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"What do you mean she was possessed by a demon? I thought we were attacked by Glinxs, how did demons get into this?" Zeno yelled while looking at Anna.

"I…i," Anna stammered as she tried to come up with a precise response.

"She's not too far fetched." Andrew uttered with his hand covering the crystal on his fist.

"What do you mean?" Zeno asked, at this point his eyes were already starting to light up.

"Right before the Glinx attacked, I was with my grandma on the field, when we spotted this bold looking guy wearing a hat… you'd think it was normal still hands started sticking out of his ears." Andrew muttered.

"You encountered a demon?" Anna asked as she moved closer to him.

Andrew and Anna had spoken once or twice in the past before, she was the chief's daughter and Andrew was the village's Hunter grandson.

"Yes, I escaped though, but my Grandma…" Andrew looked to the ground with a sad expression, "She didn't make it".

Zeno groaned before changing his focus to Uta, he grabbed her by the arm which made her smile almost instantly.

"Uta, you're the only demon I know, so please tell me what the fuck is going on." He voiced out to her.

Uta sighed, "I really hate seeing you get so worked up over another girl… I refuse." She pouted.

"Uta!" Zeno yelled, "Please…" he uttered in a soft voice.

Uta gave a heavy sigh, "Fine, I'll help you, but you are mine and only mine, so don't you dare forget that." She yelled.

Andrew and Anna just stood at the back with a weak chuckle forming on their faces.

"He's getting buddy buddy with a demon." Anna muttered.

"Atleast, she's not our enemy, I hope," Andrew sighed.

Uta walked forward before placing her hand on her waist, "Okay now Geko, fun's over, give the body back to her." She voiced out with her hair dancing in the wind.

Geko jumped down from the roof and landed right in front of Zeno and Uta.

Zeno moved, he was still shocked at how different Ava looked, he knew her to be scary but this just caught him off guard.

"It's perfectly normal to doubt, I'll return her to you now, can't stand these freaking butterflies I keep feeling in my chest anyway." She stood still while closing her eyes and Geko began to disappear while Anna came forth.

As soon as Ava was able to control her body she quickly ran over to Zeno and gave him a very tight hug before bursting into tears, "I was so scared Zeno, I nearly died." She sobbed even louder.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't there, but hey you're alright." He hugged her back, with a small faint smile on his face, seeing Ava's soft side made him feel happy even though it was just for a split second.

Once Ava realized that she let her guard down she landed a punch to Zeno's gut before moving back with a beet-red head filled with embarrassment.

"What the hell did you do that for?" Zeno yelled.

"You don't get to touch me without my permission!".

"You hugged me first you crazy bitch"

"So what?"

Seeing the way they were bickering made Anna burst into laughter.

"What's so funny?" Zeno and Ava yelled in unison.

Uta sighed at the back, "This is what I get for saving a rival." She muttered to herself.

"You guys are forgetting the bigger problem here, what's the next step? We are basically screaming eat us if we stay in this village".

Uta said as she walked away from where Zeno stood.

"I'm sure whatever brought those Glinx here isn't gone yet, our best choice is to move out and come back later with reinforcements, what do you think?" Anna said.

"Honestly, I just want to bring my village back together, if that's even possible." Zeno replied, he had a very serious look on his face.

Anna sighed, "Well we are going to need some items along the way, we don't know how far the journey might be, and I for one don't want to end up starving to death." Anne uttered.

She held Ava's hand and began heading to the opposite side, "we'll go gather items.".

"What, but I want to stay with Zeno" Ava muttered while she was being dragged.

"Shut up and move it!" Anna yelled.

"I'll see if I can't find any means of transportation," Andrew added, before going out to look for it.

"Horses?" Zeno asked.

"I doubt so, after all this, no horse would stay behind, but I wouldn't hurt to check." Andrew uttered as he walked away.

"Great, thank you." Zeno said.

He looked around and noticed the way Uta was looking at him.

He moved back a bit, "What?" He asked.

Uta smiled, "We did our first fusion today, how did it feel?" She raised a question.

"Feel? Ion know, I barely remember what happened" Zeno replied as he kept opening and closing his fist.

Uta frowned at Zeno,"You took my first time and you don't even remember… I hope you die in a fire." She said before walking away.

"Where are you going? Come back you idiot!" Zeno yelled.

Uta suddenly stopped before slowly turning to look at Zeno with a perverted look in her eyes, "Did you just call me idiot?" She asked.

"Uhmm no…".

"Call me an idiot again." Uta siad.

"What? Call you…".

"Idiot call me again, I want you to call me Idiot again" Uta voiced out as she took slow steps toward him.

"Guess I have no choice, wherever you go I go" Uta smiled.

. . . . . .

Ava entered one of the buildings that was still a bit intact, the inside was dark due to the lack of sunshine that was entering.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" She whispered as she entered, "Who am I kidding, no one survived anyway.".

She began walking round the living room until she got to the kitchen, she then proceeded to the fridge.

As soon as she opened the fridge her face lit up from the joy she was feeling, "How can one person have so much food?" She mumbled.

"Ava did you find something!" Anna yelled from outside.

"Ahh, hold on sis, give me a sec" Ava yelled back, "Just give me a sec" She muttered to herself.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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