45 Chapter 42: Running Around Town (1)

"Lord Eugene, are you ready to leave?"

I smiled at the crimson-haired lady in front of me. Showing a complete contrast from my sister, Vienna, Lady Sophia was like a cool autumn breeze. Not too cold, not too warm, just perfectly fitting and cheering you up. The way she slightly bent ahead as she talked was also something that I found rather beautiful.

Well, to be honest, I was a little biased toward her. The reason was simple.

"Lady Sophia, I am very happy to see you doing well. Did you lift today?"

Yup, she lifts.

"Uh... yes? I guess?"

"Haha, splendid." I smile and nodded at the other two behind her as well. The two of them immediately got on their knees to greet me.

"Knight Alec greets the young master, Lord Eugene."

"Vice-captain of the Hall Knights, Buhini greets the young master, Lord Eugene."

"Ah, the vice-captain came. Please relax in front of me, Sir Alex, Sir Buhini," I smiled kindly and said. The goal today was to investigate for me, so I kept a good and responsible impression. I failed to make a good relationship with that Vienna, but I only did so because I had already found a replacement in lady Sophia here. If she was doing something interesting, I wanted her to think of me as a reliable person.

Political authority was strength too. The strongest is strong in that way as well.

"All of us share the goal of keeping Lady Sophia safe, so you don't have to worry about any formalities with me. Let's get along, yes?"

Humble, yet drawing a line. Good enough.

Lady Sophia and the two knights nodded. She walked up next to me and handed me a pouch of coins. "This was sent by the Marquis," she sent. "It's for you."

"It's for your convenience, my lady. I can't accept this."

"No, I insist, my lord. We're all going there together."

"If that is the case, why not keep it for now and treat us to a meal today?"

I looked at the two knights and smiled. They flinched and nodded at my gestures. Lady Sophia seemed to be in thought for a few seconds before sighing. "I understand, I'll do as you say. In return, you find me something good, alright?"

"I am unsure if any chef in the world can match your class with their food, my lady. I might have to cook for you on my own to fulfill that wish, how say, one of these nights?"

Lady Sophia lightly gasped, then nodded with what I think was a bright smile.

"What a bastard?"

"Smooth asshole."

I heard the two bitter gents' comments, but chose to ignore them. I was sure that people knew me as a magician and not a ki user or dual core, but they should still be careful with me. I swear.

"That said, my lady. How about we set off in my carriage? It will likely stand out less."

"Ah! I was just about to ask you for it. If you would be so kind to allow us."

"It would be my pleasure."

Noble speech was truly too stiff.

The group moved over to the stables. Sir Buhini went ahead and prepared the carriage for us before bringing it up to where we waited. He had already turned down one of the coachmen.

Just as he came over, I smiled and started speaking again.

"Sir Buhini, if you would be so kind, will you take the reins? I am sure you would guide us to the best place."

It was usually the role of the lowest ranked one to take the reins, which would be Sir Alec, but I needed Buhini out of my nose.

It didn't take a lot of convincing. The vice-captain was slightly conflicted at my words, but the moment Lady Sophia clasped her hands and said 'that would be amazing,' he shut up and got on the seat.

I escorted Lady Sophia to the carriage and got in after her. Alec got inside too and the carriage kicked off.

The two horses on rein were the ones I had brought with me, Blanc and Black, the carriage was one I had modified with a simple switch to block sounds, and the coachman, the one I didn't want listening in, was outside getting the reins.

These guys would be trapped very easily if someone was evil here.

As soon as the carriage left the gates of the Dienin Castle, I snapped my fingers. With the touch of a button, the magic circles one layer deeper than the carriage's surface began shining and a noise-cancellation magic filled the carriage.

Sophia's posture stiffened. She was sensitive to mana.

Before they could react, I crossed my legs and leaned back in my seat.

"So!" I said, spreading my arms as well. "What are you guys sniffing around here for?"

"What are you doing, lord Eugene!" Alec grunted but didn't pull out his sword. His eyes were not looking to fight me, but instead to secure an escape route. What a talented bastard, he probably didn't have a good impression of me but still kept the highest level of vigilance.

"Don't worry, Sir Alec. I have already covered it with sound-proofing magic."

"Tsk... What do you want from my lady, you—"

"—Alec, no." Sophia stopped Alec with her hands. She must have realized something else.

There wasn't a mana stone in here. Or should I say, there was no need for one?

I was supplying the mana for the required magic circle all on my own. It wasn't a small amount, but since mine was purified so much I could handle it. And not to mention, my mana reserves were fucking huge.

"What is this about... Lord Eugene?" Sophia asked.

"Hah, I don't like beating around the bush," I said. "I know you guys left the Mirxa territory just four days back. I heard there was some major sweeping in the slums?"

A report had come in this morning from the Dark Moon Bandits' Mirxa branch. I was giving them a lot of funds and managing information well, on top of that, I had given all of them the goal of getting rid of competition before engaging in banditry. The bandits were loyal, and glasses was efficient. He had told me immediately about the sweep-up of the slums in the Mirxa territory.

"I'll ask it simply. Who are you looking for and why?"

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