4 Zeno Vs a random Demon

Ava coughed out blood upon making an impact on the ground, "Damn it, stay away…" She uttered while crawling away from the monsters.

She looked to the back to see one of the Glinxs walking toward her, it didn't seem to be in a hurry, almost like it knew she couldn't escape.

"Come on…Ava." She muttered, as she tried to muster up the strength to move, "You still have to save Zeno and sis… now, m-ove".

Taking one hand at a time to move, she suddenly felt dizzy and fell flat on her back, Ava then looked to her stomach to see a wide injury laying waste there.

A huge amount of blood was spewing out from the wound, leaving her shirt drenched in the blood.

She gave a weak chuckle as she looked at the Glinx moving close to her, "Is this it? I'm sorry, I couldn't save … you." She muttered as she began to close her eyes.


She quickly opened her eyes to the raging scream she heard, turning her face to the side, she spotted Zeno killing some Glinx as he made his way to the village.

Anna could only see his back view but that was enough to make her tear up.

"Z-zeno!" She called out in her weak voice.

Tears slowly rolled down her eyes at her failed effort to call out his name, "I really don't want to die." She cried, closing her eyes as she tried to fight the pain.

The thought of her death was part of the reason she was crying, but a greater reason was the thought of her never seeing Zeno again.

She could hear the sound of her heartbeat getting slower and slower by the second, just when she had given up she heard a voice call out to her.

{Do want to live}

The female voice echoed in her head, she looked in the direction of the voice and saw the cursed gun on the ground a few feet away from her.

{Make a contract with me, and I promise you to save your life.

Don't you want to save your sister; she could die any moment from now}

"Contract?" She questioned as she slowly started going unconscious, her skin was going pale and her eyes were opened.

{Yes a contract, make a contract with me and I'll help you save your family and you from this monster, Do you accept?}.

Feeling reluctant at first, Ava looked away and stared at the sky with tears still dropping from her eyes.

"You… promise to save…them?" Ava uttered.

{Cross my heart and hope to die…}

"Okay…I accept the contract." Without hesitating, Ava agreed to make a contract with it.

(Perfect) *The demon laughed*

Like a magnet, the demon guns attached themselves to Ava's hand causing a huge surge of green magic to cover her body.

The green light began to transform her body, her eyes went red and her breast grew bigger, same with every other part of her body.

. . . . . .

Annabelle got smacked by one of the Glinx and went crashing into one of the warehouses in the woods.

She went bursting through the wooden ceiling and landed with a huge buff from the impact.

She didn't move from where she was, instead, she just lay there with her eyes focused on the ceiling.

"Why… Why is this happening?" She muttered to herself, her vision wasn't clear because of the blood that stained her eyes but she could see the Glinx looking down at her from the hole in the ceiling.

Glinx smashed open the roof even more before giving out a shriek in an attempt of getting its hand on Anna.

After getting a clear vision of the monster, Anna began to crawl away from the Glinx's reach, panting heavily with every distance she took.

"I hope... I hope she's okay." Anna mumbled before standing to one foot only to fall back down from the startling state she was in when the sudden shriek came in.

The Glinx stretched out its hands into the warehouse, waving it around as it destroyed everything in its path just to get hold of Anna.

Anna had already gotten a bit farther from its reach and was now resting her back on a stack of hay.

She looked at the Glinx and yelled at the top of her voice, "Just leave us alone! Go away!".


The Glinx head blew off, its blue blood went pouring into the warehouse like a running tap before it fell and crashed on the building.

The building couldn't support its weight so it broke right through and went crashing inside the building.

But Anna had already gotten away to avoid getting crushed by the monster's weight.

'What was that? Was that a gunshot?' Anna thought to herself as she kept breathing heavily.

She looked to the ceiling and saw Ava standing at the edge with two pistols in her hand and her red glowing eyes staring back at her.

"You really ought to stop thinking you're the main character, sister." Ava jumped down and landed on the dead Glinx, "Or you will die." She smiled.

Anna, still shocked, staggered when she looked at Ava's hand and saw that she was holding the cursed guns.

"You little! Why are you holding the cursed weapon?" Anna yelled as she slowly got to her feet, "What price did you pay?" She yelled.

"What price did you pay! Answer me, Ava, what price did you pay?".

"Geez, She went this far just to save you and you yell at her efforts…humans are something." Geko the demon taking control of Ava's body sighed.

Geko isn't just an ordinary demon, she was considered one of the deadliest demons due to previous events, hence the reason why the village refused to use her unless called for.

"No way..." Anna slowly moved back in shock, it didn't take long for her to realize that the demon took over her sister's body.

Geko placed her hand on her heart, "That's right I possessed her, but she's still alive don't fret, got to admit she's pretty strong, most would have died by now." Geko smirked, "What an interesting girl, all this for a boy".

"Hey." Annabelle voiced out, her eyes filled with rage, "Give her back"


"You heard me, give my sister back right now! T-take me instead." Anna yelled.

"Oh?" Geko smiled, "Looks like we have a problem, now don't we? Ava".

Meanwhile, Zeno was able to make his way to the village, along the way he came across Glinxs but he handled them as he did the others.

All that was going through his mind was rage and hatred, he was like a ticking time bomb, he had no control and was just rampaging all around crashing buildings and killing Glinxs.

When he got to the middle of the village the view of a male demon eating a man caught his attention.

The demon was bald and had a rather hunched-looking back that differs from the way the rest of its body looked.

Zeno didn't think twice before dashing toward the demon and swinging his sword to kill him, but the demon disappeared, dodging the attack altogether.

The demon appeared at the back of Zeno and was about to slice him with his razor hands that were rolling around his arm like a chainsaw.

Aiming his attack on Zeno's neck, he drilled his razors in but instead of screaming in pain Zeno just turned and swung his sword at him.

The man was able to dodge the attack again, but he still couldn't help but feel overwhelmed as he watched Zeno's injury heal in an instant.

"Interesting, You're not a normal human are you?" the demon said with a smile on his face.

His bald head and weirdly shaped body made him look nasty than he needed to.

The Demon gave out a loud manic laugh as he slammed his hands on the ground continuously, "This is something you don't see every day, this is not like any demon-human contract I've seen, what the hell are you?".

Zeno's eyes lit up and his silence was only overtaken by the whooshing sound the magic energy around him was making.

The bald demon couldn't help but grin at the sight of power, "Well well well, now I'm intrigued, let's hope you can entertain me long enough for me to like you." He smiled.

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