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World Class Actor


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The career of Atlas, a world-renowned artist, is destroyed by accusations of "rape". Even though he was able to clear his name, the slander and media attention ruined his career. Having lost everything, the hurt and betrayed Atlas does the unthinkable and ends his own life. But to his surprise, after hearing the bang of his pistol and everything goes dark. He isn't dead. Please note that the cover image does not belong to me if the creator would like me to take it down... Please contact me. Important information: There is no system... But there is a System interface. This means he can’t use the commonly used method of leveling up via experience points, there’s also no shop or quest... Nothing like that. He can just see his stats in numerical value that’s all. I haven't been able to focus on the novel because of school, but I should be able to get a few chapters out a week. No promises. Any feedback will be highly appreciated as this is my first time writing. If there are any writing errors or something is structured wrong please let me know. With all that being said, I thank you for giving this a chance.

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