30 Evil Plot

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Ren's body flowed through the foliage like water.

With his increased agility, his body could smoothly move through the forest floor.

His eyes kept a sharp focus on the Piplup's body.

Although Ren could also find the origin of the sweet scent by himself, he wanted to use the Piplup as a scout.

The Piplup's body staggered forward weakly.

Blood flowed out of its wounds.

Its vacant, blank eyes stared out at the foliage.

It was intoxicated by the smell. It wanted it.

Only one thought filled its mind; it wanted to get a hold of it.

While Ren concentrated on the Piplup, he also made sure to constantly observe his surroundings.

'The trees… they are getting larger…'

They were visibly larger than even the trees on the riverbank.

Ren also noticed that he was travelling on an inclination.

'A mountain…'

Ren was excited. He would be able to see the surroundings and get a better idea of the surrounding environment.

'It's not going to last for much longer…'

If the Piplup died then who be his test subject *cough* scout?

Ren's worries were soon proven unnecessary.

As Ren travelled further and further up the mountain, the vegetation began to thin.

The trees were still prominent and thicker than before, but the ferns and other ground vegetation began to disappear.

As his line of sight became more and more clear, Ren could distinguish figures…

More and more shadows appeared around him.

Ren was on guard.

'Are these enemies…?' he questioned.

Slowly the figure in the distance became more and more clear.

'What the hell…'

They were Pokémon!

Just like the Piplup in front of him, tens of Pokémon of different shapes and sizes all marches forwards with vacant looks in their eyes.

They were also intoxicated!

Ren was shocked.

The smell had such a large area of effect!

The discovery only served to make him more and more curios.


The Piplup's body collapsed onto the ground. It had lost too much blood!

Unwillingness filled its eyes. It was so close to that sweet smell.

Ren looked at the fallen, suffering Piplup.

Despite its fallen body, the Piplup continued to drag its tired body towards the smell.

He took pity on the Piplup's struggling body.

'Let me end you suffering…' Ren thought as he manifested a blade of aura before using it cut into the neck of the Piplup.

The Piplup's body went limp.

'Rest in peace.' Ren thought.

He stared at the crowd of marching Pokémon before joining their ranks.

As he travelled further and further up the mountain, Ren observed the crowd of Pokémon getting larger and larger.

He could even see some large Pokémon from within the crown.

'Blue tier Pokémon… the smell is that strong.' Ren observed. Even blue tier Pokémon were charmed!

Was this some sort of high-level skill?

Dozens of Pokémon marched forward.

The tree continued to get larger and larger, as the foliage on the forest floor gradually disappeared.

It was extremely odd.


A loud roar interrupted Ren's thoughts.

He laid eyes on a figure charging through the crowd of Pokémon.

'Red tier. Ren thought.

It was a large 2 and a half meter tall Pokémon. Its body was green and its body resembled the T-Rexes from earth. A large green horn protruded from its head.

'A Larvitar…?' Ren thought.


Aura travelled to his eyes as his skill activated.

Species: Larvitar

Potential: Red

Level: 3/5

From the knowledge that he could recall, the Larvitar was one of the best-starter Pokémon. Its strong skills and high stats made it extremely strong.

The Larvitar did not even glance at him. Its body charged forward towards the scent.

'Is it being controlled to?' Ren thought.

'No… it was different. The blue tier and white tier Pokémon were marching in a dazed fashion, while the Larvitar eagerly charged forward.

It seemed like the scent had attracted the Larvitar, not controlling it.

Ren payed no mind to the charging Larvitar.

He continued steadily. Charging in blindly would only be suicide.

Ren slithered forward for a few minutes before a realization struck him.

'These are charmed Pokémon… so that means that I can eat them right…?'

All around him lay weak Pokémon. He could see Caterpies, Smeargles and Bidoofs all marching forward.

He soon dismissed this thought.

Although the crowd of Pokémon around him seemed to be intoxicated on the smell, he did not know how they would react if he started to massacre.

The will to survive might be strong enough to negate the effects of the scent, leading to Ren being overwhelmed by a horde of Pokémon.

Ren observed the increasing slope of the mountain.

