1 Where it all began

The sound of cars honking resonated throughout the road, as different cars were trapped in a hold-up from the extraordinary sight that was in front of them.

One of the drivers got down from his car, "What the hell is that?" He muttered to himself.

People were running and screaming while they ran past him, some were so desperate to get away from that thing that they just kept pushing each other off the bridge.

The man immediately opened his car to grab his girl, when he suddenly heard a huge turd on his car.

The sound of a growling beast began to take over, the man with a calm expression looked at the girl.

"Now sweety I want you to be quiet," He said with a smile on his face.

The girl nodded her head before squeezing herself below the chairs.

With a deep breath, the man moved out of the car and the first sight he saw was a horrifying monster standing in his car.

He fell to the ground almost instantly as a terrified scream left his mouth, "It's a... it's a demon!" The man yelled.

The monster gave out a growl before launching himself toward the man as it bit off the head of the man, leaving his blood to spew on nearby cars.

The bridge had been covered by multiple monsters, roaming the street and Killin off any human they came in contact with.

A boy then walked in on the bridge and his presence alone drew the attention of these monsters.

The boy has a cloak covering his head as he looked around to see humans laying waste on the ground.

A grin suddenly crossed his lips as he raised his hands to the sky, "Can you see this goddess!" He yelled.

"This is what you wanted to keep hidden... if I cannot be one with you, then I will be one with this world!".

A black portal appeared behind him and almost instantly, different kinds of humanoid demons started walking out of it.

While some were happy, others had a look of confusion on their faces, but their presence caused havoc on the earth.

. . . . . . . .

The apocalypse happened on the 1st of January 2015, the pandemic was soon given the name Dark sun, a day when monsters and demons were unleashed to the world.

They were placed at the top of the food chain in a matter of weeks, as they made humans prey while they became the predators.

These monsters were soon given the name Glinx, they brought with them a dangerous purple plant, one that affected them and seemed to be allergic to it. The Shinoku plant was the name given to it.

Four years passed and the humans started to gain more knowledge on these monsters, harnessing the power from the virus plants that scattered across the earth, with it they stood a chance against the Glinx.

But at the cost of everything humanity had accomplished to that point, technology took a wide step back and strong countries like the Demon empire and Samatins still had a bit of magic tech weapon built off the modern world with them.

Their world had fallen into ruins and was no longer like the earth they knew, humanity had almost been wiped off the face of the earth,

500 years passed and humans were now living their lives like in a fantasy upbringing, with villages instead of cities, lamps instead of bulbs, Guards and freedom fighters instead of cops and soldiers.


"Have you seen Zeno today?" Zeno's sister Annabelle asked as she stepped into the room with a plate of rice in her hand.

It's no surprise that she was making lunch again, she had constantly been the village's sweetheart, taking care of everyone in any way she could.

But if there was anything she loved more than helping others, that would be taking care of her annoying family.

Ava walks in with another plate filled with fruits and vegetables, "He's been hanging out somewhere lately and I always manage to lose him anytime I tail him".

"Honestly, would it kill him to hang out with me every once in a while?" She sulked, seating the food on the table before having her sit.

This small family consists of Annabelle Delaware who was 20 years old and the eldest; she had long red silky hair and will always be seen wearing a red skirt with a white top and always complimented with a silver pendant.

Ava Delaware following right behind her was 18 years old and was usually always overprotective anytime it involves Zeno, with her black long hair and the black outfit that she always kept on her is one of the reasons why she was often mistaken for a Goth.

And then there's Zeno who was the adopted one, he lost his parents at an early age and was adopted by Delaware; he's not exactly someone who fits in, always seen wearing a black outfit and an unusual necklace on his neck.

The village isn't one that's very big, but it thrived nonetheless, the people were receiving and the environment was just as relaxing.

The fact that everyone in the village felt cut off from the outside world was no overstatement, they truly had no contact with any other villages.

The village was called Vermont, it was located on the west side of the country Orion, the country was one of the most influential nation's thanks to their having magic users who were rare to find.

Ava stood up from her chair and walked over to the window to see some kids playing with a small ball.

