locke's direction as he felt the other party mocking him.

What he did not expect, however, was that Locke was not even looking at him. Instead, he shut his eyes and started to feel the Beast Egg.

Mondo immediately let out a sigh of relief.

"It's alright. I still have three more to go, and one of them is an Ice Field Beast Egg! Locke only has a Forest Beast Egg! It's basically trash!"

Soon afterโ€”

Just as Mondo had finished speaking. the Beast Egg under Locke's palm emitted waves of purple light!

The light did not dissipate even after a long time.

Then, they heard Tony shouting.

"It can't be! Could it actually be a purple rare rank Battle Beast?"

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