'It must have been at least a kilometer by now right…?' Ren thought.

He had travelled more than a kilometer from the stream to his current position.

'This hill… no mountain is getting steeper…' Ren thought.

Up ahead, he had could see the inclination sharply increase.

'I am still not at the top of the mountain.' Ren thought.

The sweet smell continued to grow stronger, filling Ren's nose in its fragrance.

The mountain seemed to be never ending.

It continued into the clouds.

Ren turned his head.

'It's good that I don't have to travel any further up…' Ren thought.

He had already found what he had been searching for.

A few meters away from him, etched deep into the mountain side was a hole. A large and deep hole.

Thick green vines extended from the ceiling of the cave, creating a downtrodden appearance.

'It's just like those horror movies…'

It was the type of cave that would almost certainly lead to something bad.

Ren observed the crowds of Pokémon entering the cave.

'What is in there…?'

It would definitely be quite dangerous. Despite the fact that many Pokémon entered the cave, none of them exited it.

'I have to find out what is causing this.' Ren decided as he willed his body forward.

He slithered forward with the crowd of Pokémon into the deep darkness of the cave mouth.


'So dark...'

As soon as he entered the cave, the light turned off like a switch.

'Luckily there are these things…' Ren thought as he stared at the stones on the walls of the caves.

They looked like crystals. Crystals that emitted bright light.

Ren called them energy stones.

Although the energy they emitted was not extremely strong, they still provided enough light for Ren to observe his surroundings.

The cave tunnel was quite narrow in width, only about 2 or so meters wide.

As he continued to travel down the tunnel, the sweet smell became more and more intoxicating.

Ren had to use a large amount of spirit to block his nostrils and breathe through his mouth.

The other Pokémon travelled forward messily down this cave.

Ren had positioned himself near the right hand sidewall. The walls themselves were made of rugged, unsmooth stone.

After more than 10 minutes of slithering, Ren could see the tunnel opening up.

'Finally' Ren thought as he stared at the opening. He could finally see the source of the sweet smell.

He moved his body faster, reaching the cave tunnel opening.

'What the fuck…' Ren thought.

He had been expecting something shocking but this…?

Before him was a scene straight from hell.

The cave tunnel had opened up into a larger cavern.

The cavern was massive! More than 30 meters wide and long.

On the roof of the cavern, lay a large crystal more than 3 meters wide. It illuminated the rest of the cavern in its resplendent rays just like the sun lit up the earth.

In the middle of the Cavern, planted firmly in the ground stood a large flower like plant. The stem extended more than 15 meters in the air.

On the top of the stem, lay a large bulging fruit more than a meter in diameter.

It was a berry! A mystical fruit that had vast and very powerful abilities in the Pokémon world.

Even the most common berries could help restore the Health and Spirit of injured Pokémon.

As for the rarer ones?

They had had a variety of vast, powerful abilities. Some were even said to be able to be able to revive Pokémon from the dead.

Ren's attention was not attracted by the large berry tree, nor the large cavern.

It was what lay at the base of the berry tree.

A pile of corpses.

Piles of Pokémon; both large and small lay stacked on top of one another, creating a scene straight out of hell.

A large pool of blood formed beneath their bodies, dying the soil in a deep crimson red.

To the side of the pile of corpses, stood a large ape like Pokémon.

'Fuck… it's so tall.'

Its body was more than 3 and a half meters tall. Its body were packed with large muscles that contained explosive force.

A thick coat of pure white hair, tainted by blood covered the Pokémon's body. A purple crest surrounded its neck.

Most frightening of all were its eyes.

Its deep dark red eyes.

A large brown club lay in its hands.

Even from a distance of 15 meters away, Ren could still feel the intimidating presence of the Pokémon.

'Red.' Ren thought.

It was not just any Red tier Pokémon. It was a Pokémon that had taken its level to the limit!


Just for some clarification.

Potential is measured in colors.

Yellow = best, Red = Middle, Blue = Third, White = Most Common

Aura Types are also measured using color.

Red = Manipulator and Emitter (Ren's Aura. Wide array of abilities)

Yellow = Transmuter (Converting aura into an element)

Green = Enhancer (Physical Augmentation)

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