She beamed before waving at them, "Hey sis, did dad ever tell you about the box in the closet?" Ava raised a question.

Anna nodded her head, "No not exactly, why'd you ask?".

"Never mind, it's probably nothing." Ava sighed, "On a bigger note, where the hell is Zeno!" She yelled.

. . . . . . .

"The village where you reside was once known as the Fedora village before it was given the name Vermont, a village known for its expertise in studying magic.

Humans discovered a way to make contracts with demons, this way they were able to use cursed weapons against the Glinx but in exchange, they took something equally in return.

If the contractor isn't strong enough to wield it, they lose their humanity to the demon and will no longer have control of their body or life.

Knowing that, the humans still tried to wield a cursed weapon, they were desperate to defeat the Glinx and we reluctantly helped with no questions asked.

But after the humans had gained enough power from the cursed weapons and were now able to fight against the Glinx on equal footing, the humans started to act less honorable; they started to view us as nothing but tools and sought to enslave us.

They somehow managed to find where we demons resided, I can't remember his name but he and his people stormed my world and started sealing my people one after the other, it didn't take long for me to realize that we had a betrayer in our midst.

I tried to fight them off, I was outnumbered, I managed to escape but now I can't return to my world and that… that is why I despise humans." Uta crawled toward Zeno who was sitting on the ground with a basket of apples with him.

"I can't stand them, they are way too greedy." She said, concentrating her eyes on Zeno.

Uta was a demon with black long hair and will be seen wearing a white shirt and a schoolgirl's black skirt. She had blue memorizing eyes and a very remarkable figure.

Uta usually lived in the forest beside the village and stays inside one of the dens there, Zeno had always been visiting her ever since his first encounter with her as a kid.

No one figured out she even lived there, she made sure she was never seen, the only human who she interacted with was Zeno.

"But I'm human." Zeno reacted, skimming her in the eye before handing her an apple.

She took the apple from him before standing up, "And yet, I'm still accepting apples from you, why do you think that is?" She pushed closer to him and bent down with the apples positioned in front of her lips.

"I honestly don't know." Zeno answered, with his pale-looking eyes staring directly at Uta.

Uta sighed, "You could learn to lighten up a bit, come on you're speaking to a demon for fuck's sake".

"What do you mean by that?" Zeno asked when his head slanted to the side.

"Smile stupid! When was the last time I saw you with a genuine smile? Unless you only do it around her." Uta jerked her head to the side.

"I see, I don't know who 'her' is though." Zeno gave a an abrupt response.

"Hey, I remember asking you this before, and you totally dodged the question, what is it you wish for?" Uta asked, gleaming her mystic blue eyes at him that carried so much inquisitiveness.

"...I guess, if I'm being truly honest, I just… want a peaceful life if that's possible." Zeno replied with his eyes focused on the ground.

"Uhn? you want to-" Uta had a a dumbfounded look on her face since that was not the answer she was counting on.

Zeno sat there looking at her quietly for a while before getting up to his feet.

"I should be going now, I'm sure Ava is wondering where I went." He brushed his cloth and placed the basket of apples on the ground, "I'll leave this here just in case you still want to eat".

"Who is this Ava chick anyway? Sometimes I feel like you're afraid of her." Uta gave out a huge sigh before getting to her feet and bearing back to the cave with the apples.

She suddenly sensed something whooshed past her which led her to halt her advance before twisting to look at Zeno, "Zeno! Don't move." She cried out.

Zeno veered around, wondering why Uta yelled only to feel something sharp go through his abdomen from his back.

His blood slopped from his guts as the blade swerved, leaving Zeno in a state of death where he could no longer carry his body.

"No!" Uta wailed at the sight of the sword piercing out of Zeno's gut.

"My lady, why exactly are you hanging out with a human?" A Demon peeped from Zeno's shoulder before yanking out the sword from his gut.

Zeno fell to the ground with his entire body covered in blood. Uta's eyes widened with fury as she threw down the apples before thrusting her body toward the demon.

"You bastard!" She gripped the demon's neck with outrage before slamming his body onto one of the trees.


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