World Magic: I Awakened Light and Dark Magic Attributes Book

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World Magic: I Awakened Light and Dark Magic Attributes

Truly Miserable

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"Hughes was reincarnated into a modern magical world. In this world, the demonic beasts ate humans for food. The evil cults disrupted the order of the world. The necromancers had their eyes on conquering the world. Hughes, who just awakened his ability as a magician, acquired the God of Law System. Moreover, he awakened the two rare attributes of Light and Darkness. This resulted in him being invincible among those with the same rank. [Ding! Slayed an undead giant dragon. Acquired Forbidden Curse: The Dawn of All Gods.] [Ding! Slayed the divine prophet of a heretic cult. Acquired Forbidden Curse: The Judgment of Doomsday.] [Ding! Slayed the god of a heretic cult. Congratulations to the host for breaking through to the peak of the God of Law.] When all the gods descended and the Earth became a training ground for the gods, Hughes unleashed countless forbidden curses with a snap of his fingers. The mighty gods all bowed before him and trembled in fear. The man who slays gods had been born!"


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