3 A blue Zeno?

"Is that Zeno? Why does he look like that?" Anna raised a question as she watched him.

"Quit being a crybaby, I'll go check." Ava smiled, she was about to go when Anna immediately held her hand and drew her back.

"Wait, Ava." Anna uttered, this time her face was more serious than the first.

"Wait for what?" Ava asked, pulling her hand from Anna's grip with a confused expression.

"Something isn't right."

Anna watched as Zeno took slow but steady steps toward them.

His eyes shone bright blue and his body was envolved in magic energy, the closer Zeno got the clearer it became for them.

Zeno's chest had a blue shining crystal that omitted blue lights the same color as his eyes and had a radiant color the size of a bean in its premium condition.

His black hair grew longer, both his face and body had blue glowing streaks that networked from the crystal on his chest.

"I don't think that is Zeno." Anna muttered with her legs placed in front of the other, she was getting ready to run if things went south.

Ava's eyes were still focused on Zeno, "Sis, we need to help him, I think he's in pain!" She muttered.

"No, we need to help us, Ava, look at that, whatever that is, isn't Zeno." Anna responded.

Zeno suddenly gave out a shriek and began to increase his speed as he made his advance toward them.

The girls took short steps back, trying to avoid getting too close to Zeno, the look on his face was enough to convince them to run.

"This is bad, real bad, what the hell happened to him, Demon?" Anna thought to herself.

She slowly went to her knees and placed the box containing the cursed weapon on the ground.

"Listen Ava, once I give you the signal I want you to run, okay?" Anna whispered.

"Run? What do you mean run? Are you going to-"

"Just do as I say, Ava!" Anna interrupted her with a yell.

Ava looked to the side before muttering out her words, "Fine, I'll run".

"Thank you." Anna smiled, she immediately turned her focus back to Zeno before taking a deep breath.

"Zeno! Hey, can you hear me?" Annabelle yelled before opening her box in front of her.

She had made up her mind that no matter what happened, she would get her sister out of the village before coming back to save Zeno.

"Sis? What are you doing?" Ava asked as she watched Anna reach for the weapon in the box.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm going to make a contract with it." Anna pulled out the cursed weapon from the box.

It was a green double pistol-like gun in the shape of a serpent, it had a mystic shine to it, making it hard for them to divert their eyes.

The very presence of that weapon changed the entire atmosphere, she struggled to raise the weapon not like it was heavy just felt like the weapon was zapping a huge part of her life force.

As soon as Anna mustered up the strength to lift the weapon, Zeno's eyes lit up and he propelled himself toward them.

He whooshed forward, leaving a big boom behind him and a force of air that followed his movement.

Anna's eyes were filled with fear when Zeno suddenly appeared in front of her, she was so startled that her hands started shaking.

Holding the cursed weapon, she aimed it at Zeno with eyes closed, "Run…" Anna voiced to Ava with her tone shaking with fear.

"No, it's Zeno, he wouldn't hurt you." Ava responded as she looked at Zeno.

"D-Damn it Ava, y-you p-promsied." Anna shaked with her eyes closed as she kept pulling the trigger but got no response.

She noticed she wasn't hearing anything anymore, she immediately opened her eyes to check if the coast was clear.

"No way!" Ava smiled, placing her hands on her lips while giving a gentle smile as she watched Zeno zoom past her.

Anna slowly turned to see Zeno slicing the head of one of the Glinx that had surrounded them.

Zeno had blue lighting and flames following him everywhere he went, this made him look more deadly when he started killing all the Glinx with tremendous speed and strength to back him up.

The Glinxs on instinct began to gather up around Zeno, even though he wasn't in his right state of mind, his movement was still amazing.

He charged towards one of the Glinx, slicing its legs off before grabbing its head and overloading its entire body with fire, which caused it to explode.

Glinxs are humanoid monsters with two arms and legs and a strong and agile tail, usually gray with blue blood, and they have four horns on their head each having a different purpose of their own.

One of the horns is for tracking their prey; the other is used for communicating with their kind and others, another for battles, and the last for hypnosis.

Annabelle was shocked at the sight of Zeno's massacre, she viewed him to be a total monster as he kept killing all the Glinx with no stress at all, he was so fast that the Glinx were not able to react.

Anna grabbed Ava and wanted to make a run for it, but was interrupted when two Glinx suddenly appeared in front of them.

They dashed out of the building and landed right in front of her. At that moment she could only think of one thing, and that was getting her sister out of there.

She immediately pushed her sister away from danger before picking up the box and throwing it at one of the monsters.

"Runaway sis, head to the bridge!" Annabelle yelled, screaming as loud as she could, she threw rocks, literally anything she could find at the monsters.

She was finally able to distract the monsters which led to them changing their attention towed Anna and chasing her.

"Okay, awesome, might die but awesome." She uttered and ran as fast as she could, drawing the monster further away from where her sister was.

But just when she thought things couldn't get any worse she suddenly heard the cry of her sister.

Making a sharp stop, her eyes widened in fear as the thought of her sister being attacked hit her.

From the sound she heard, she knew that her sister must have crossed paths with one of the Glinx, the scream died down way too fast for her to ignore.



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