An Army that defeats the enemy without fighting

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Fang Ping's arrogance and despotic attitude were beyond words.

Just as he was about to slit his throat, a big-bearded monk in the ancient Buddha sacred land said slowly,""General Fang, China has always been humble. Why must you be so overbearing?"

Fang ping turned to look at him and suddenly laughed."We have no choice. We're weak. Without a rank-7 to hold the fort, the pressure is too great. Big beard, I'm just bluffing to scare people."

But ... If the big-bearded man doesn't provoke me, I won't provoke you either. Don't you think so?"

The big-bearded monk looked at him for a moment and said again,""General Fang, this is a contest for the spots ..."

"I understand."

Fang ping nodded, then looked at a black-robed martial artist from the side of the andis mountains. He smiled and said,"Brother, what do you think?"

Everyone looked at the andis mountain, and some were surprised.